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Home Economics had always been Naruto's favorite class. I mean it was just an easy A to him, growing up alone had its ups and downs. He knew how to cook; his apartment stayed spotless; he knew how to save money so he could make rent, buy food, clothes, and had some left over for some me time; and he even had a fairly nice job for a 16 year old.

So yea...period 6 was no biggie, and not to mention most of his friends were in that class with him so it was always a field day, and to make things even better the class was taught by his favorite teacher, Iruka. The only downside of the class was Uchiha Sasuke.

Why the teme thought he could go around and be a jerk to any and every body, Naruto would never know. So when they were partnered in a science project for Orochimaru sensei the teme had acted like a jerk through the whole entire thing, and naturally Naruto being the "i take shit from nobody", type of person, called Sasuke out of his, and they had been enemy's ever since.

Well at least that's the way Naruto looked at it, Sasuke on the other hand was intrigued by the blond. Never had anyone dared to yell, mug, or throw fist at Sasuke the way that Naruto did. His dark "fuck off or die" attitude, and his first demonstration on boy who thought he'd pick a fight with the Uchiha because his girlfriend had the hots for him, was all Sasuke needed to keep him out of trouble. Until Naruto came along, now the principle had a new reason for being so familiar with him, and it wasn't because of his outstanding grades anymore, but because of the constant fights he and Naruto would get into. But what intrigued Sasuke the most was the spark Naruto would get in his eyes when he was angry, the way his cheeks would redden at an insult, how he would pant for air after a fight, and how his attention would be focus fully on Sasuke and Sasuke only. The blond was sexy and all, but when angry he was a complete turn on.

Naruto had begun to notice how when pushing or shoving that Sasuke's touch would linger more than necessary and how he would smirk flirtatiously as if nothing happened, leaving a confused, stunned, and blushing blond behind to wonder. Or how he would stare at Naruto from across the room knowing that Naruto could feel his stare and would smirk every time he saw the blond shiver. And in gym when lined alphabetically how Sasuke would stand far more than a little too close.

By now Naruto had caught on to the teme's little games and they only made him angrier. No way was he attracted to that pompous, stuck up,tall, lean, muscular,perfect,sexy, (cough, cough ), did I say I meant duck but, prissy ass bastard. So he ignored his advances...the best he could anyway, but that only seemed to amuse the teme. Really there was no end to that bastards bastardness.

Their relationship was weird, but all in all they don't get along. Which leads Naruto to his current problem. Now Naruto had always been used to taking care of himself, but when he found out that each student in his Economic class would each be receiving a "Baby Think It Over infant simulator", basically a little robo baby that they had to take care of for a week, he was excited. Knowing how to take care of child would be Naruto's last step to reach maturity and then he would be ready for the world, and of course he loved a challenge.

Naruto had been the fifth person called up to pick his baby. He look down at the infants with judging eyes when raven colored hair caught his attention. The baby had a fair skin tone and baby blue eyes almost similar to his own. Smiling he reached in the box and pulled the baby out cuddling him to his chest before taking his seat. About eleven students were called up and had picked their babies before a problem made itself known. While eleven students had their babies, there were still eleven who hadn't, and the box was empty.

Blue eyes widened as realization struck him "no way", Naruto said out loud causing heads to turn his way and a smirk to appear on his teachers face because finally someone got it, and that someone just happened to be his best student, who right now had a amusing expression of shock on his face.

" You guys will be partnered", stated Iruka. "Some of you will be married". He continued as he walked around the half of the room that had babies with a hat in his hand, offering the first student to pick a piece of paper from it before going to the next. "Some of you will be divorced", next student. "Some of you will have never been married, your babies will be mistakes", finally he got to Naruto. He hesitantly reached it the hat and pulled out a small shit of paper. He read his paper and frowned, just his luck to have picked divorced. "Your partners will be.." , Iruka started. The room froze, every breath was held.

Sakura and Ino had the same thoughts "please let me have Sasuke please please please", Sai thought "hum I would enjoy teasing dickless and his possessive Uchiha", Naruto thought " Sakura-chan Sakura-chan Sakura-chan". "Sakura and Lee"(groans and a teasing smile from Ino), "Ino and Choji"(a bark of laughter from Sakura), "Kiba and Shino", "Shikamaru and Hinata", "Sai and Tenten" (a disappointed sigh form Sai), "Neji and Gaara", "Sasuke and Naruto". (a smirk from Sasuke and a loud, Say What!" from Naruto)

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