First icarly fic, wish me luck!

Seventeen- year old Carly Shay cheerfully climbed down the stairs leading to the living room of her older brother's loft.

"Spencer, you up yet?" she yelled.

"Yes!" Spencer yelled back, running out of his room in his boxers and sleep shirt. "Have you seen my giant pompom balls?"

"Your giant pompom balls?" she repeated.

"Yah, I need them for my latest sculpture. It's going to be to be a really big caterpillar!"

"Um, no, sorry," she said, holding back a laugh at his excitement over sculpting an oversized bug. "What've we got for breakfast?"

"Cereal," Spencer replied, walking over to the fridge to pour him some iced tea. "I'll buy some more bacon today at the store."

"Make sure you remember to hide half the package in the mini fridge in your room," she said, getting a bowl. "Sam won't leave you any."

"Noted," Spencer nodded. "Soooooooo, it's little Carly Shay's first day of her last day of high school!"

"Yup," she said, grinning. "This time next year I'll be college bound."

"Wait!" Spencer shouted, jumping up suddenly. "I promised dad I'd take his some digital pictures and send them to him."

"Aw Spencer," Carly said, rolling her eyes. "I really don't want to…"

"Pose!" Spencer exclaimed, pointing his digital camera at his little sister.

"Alright," she said, chuckling. "But just a few!"

Once Spencer had taken as many pictures as Carly would allow, there was a knock on the door. "It's Freddie," Freddie called through the other side."

"It's open!" she cried back. Freddie entered, his new backpack in hand. "Hey," he greeted her.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe we're seniors now!" Carly shrieked. "High school went by so fast!"

"Yea seems like only yesterday we were all freaking out about our first day of freshmen year."

"Did you print out your schedule?"

"Just did," Freddie said, pulling out a folded piece of paper from his pocket, and handing it to Carly. "What classes do we have together this year?"

"Just European History," she said, giving him back the schedule. "But we have the same lunch!"

"Cool," he responded. "Sam here yet?"

"No, but you know her, she never comes till the last minute."

Freddie shook his head. True to what Carly had said, Sam came bursting through the Shay's door with little time to spare.

"Finally!" Freddie said, checking his watch. "School starts in 15 minutes, Sam!"

"Chill out Fredifer," she said. "It's only a five minute drive."

"Yea, but there could be traffic! I swear Sam, if you make me late for my first day of senior year…"

"Guys!" Carly cut in. "No arguing. Let's go down to my car so we can get going." Carly's car, a gift from her father on her sixteenth birthday, was a small red convertible. It wasn't the best car in the world, but it defiantly was nice enough for Carly's standards. She was the only one of the three who owned their own car. Freddie's mom had given him a three-hour lecture on the statistics of teen deaths due to motor vehicles the one and only time he even suggested possibility of getting a car, and Sam's mom could barely afford her own car payment. So the gang simply got around in Carly's car, which was just as well, as they barely went anywhere in driving distance without each other. "You printed your schedule, right Sam," Carly asked her best friend, buckling up behind the steering wheel.

"Yes mom," Sam said, retrieving a wad of paper from her mess of a backpack. She read her schedules. "Anatomy, European History and lunch!" Carly said happily once she finished the list. "What about you Freddie?"

"Everything except Anatomy," he said. "I took AP physics instead."

"Ew," Carly and Sam said together.

"Anyways Fredpus," she said, turning around to look at the boy in the back seat of the car. "Looks like I won't have to do much homework this year. I'll just be copying yours."

"What, no way Sam!" he exclaimed. "I'm not going to break my back getting good grades on my assignments and then just having you copy them the hour before and getting the same grade!"

"Yea, you said the same thing last year too," Sam said, rolling her eyes. "We all know you have no backbone to stand up for yourself. Now why don't you stop trying to be a tough little boy, and let mamma do what she needs to do?"

"You better watch it, Puckett!"

"You guys!" Carly screamed. "If either one of you says another mean word to each other, I'm going to turn this car around!"

"Er, Carls, if you actually did that, you'd miss school, and you'd get in trouble too."

"It's an expression, Sam!"

Luckily, Carly pulled into the Ridgeway High School parking lot a minute later. "Alright, I have to got to Spanish," Carly said when the three walked into the building. "The first bell rings in a few minutes. I'll see you guys next period in history."

"Bye," Sam and Freddie said together. Once she left, Freddie said, "I guess we'd better get to English."

"I hope we don't get another teacher like Ms. Grady," she said, as her Freddie climbed the main staircase.

"What was wrong with Ms. Grady?" Freddie questioned. "I liked her."

"She made us read like ten books the whole year!"

"Sam, it's an English class! Reading is the whole point of it!"

"Yea, but they were long books," she whined. "That one with the grapes was like 500 pages!"

Freddie couldn't help but give a small smile. The two found there room, and took seats near the middle of the room.

"Ug, I should still be in bed," Sam moaned, putting her head on the desk. "I need summer back!"

"Sam, the class is about the start. Couldn't you just try to stay awake for once in a morning class?"

"I could," she said, with her face still on her desk, covered by her long hair. "But I-"

"Choose not to," Freddie finished for her. "Yea, yea, I know." The last bell rang, and the teacher stepped into the classroom from the hallway.

"Morning seniors," she said. "Welcome to your last English class of high school." A few students cheered unenthusiastically. "My name is Ms. Marks," she said, oblivious to the lack of excitement from her students. "I thought that after a long, restful summer, the thing to get everyone's mind pumping would be a project!" Sam groaned, but thankfully only Freddie heard it.

"The project will be on anything you want," she continued. That sparked a few minds from her students, who were tired of having topics forced on them. "And you will work in pairs. You can present your project on either a poster board of a PowerPoint."

Sam picked up her head and raised her head.

"Yes," Ms. Marks said.

"So, this can seriously be on anything?" she asked.

"Yes it can," the teacher nodded.

"Sooooo, if I were to the project on say, ham, you wouldn't freak out or anything?"

"Absolutely not," Ms. Marks said. "If you feel passionate enough about ham to create an entire project on it, you go right ahead."

"Sweet," she said to herself.

"Alright then," Ms. Marks said, clapping her hands together. "Let me just take role, and hand out the usual beginning of the year forms, and then you guys can choose your partners and get started!"

Freddie looked around the room. Other than Sam, he really didn't know anybody else in his English class.

"Well Benson," Sam said, turning her head over to Freddie. "Looks like we'll be working together."

"You'll do your part of the work?"


He sighed. "Fine. But only because you're the only person I really talk to in here."

"That's the spirit," Sam smirked. "I'm only working with you is the same reason."

"Fine then," Freddie spat.

"Fine," Sam spat back.

"And we're not doing our report on ham either," he said. Sam opened her mouth. "Or fat cakes," he cut her off.

"Alright, alright," she sighed.

Fortunately, the rest of Sam and Freddie's classes didn't assign any real work. They just gave the students the typical "welcome back from summer" speeches and handed out textbooks.

"These weigh a ton," Carly said after school carrying a hue stack of textbooks, as the trio walked back to her car.

"Tell me about it," Sam grunted. "Another reason to add to my list of why education needs to stop and be replaced with all day lunch."

"Do you think of anything besides food?" Freddie asked.

"I think how much I would like to sell your body to science," she replied smoothly. "I mean, if I got to cut you open with a scalpel, I might just pay attention."

"Carly!" Freddie exclaimed.

"Sam, stop thinking about dissecting Freddie," Carly ordered.

After arriving at Bushwell Plaza, and taking the elevator to the eighth floor, Freddie headed back to his apartment, and Sam and Carly went to the Shay's door.

"I wonder if Ella is over here," Carly said, as she rummaged through her bag looking for her key, still holding a huge pile of books.

"Probably. Ever since Spencer and her have started dating she practically lives here," Sam replied.

"I still can't believe she's your cousin," Carly said. "She's polite, sweet, clean and not in prison."

"I know," Sam nodded, just as Carly pulled out her key and unlocked the door.

"I'm home," Carly called as she walked through the threshold.

Spencer and his girlfriend, Sam's cousin, were sitting on the couch watching T.V., eating low fat Fladoodles.

"Hey, what's up seniors," Spencer greeted them.

"How was your first day?" Ella asked.

"Awful," Sam said. "My English teacher gave us a project."

"That sucks, kido," Spencer said.

"Aw, it wasn't that bad," Carly said. "I mean, European History wasn't any real work."

"Yea, well, try having six classes with Frednub," she said.. "Plus lunch."

Carly laughed. "Can't you improve your attitude?"

"Nope," she said. "I'm starved. You buy more bacon?"

"Yea it's in the fridge," Spencer responded.

Sam rushed over and pulled open the fridge. "What the heck? You ate half the package already."

Spencer winked at Carly.

"Hey Sam," Carly said. "Let's go upstairs okay, we need to start planning the new iCarly."

"We have a whole 5 days for that," Sam said, shoving the remaining bacon into her mouth all at once.

"Oh just come on," she said, grabbing her best friends hand and leading her to the elevator.

"Hey, I'm making spaghetti tacos for dinner," Spencer yelled. "So don't fill up!"

"Eh, mama can't get full," Sam said, just as the elevator reached them. "Can you give me a ride back to my house, Ella?"

"Yea, sure, I guess," she shrugged.

The girls got on the elevator, and got off at the iCarly studio.

"Well, I don't have any ideas for the show," Sam said, plopping down on a nearby beanbag chair. "And don't you always insist that Freddie be at these little iCarly meetings?"

"I don't want to talk about iCarly," Carly admitted.

"Okay," Sam said. "What's up?"

"You remember like, three years ago, when Freddie got hit by that taco truck?"

Sam nodded.

"And you remember how we got together, but then we broke it off because he thought it was just because he saved my life?"

"Yea," Sam said. "So?"

"Well, right after we, you know, decided not to go on with the couple thing, we both said that after Freddie recovered from the accident, we'd see if we'd want to try again."

"And…." Sam said.

"Well, obviously we never did," Carly said.

"Then what's the problem?" Sam asked. "Freddie doesn't have that huge cast, and you don't have a nub of a boyfriend. Win-win"

"No, not win-win," Carly said. "I think Freddie might still be in love with me."

"Eh, he's always had a crush on you," Sam said. "As much of a burden it may be for you, you just have to learn to get on with your life."

"Sam, I don't want Freddie to be hurt. That's why I've been putting off telling him that he was right about me only being in love with him because he saved my life."

"Well, he's been putting it off too," Sam pointed out.

"Yes, but you know how shy Freddie is," Carly said.

"Sooo, when are you going to tell him this?" Sam asked.

"I don't know," Carly said. "I have to think of how I'm going to do this. Freddie's one of my closest friends, I can't just break his heart right on the spot."

Sam shrugged. "Whatever."

After their little talk, Carly began flipping through her textbooks, while Sam watched a bunch of videos on .

"Spaghetti tacos are done!" Spencer yelled from downstairs.

"Ohh, mama's worked up an appetite," Sam said, jumping up from her beanbag chair.

"All you've been doing is sitting there," Carly pointed out.

"I know, and now I'm starved. Come on!"

After triple helpings of Spencer's most famous dish (five for Sam), Ella and Sam gathered up their things and got ready to leave.

"See you tomorrow baby," Ella said, kissing Spencer goodbye.

"Oi, I just ate over here," Sam said jokingly, as Carly giggled.

Ella rustled Sam's hair. "Bye Carly." And with that, the two cousins left.

"So, how about we watch us a little bit of the nature channel?" Spencer asked his little sister.

"I'll pass," she declined slowly. "I still have nightmares about that documentary about the penguins."

"Alright," Spencer said.

"I'll be up in the studio," Carly told him as she ran up the steps.

"I'll be with the wild!" he yelled back.

Plopping herself down on the beanbag, Carly began to try to formulate a way to tell Freddie that she wasn't in love with him, and that he should move on, but in a nice way. Nothing came to mine.

"Aw man," she said. "Why can't I be mean and just tell him to move on. I hate being the sweet one."