I own none of the Harry Potter Characters, just my little story. :D Sorry if this is bad... I didn't really know how to start it, but enjoy anyway :D!

Hidden Moments

Chapter 1 - Distracting.

Ron had woken up early on his first day, partly because he was excited to stuff his face full of the scrumptious food that was most likely sitting on the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, and the other reason being he was excited to speak more with his new friend, the famous Harry Potter.

Ron sat in the common room silently, with a few students wondering about. Harry was getting ready, and Ron had decided to wait for him in the common room instead of going down to breakfast without him. The common room was a brilliant red, the sunshine burning into the room making it even more bright and beautiful.

The sound of light footsteps tapping down the cold, stone steps made Ron turn around. Hoping it was Harry, he got up and sprung towards the bottom of the stairs, only to be greeted by someone Ron had immediately disliked.

"Oh, Good Morning." Hermione chirped, smiling her buck-toothed smile.

"Uh, Hi." Ron grunted, staring behind the steps, trying desperately to avoid contact with her eyes.

Though he didn't really need to try and avoid the contact, as she mumbled something that sounded strangely like 'So Rude' and stomped off angrily. Her hair was brown and bushy, and her body was skinny and thin, her face was cute, her freckles scattered sweetly across her nose and cheeks, and her eyes were a beautiful chocolate brown, and gleamed when the sun hit them.

Ron realised only then that he had been blocking the way of many students waiting impatiently on the stairs, one of them Harry. He moved quickly, his ears turning pink and his cheeks radiating heat. Fortunately, Harry had greeted him and they immediately left for the Great Hall.

"You were standing there for over two minutes, Ron!" Harry laughed, leaping over two steps on the stairs.

"Well, I was admiring the common room." Ron grinned.

"Your a weird guy, Ron." Harry grinned back, and a sudden smell of food his their noses, and almost simultaneously, they shouted "Food!"

The food was mouth-wateringly appealing, Sausages, Bacon, Pancakes and other delights had been crammed on the table, which Harry and Ron were now eating hungrily from, until something caught Ron's eye.

Hermione was sat alone at the end of the table, reading. Ron snorted, which Harry had noticed.

"Who reads books in a morning?" Harry asked, disgraced.

"She does." Ron snorted again, helping himself to another sausage.

Suddenly, the bell had rung for the first lesson, and everyone bounded towards the door in a hurry, but no-one as fast as Hermione. Ron smiled slightly, she looked sweet trying to squeeze through the crowd, her height nothing compared to the older students.

"Ron, you coming?" Harry said, impatiently.

"Oh, yeah." Ron gathered his things, and sped along to his first lesson.