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It took four more days of recuperating in the hospital for little Tony, but on Saturday the boy was ready to be released and Tim and Gibbs couldn't have been more happy and judging by the noises coming from the boy, he seemed happy to be getting out of the hospital as well.

So it was a week after the kidnapping when a smiling Tim exited the hospital with tony bundled up in his arms and Gibbs walking beside him with an arm around the younger man's shoulders and McGee treasured every minute of it as they walked to the car. It was rare for Gibbs to allow even this kind of simple touch in public, so Tim lapped it up along with the feeling of Tony safe in his arms.

Tim strapped Tony in and took a seat in the back seat next to him while Gibbs drove the three of them back to his house. The older man kept a close eye on his two passengers via the rear view mirror and he couldn't help but smile slightly when he saw his lover playing with the little boy. His smile wanted to grow the nearer they got to the house but he kept it well hidden so he wouldn't alert Tim that something was going on.

McGee played with his son until the little boy was lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the car. After the little eyes closed, Tim just sat there watching his son and wondering about the fact that Gibbs had insisted that they head to his house instead of McGee's. To be totally honest he was kinda glad as he liked the homey feel of the older man's house, though the feel was probably mostly because every room at the house smelled of sawdust and Gibbs and those two were the scents that could make Tim relax and feel safe. And that safety was something Tim wanted his son to experience as much as humanly possible.

It didn't take long for them to reach Gibbs' place and once there the older man got out and opened the back door to carefully scoop Tony up and carry him to the house to continue his nap, but the boy was having none of that. As soon as he was lifted up, the boy's eyes popped open and he stared at the man holding him with wide eyes.

"Well good morning kiddo, you know you were supposed to sleep a bit longer than that." Gibbs raised one eyebrow as the boy pushed a fist into his mouth, ignoring the older man in favor of trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth.

Tim chuckled as he walked after Gibbs and Tony towards the front door, but it was his turn to raise an eyebrow as the older man unlocked the front door and Tim noticed that the lock had been changed recently and the fact that it was in use was even more of a surprise.

"You actually locked your door? I'm impressed" Gibbs just grunted as he kicked of his shoes and walked straight into the living room and laid Tony on the sofa to unbundled him from his outdoor clothes before picking the boy up again. By that time Tim had took of his own coat and shoes and had followed them into the living room.

"I think we should lay him back to sleep or he will be cranky all evening" He said as he walked to his lover and took Tony in his own arms and sat on the couch to bounce the boy gently in his lap.

"I'll take care of the bottle, you go ahead his things are in the bedroom down the hall" The comment was thrown from over Jethro's shoulder as he went into the kitchen and Tim was puzzled as he realized that he had never been to the room Gibbs just mentioned.

"Well I guess it's time to go and change your diaper and go to take a nap." Tim said to the little boy who was watching his daddy closely.

McGee got up and thought for a while of waiting for Gibbs but shook his head slightly and proceeded up the stairs and down the hall. He opened the door at the end of the hallway and froze at the sight that greeted him.

He cautiously stepped into the room and took in the soothing blue walls and the dark wood furniture that included a crib, a changing table and a rocking chair. There was also a dresser, toy chest and a closet that both looked like something Gibbs might have made himself. But for some reason it was the mobile hanging over the crib that grabbed Tim's attention and so he stood next to it with Tony, just looking, and that's when he felt arms circle him.

"What do you think of the room?" Gibbs whispered in his ear and the younger man turned bright eyes to his lover, but before he could answer a high pitched squeal cam from his lap and caused the men to chuckle.

"Well Tony likes it." Tim turned so he could look at the older man in the eyes "I think it's beautiful" Gibbs cleared his throat and took the boy from Tim and with fluent movements brought the boy to the changing table and took care of the wet diaper before handing the boy to his lover who laid him to his crib and stuck the nipple of the milk bottle Gibbs had brought with him into the half open mouth.

The men watched as Tony's eyelids began to droop and finally after many tries to keep his eyes open, the boy succumbed to sleep.

Gibbs walked to the dresser and opened one of the drawers and took out a baby monitor that he placed next to the crib and took the receiver before guiding Tim out of the room and into the kitchen.

"I thought it was time Tony had a place in here" Gibbs answered as he went to make coffee even before Tim could even ask the question. The younger man sat at the table and waited if Gibbs would elaborate.

Gibbs sighed and turned around as he finished loading the coffee machine.

"I want you both to have a place here, a home, if you want it of course" Tim blinked as he heard the hesitancy and meaning behind the words.

"Are you asking us to move in here? With you?" Gibbs nodded and went to crouch in front of the younger man and took his hand in both of his.

"I don't know what I would do if something happened to either of you so I want to have you here, where I can keep an eye on you both and keep you safe." As Tim started to protest that he could take care of himself and Tony, Gibbs continued. "I know you don't need protecting, if you did you wouldn't be on my team. But I need you close and I- I want to be there for Tony, as a Dad"

Jethro looked into Tim's eyes and felt relieved when the younger man smiled widely and launched himself at the older man and their lips met in a deep kiss.

"Is that a yes?" Gibbs asked with a smile and a small laugh as Tim nodded his head enthusiastically, but frowned when the younger agent stopped smiling and looked a bit worried.

"What about Morrow? Won't he have to split us up?"

Gibbs smiled reassuringly and gave Tim's cheek a kiss as he stood up to get a cup of the now ready coffee.

"Tom isn't going to officially acknowledge anything, as long as I won't play favorites it isn't a problem"

"Yeah like that's happen, unless I decide to grow a pair of pigtails and start wearing a Goth getup." Tim muttered and smirked as Gibbs almost shot coffee from his nose at the mental image.

The smirk vanished quickly and when Jethro turned the glare at the other man, he had adopted his most innocent puppy expression.

"Yeah, like that's gonna work" Gibbs scoffed but couldn't help the corner of his lip to twist up with amusement and he tried to hide it with his coffee cup.

He turned to get a refill as he drained the rest of the coffee from his cup and groaned as he hoped that Tony hadn't inherited the same puppy dog expression, while it might not always work on McGee, it did most of the time and just thinking Tony's big eyes looking at him with that look on his face...

Yep, he was screwed. But a smile broke out on his face as he thought that his life would never be dull with the two boys in his house and life. And truthfully, he wouldn't want it any other way. He looked at his lover as he heard a crash and saw Tim picking up a pieces of a mug from the floor with a sheepish grin on his face.

He groaned and with a sigh hoped that his house could handle Tim and Tony living with him.

The End