A/N:So, here is the first chapter of the second story in my series, So this story takes place shortly after My Miracle Baby. This story also contains a slash pairing (Gibbs/McGee) so if you don't like that kind of thing, then don't read it. And this is a WIP that I'm writing as I go along, the goal is to post the next chapter next week (So a chapter per week). Hope you enjoy and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me :) (edited to correct a few really stupid mistakes...)

McGee held weeks of silent vigil at Baby Anthony's bedside but every day the little boy seemed to be doing better and his father got to hold him a little longer in his loving arms. Tim wasn't the only one to hold him though, Gibbs had been a constant presence by little Anthony's bedside and a big support for the new daddy, so it was only natural that Gibbs got to hold the little baby too.

The first time Gibbs sat in the rocking chair with the little baby in his arms and Tim hovering anxiously at his side, the older man had been nearly overwhelmed with emotions. The moment the bundle was placed in his arms, flashbacks of a little baby girl came into his mind, but he shook them away, that had been a long time ago and even though he would never forget his two special girls, that was then and this is now. He looked down at the green eyes that stared up at him and felt one of the tiny hands wrap around his finger and he knew that this baby had stolen his heart, just like his daddy had and maybe it was time to do something about it.

Finally four weeks after his birth, Anthony Michael McGee-Dinozzo was finally ready to be released from the hospital and McGee was overjoyed to be able to take his son home. The house had been made ready and Tim knew that Gibbs had been by with Abby to stock the fridge and buy more diapers and formula for the little guy currently sleeping contently in his car seat. Tim looked over at Gibbs who had insisted on driving both Tim and the baby, McGee was grateful for the support and guidance the older man was providing, but the close proximity to the older man was making it harder and harder to ignore the feelings he had for the silver haired agent. Watching the other man be so gentle and caring towards Tim's little boy was making a lot of feelings surface that he would rather keep buried near his ex-marine boss who was as straight as an iron rod. Tim sighed but he couldn't help but feel all his worries evaporate as he watched his miracle baby's sleeping face.

Gibbs watched his two passengers via the rear view mirror and smiled slightly at the sight of McGee staring in awe at his precious little baby boy. Gibbs turned his eyes back on the road and thought wryly that it was the first time since driving Kelly home that he had ever driven so carefully. He looked at the man he had come to appreciate as an agent a friend and most recently as a potential lover. He knew there were still some things he needed to find out before he made any kind of move on his agent, biggest question being whether or not McGee shared his feelings, but Gibbs would give him some time to settle to his role as a daddy first and into his new life.

The two men and the baby arrived at the house and Gibbs went to the trunk and got all of the stuff that had been sent to the hospital by McGee's family members and friends, while McGee took the baby carrier. The made their way up the path to the dark house and Tim unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway. He turned on the lights and was surprised to see a huge light blue banner on the ceiling stating 'Welcome home little Anthony' And there was also balloons and confetti. McGee looked at his boss in wonder and saw the smirk on his face just as there was a noise and people jumped up from various places around the room yelling 'surprise'.

Tim felt overwhelmed as Abby, Ducky and Kate walked up to them and Abby wrapped him into a tight hug "Tim! It's so good to see you, I've missed you and Anthony!" Tim laughed as Abby's attention went from his to the little baby and she started cooing at the boy who was blinking his eyes sleepily. "You just saw us yesterday Abs"

"Yeah, but I haven't seen my two special guys all day today!" She tickled the baby's tummy and Kate joined her in front of the baby carrier. Ducky shook his head fondly and pulled McGee in a gentle hug

"Welcome home my dear lads, I gather everything is fine with the little one?"

"Thanks Duck, and yeah, every thing's fine. His lungs aren't completely developed yet and the doctors think that his lungs may never be perfectly healthy but they assured me that his condition wouldn't be worse than regular asthma , but other than that he's a healthy little boy"

"McGee, go enjoy your party" Gibbs nudged his agent in the shoulder, gaining Abby's attention.

"Yeah, Tim. We wanted to through you a welcome home party 'cause you didn't get a baby shower and now you need to go and enjoy the fruit of our hard labor!" Tim grinned at the Goth's words before to the two women's dismay, took the boy from the carrier to his arms and went to thank the other guests for coming. Gibbs just chuckled at his agent's show of protectiveness towards his four week old baby. And the looks on Abby's and Kate's face was enough to make Ducky chuckle as well.

After the party was over and everyone had left, including Abby who gave at least five goodbye hugs and placed as many kisses on Anthony's forehead, Tim sat in his living room with the little bundle in his arms. He looked at the sleeping baby for a while before deciding that it was time for bed. He carried the baby to the nursery that Abby had decorated with great delight and now was painted light shade of blue and had picture's of Duck's in the walls. McGee changed the baby's diaper without even waking the baby, he then placed the sleeping boy in the crib and stood there watching him for a few moment. He was thankful for this chance of being a father, even though he had doubted his ability to raise a kid. He sent a silent prayer for Anthony's continuing health and safety and thanked Antonia for the gift she had given him in the form of this little boy. He wiped away the tear that tried to escape his eye and placed a kiss on his son's forehead before saying a quiet 'good night' and going to his own bed to get some sleep.

The morning after the homecoming, Anthony woke his dad up at six for a diaper change and feeding. Tim was grateful that the baby had slept the whole night peacefully, but he wasn't sure if the peace would last, in truth Tim had no idea how well babies usually slept and it scared him a bit that there was still so much he didn't know and the little child laying contently in his arms depended on him to know everything. It was the first morning that McGee was totally alone with his son and he was having serious doubts. In the hospital McGee had been allowed to feed and wash his son, but he was never completely alone with him, there was always a nurse hovering somewhere in the vicinity so there was no way he could screw up, but here? There was no-one watching Anthony's back.

Tim was getting increasingly worried about his lack of experience with babies and he didn't notice when Anthony woke from the sleep he had slipped to before the baby started crying and wouldn't stop no matter what Tim did. McGee was getting desperate and he didn't know what else to do, the baby wasn't hungry or need a diaper change. Tim knew that the team had decided to give him some time to adjust to being home with the baby, so the cavalry wouldn't be arriving anytime soon, so Tim did the only thing he could in his panicked haze.

He called Gibbs.

It didn't take Gibbs long to get to Tim's house and he rang the doorbell. He could hear the baby's crying inside and the pounding footsteps brought the sound nearer. The the door opened and the panicked face of McGee appeared in the doorway.

"Boss! I'm sorry to bother you on a weekend, but I didn't know what to do. He just cries, he isn't hungry, doesn't need a change or burping, Oh god, what if there's something really wrong I don't-"

Gibbs picked the baby out of the man's arms and smiled sown at the baby as he rocked him to and fro. Gradually the crying stopped and Tim looked at the older man in amazement. Gibbs didn't avert his eyes from the baby as he stepped fully inside and carried the baby to the living room.

"You know McGee that babies can sense your moods, you getting upset was probably enough to make this little fella cry."

Tim sighed heavily and dropped to sit on the couch in the living room. "Well that's the thing isn't it? I didn't know that, hell there's a lot of stuff i don't know and look how well that's turning out!"

Gibbs frowned and moved to sit besides his agent the baby still in his arms.

"Tim, it's natural that there's a lot of things you don't know, but you'll learn them. There are a lot of books of parenting, but the bottom line is that every baby is different and in the end, no-one knows your son as well as you do."

Tim smiled at the endorsement from his usually tight lipped boss.

"Thanks Boss, but i really am sorry that we bothered you today. I can take him now, you probably have somewhere else to be"

Gibbs tightened his hold on Anthony as Tim reached for him. Gibbs met Tim's puzzled gaze and decided that it was now or never and he took a deep breath.

"No Tim, you didn't bother me, i love spending time with Anthony and i would like to spent more time with both him and you."

McGee's eyes widened and he couldn't help but hope that Gibbs meant what the thought he did.

"Boss I-"

"No Tim, I'm not your boss here, it's Jethro. I wanted to tell you for a while that i have feelings four you, and i loved this little miracle form the first day i saw him." Gibbs was being uncharacteristically hesitant and Tim couldn't hold back any longer.

Tim closed the distance between them and gave the older man a hesitant kiss, both men aware of the baby between them and were careful not to crush him. The kiss was short and gentle, but still both men felt a bit out of breath.

"Jethro" McGee said, grinning from ear to ear. "I could get used to it" He then looked down at the baby still in Gibbs' arms and his grin dimmed as he grew more hesitant.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, I have Anthony now and I don't want to get into this if there's a chance that you'll just up an leave the two of us when you get bored."

Gibbs cut of Tim's words with another kiss and bend down to kiss the baby's head as well.

"I'm sure Tim. I want you to be sure too, you might have noticed but I'm not the type to do casual, I tend to marry and I won't let go easily."

Tim Smiled warmly addressed the baby that was watching the two men. "Well Anthony, you want another daddy?" The baby blew raspberries at them and the men laughed even if the thought of being a daddy again caused Gibbs' heart to swell and a lump to form in his throat.

"I think that Anth-"

" Timothy, don't you think that's a pretty big name for a little baby like him? Would you mind if we called him Tony" Tim smiled at Gibbs' interruption. And the issue was settled as the baby blew more raspberries.

"Tony, I like it" The two men and the baby sat on the couch for a long while, the men just enjoying being close to each other and watching the little boy who was desperately trying to stay awake, even though his eyelids were drooping.

"He's gonna be a handful" Gibbs whispered to his new partner as they watched the baby finally succumb to sleep.

" Yeah, he's just like his mom. It's the Italian spirit in him" McGee answered wistfully, remembering the pocket rocket of a woman, who had died to give him this precious little bundle. Gibbs smiled at Tim and dropped a kiss to his two boys' forehead and he grinned at the thought 'yeah, they're my special boys' and I promise to take care of them."