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He couldn't say he didn't like this...no it was quite the opposite actually. In all truth he loved it.

The feel of Sasuke's breath breathing down his neck, how there was little to no space in between them, and the way Sasuke's arms were wrapped tightly around his waste even in his sleep...yep he could get use to this. Who knew that Sasuke Uchiha liked to cuddle.

To his right on the side of the bed lay Sato in his...crib.

Sasuke had stuffed a pillow and a blanket in a laundry basket. It wasn't too bad really, Naruto couldn't imagine Sasuke hugged up in bed with a doll, and it explained why he couldn't find him last night.

….Last night...

Just the thought of it sent a heavy blush to his face. He sneaked a peek at the sleeping Uchiha beside him...his Uchiha.

He looked so peaceful asleep without that usual "fuck off or die" scowl on his face.

He peeked behind Sasuke's shoulder to look at the time. Six o clock.

They had two hours left before they had to be at school...and give Sato back.

He saddened at the thought. It felt nice to think that he had a family. Him, Sasuke, Itachi, and Sato all here together. But tonight he would be all along in his apartment again.

Sighing he slowly reached behind him to gently wrapped his hands around Sasuke's arms trying pull them apart just enough to so that he could ease his way out of bed to get ready for school and make breakfast. But he wouldn't budge.

He sighed again, maybe thirty more minutes wouldn't be so bad.

But lying there having nothing to do only made him think back on the fact that he would be going alone again. He didn't realize how much it bothered him until now. Absently he reached his hands up to run his fingers through soft midnight hair while he wallowed in self pity.

He looked back up only to jump slightly and blush when he saw midnight eyes starring at him intently. He immediately pulled his hand back but Sasuke caught it and led it back to his hair, looking at Naruto pointedly. He smiled and went back to weaving his hands through his hair.

"What are you thinking about", Sasuke asked.


Sasuke frowned, "why won't you tell me?", he asked leaning in closer smothering Naruto with his eyes.

Naruto blushed and looked away, "its nothing Sasuke really."

Sasuke smirked softly and lifted his chin, making him look him directly in the eye. "Then why are you calling me by my real name?"

"Its nothing teme really", he countered sarcasticly.

He frowned again "I'm not giving you a choice anymore, I'm demanding that you tell me whats bothering you."

"But it's..."

"...Tell me now."

"Fine teme, I don't want to be alone again!"

There was a long silence in which Naruto was becoming nervous before Sasuke smirked, "good..."

"...What the hell do you mean that's not..."

"...Good because your gonna be spending way more time here than at your apartment anyway."

Naruto looked up at him with big blue hopeful eyes, "really?"

"Of course dobe, did you think I was gonna let my boyfriend sleep in that depressing apartment all along...and besides who's gonna cook when your not here", he mummered that last part to himself.

"Your a jerk teme", Naruto said with a sweet smile, "but I guess your my jerk."

Sasuke rose a eyebrow, "you guess?", he joked before leaning down to place a kiss to Naruto's lips.


Their whole six period class was buzzing with excitement at the thought of geting rid of thier babies. It seemed that they were the only ones who didn't find parenting to be as hard as everyone tried to make it out to be.

"Naruto looked to his left to see Sasuke looking through a expensive looking digital camera.

"What do you have that for", he asked curiosly.

"Its Itachi's, I stole it out of his room this morning."

He turned his head to see Naruto starring at him with one eyebrow raised .

"Don't ask", Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to the conversation he and Kiba were having before he was distracted.

Iruka called his class to attention with a simple clap of his had before smiling brightly. "Okay guys one by one I want you to hand over your babies, you're all finally free."

The mothers jumped out of their seats egerly all trying to be the first in line.

Iruka frowned at this, "I hope you all tool care of your babies, because I'm checking your summaries as soon as you hand them in."

He found pleasure in seeing their faces drop all except one.

Naruto was standing at the back of the line, starring at the infant in his arms like a mother dropping off their child to their first day of kindergarten.

"Cheer up dobe its only a doll", Sasuke teased when Naruto sat back down in the seat right next to him.

Naruto snorted, "says the guy who forgot that last night, the night that just so happened to be our last night with the doll, was my night to keep him"

"Really I could have sworn that you had him the night before, it was an easily made mistake", he said in his defense.

"Whatever you say teme."

They directed their attention back to Iruka who stood at the front of the class frowning.

"Sakura, Lee why are your baby's fingers so scratched up", he asked.

"Sakura blushed, "well Lee here thought that he could make her do push ups", she explained while shooting a "told you so", glare at her partner.

Iruka sighed, "you get a seventy-five."

"What no fair other, than the fact that Lee's an idiot, we took good care of her", Sakura objected.

"No Sakura your summary says otherwise. This baby has been crying for hours on end. I gave you a seventy-five because I felt like being nice, take it or leave it."

Sakura huffed and turned away resting her chin on her on hand, "leave it."

"Okay then next we have Ino and...what the heck is this!"

"What, whats wrong Iruka sensi", asked Ino running to the front of the class to get o better look of what her teacher was starring horrified at.

"What the heck is in your baby's mouth?", he asked.

Ino took the baby from Iruka's arms and squinted to better see inside the doll's mouth.

She took a pencil and pried it around while until she had a some of it hanging out of its mouth.

All the while Iruka stood off to the side watching the whole scene with a horrified look on his face. If this was how Ino treated her baby now he could just imagine how the baby was treated the whole week.

"Hum...well it seems to be a...ewwww Choji why the heck is there a piece of bar b Que hanging out of her mouth", she shrieked.

Choji's face reddened in embarrassment, "well you told me to feed her", he argued in his defense.

Iruka slap his hand to his forehead. "You guys get a seventy, and that's a take it leave it situation."

Ino looked as if she was about to protest, but one look at the piece of bar b Que hanging out of her baby's mouth shut her up, and she shrugged her shoulders in acceptance.

"Kiba and Shino, you get a eighty.

Shikamaru and Hinata, you get a nighty-five...weird your baby seems to have barley cried at all..hum whatever.

Sai and Tenten, you get a eighty-five.

Neji and Garra, you get a nighty.

He braced himself for the last names on the list.

Sasuke and Naruto you get a...hundred!

"Pssshhhh, Sasuke's a genious he probably found a way to take the baby apart and mess with its thingy majeger to turn it off for the whole week", Kiba scoffed.

"Kiba Kiba please", Naruto started in a voice that was known to be his "I'm about to brag and be a big show off voice".

"Do not be jealous of me and Sasuke's awesome parenting skills, because if your nice now then maybe... just maybe...we'll give you a few pointers so that... maybe just maybe... your future child can be almost as good as me and Sasuke's.

It took him a moment after everyone froze to stare at him for him to realize what he had said.

But really not many were surprised at all by his words. They didn't even need an explanation when they saw the two come to school this morning hand in hand, they knew it was bound to happen sometime. But that didn't stop him from blushing a deep red.

But luckily for Naruto time always seemed to be on his side and the bell rung dismissing the period and the classes attention from him.

He stood up and reached for his backpack only to find that Sasuke had already grabbed it and was waiting silently for him. The walk to his locker was awkward. Sasuke wasn't talking and Naruto really couldn't trust his mouth enough to try to strike what he already knew was to be an awkward conversation, he had already embarrassed himself enough.

Sasuke waited for him to open his locker before shoving in both their backpacks and slammed it back shut. Before Naruto could question him, he grabbed his hand and led him down the hall in the opposite direction of their next period and to an old janitors closet.

"Sasuke what are you..."

"...Did you mean it?", Sasuke asked.


"Did you mean what you said, do you think that you would ever want to have a baby with me, do you think that we could last that long?"

Looking into his eyes Naruto could tell that Sasuke was dead serious. Maybe he wasn't the only one who had put his feelings and hope into this project. And really nothing was holding them back. They were practically in control of their lives so there was nothing that could really tear them apart. He wasn't saying that it was a sure go, he wasn't a child. And really he wasn't too easy at putting so much trust in another, but maybe..no surly Sasuke was worth the try.


"Dobe do not mess with me", Sasuke asked searching his eyes.

Naruto glared, "now why would I do that te...umm", the rest of his sentence was left unsaid. But he didn't mind, because Sasuke's lips pressed against his right now was all he needed.

"Ne Naruto...lets make one right now."

"Naruto laughed nervously, "um Sasuke we're late." He tried to manure himself around him to get to the door, but found himself backed against the wall, pinned by Sasuke's body, with his arms planted on the wall besides his head"

"Don't worry dobe,we just wont be going to that period. He pressed his knee in between Naruto's legs and shivered at his moan.

"Or the next one."

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