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Edward found his way towards the edge of the cliff where Rose had said they jumped from. It was very close to where he spent that one very peaceful day with Bella.

Jasper ignored Edward and his orders to stay behind. The overthrowing of Carlisle had to be Edward's priority, but without Bella Edward found this to be without reason. His burning vengeance would have been distinguished with Bella.

Edward jumped off of Lucian and crouched down his eyes spotted the footfalls of Carlisle's men. This enraged Edward.

He let his follow the river in which it would have carried Bella. The fast churning water made his stomach churn as well. Rose didn't know if Bella jumped when she did look back she was too far away to see Bella or Alice.

Closing his eyes Edward took a very long breath to get himself completely centered so he could focus on finding Bella and trying to get her safe before he left to join Carlisle on the battlefield in three days time.

Quickly Edward stood and climbed onto Lucian fluidly. His severe green eyes were bright with rage and determination.

Tracking the edges of the river he followed it down river to see of he could see their points of exit. His eyes constantly scanned for anything that moved.

Carlisle's men had retreated finding the abandoned cabin much to Edward's displeasure he would have wished to slaughter every last one of them.

Taking another deep breath Edward continued his search.


Bella felt her feet start to blister. The shoes she wore were still damp while she continued her hike towards the treacherous mountain. The damp shoes rubbed her feet raw until they were bleeding.

She spotted some thick soft leaves and bound her feet in them but that only worked for a few miles. They were on the verge of making her completely stop.

She was beginning to become so frustrated and worried her eyes would tear up.

What happened to Edward?

She was so worried about him. She knew what he was capable of, but she still was concerned for him.

Finding a fallen tree Bella decided to rest her bruised and swollen feet.

She sat down with a groan and quickly pulled off her shoes.

With a hiss her eyes watered.

They looked horrendous.

Pulling her satchel across one shoulder her hands rifled through…for something.

A piece of cloth she could wrap her feet in was what she hoped for.

Closing her eyes she clamped her teeth and lips together and screamed through them.

Just one thing right after the other. Could it get any worse?

Taking her canteen Bella cupped one hand and let the cool water drip over her feet that felt as if flames were climbing her heels.

Blowing out a shaky breath of pain she sucked in lungful of air and held as she did it to the second foot.

The cloak was barely draped around her shoulders because it was so warm. But she didn't dare loose it because she needed it for the night and cover.

The breeches were tempting to tear at for the bandages and she contemplated this while she blew her breath onto the wounds.

Bella finally relented to the ends of the breeches. Standing she untied the breeches and dropped them, the breeze chilled her bare bottom.

Quickly taking the dagger her swift jerking movements caused the fabric to tear. Trying her best to even out the length her she pulled the breeches back up and tied them.

Carefully and with precision her hands wound the cloth around her feet. Taking the ends and tucking them in to secure the cloth she gave a small satisfied nod.

Her shoes sat by her side and she shot them looks of disdain.

Quickly digging into the satchel she found some of the re-dried fruit and some of the nuts. Taking a handful she picked up the meal with little pinches and chewed slowly. Taking a deep long pull from the canteen she wiped the remnants of her messy eating with the back of her hand and stood.

With a limp caused by her wounded feet she made her way towards the river to refill the canteen.

Stooping down her fingers touched the glassy surface. Her refection made her flinch.

Wild hair seemed to mock her.

Tapping her fingers along the rivers edge once the canteen was filled and placed back into the satchel she pondered.

Her eyes landed on the long sleeves along her arms. Narrowing her eyes she spotted the frayed endings.

Plucking the thread between her fingers she yanked until the thread started completely unraveling. Twining it around and around her finger she kept pulling until her entire forefinger was full.

Crossing back over to the fallen tree she perched herself carefully and began twisting and braiding her hair. With the dagger she cut the thread once she wound it around the ends of her hair.

When the last bit of the hair was secured she stood and walked back over toward the edge of the river to check out her reflection once more.

With satisfaction she smiled and flicked her fingers against the still surface.

Standing with a stretch she began to get drowsy. Lingering had caused her exhaustion to take over. Glancing all around she figured this was safe as any place and settled down under the fallen tree. The cloak wrapped around her she had a small secure place to rest for just awhile.

Slowly closing her eyes she drifted away.


Bella sighed while she made her way over a steep hill. From what she could see the only way past this was to climb it unless she ventured further into the forest and lose sight of the river.

The sun was falling and it was beginning to become cold.

She shivered and gripped another branch while her feet dug frantically into the earth.

Her determination made her keep moving despite her hunger, exhaustion and torn feet.

Reaching the top her now raw palms throbbed from the peeled back skin. Shaking her head to clear the thoughts of just sitting down to cry she continued.

Once the moon was fully hanging in the sky and the sun disappearing for the night she finally decided to take another break. Taking a deep drink and another handful of fruit and nuts she re-bandaged her feet and was satisfied to keep going.

The cloak was tightly wrapped against her while her teeth clinked against each other from the cold.

All of the sudden a sharp whistling was heard. She immediately froze and fell to her belly.

Taking frantic shallow breaths her cloak covered her head while her eyes peeked just through the sliver between her cloak and the earth.

Another sharp whistle was heard and then another.

She was terrified.

Abruptly there was complete silence.

Her entire frame shook from her fear.

She tried so desperately to calm her breathing.

She could hear absolutely nothing but the passing river even the forest night dwellers silenced.

Unexpectedly the next sharp whistle sounded like it was just over her shoulder.

She felt like all she had to do was lift her head and slightly turn and she would be face to face with whatever was hunting her.

So that was what she did.


Alice paced alongside Michael while they waited out to hear word from Edward. The opposing sides were gathering. The air was charged with it.

Tomorrow Edward would ride out to battle and challenge the King his father.

Tomorrow Edward would ride out and face the man who he associated with maggots that consumed corpse flesh.

Tomorrow Edward would lead hundreds of men towards battle and become who he was born to be.

A King worthy of the title.

Though the Prince felt differently.

Edward's purpose, he felt was her, Bella.

"What if he doesn't return?" Alice asked frantically.

"He will." Michael spoke with purpose.

"He won't if he doesn't find her." She countered.

"Edward is no coward Alice. That would give him all the more reason to defeat Carlisle and his men."

She shook her head. "Edward would be beyond mad if he thought she was dead."

Michael frowned and lowered his eyes. "I love her too, Alice."

Her eyes widened. She felt like a fool. Bella was Michael's dearest even if the love was unrequited they still loved each other deeply.

"I am sorry Michael. Please forgive me for speaking so irrationally. Bella is a very special woman."

Shaking his head at her and lifting his hand to his face he breathed deeply and covered his mouth with his hand.

Rubbing his fingers against his lips he closed his eyes and let his lips curl up.

"With such uncertainty of tomorrow we have lost ourselves, tomorrow would always be uncertain but not like this," he said quietly.

She widened her eyes and stared at him in silence waiting for him to finish his thought.

"Under Carlisle's rule every single one of us has had to live like this every single day…Edward has found his conviction in a woman…just a woman." Michael laughed and smiled. "A woman gave Edward a reason. Not the years of torture. Not the people silently begging for a hero. The warrior wages war for liberty… for a woman."

Alice just stared at him with raised eyebrows.

"He is absolutely insane!" Michael yelled out and grabbed up Alice. "Just like me!"

Alice squealed and laughed as they twirled around.

Michael was crazy while the woman he thought he truly loved was in danger of being kidnapped. He let villagers die for her because he cared for her.

Michael looked at Edward and saw that was untouchable, Bella and Edward.

Now Alice…Alice was a woman who Michael would plan and fight battles for. Yes Michael was senseless because he was going to do just that for Alice, but not Bella.

This was what Michael was looking for.

His purpose.


So many questions I know…this is a story about war and with that comes so many unknowns everyone is turned upside down. It is panic, and heartache, and inner chaos.

I hope I could portray this once the chapters started progressing towards the uprising.

Everything will be answered and brought to light, promise.