Summary: it's mating season! Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are very much in heat! What will Kagome and Rin do? Poor girls.

"Hey guys," Kagome called as she jumps out of the well. "Hello Kagome," Miroku said. Shippo was on his shoulders said," Kagome!" He hops down and jumps into her arms. "Hey Shippo. Have you been a good boy while I was away?' He nodded. She smiles and handed a lollop from her backpack. "Yaay!" He put the whole thing in his mouth as Kagome and Miroku started walking towards the village. 'As always he never comes to see me,' she thought. "So how's Sango," Kagome asked. Miroku smiles proudly. "She's pregnant." Kagome squeaked, which scared Shippo a little. "Really? Oh my god! Congratulants!" She hugged him, smashing Shippo. (He's just getting the end of everything)

"Thanks Kagome," Miroku said as she pulled back. They continue their walk to the village while Kagome gushes about how she's going to buy a lot of things for the baby in her time. When they got to the village Inuyasha was sitting in a tree. Kagome ignored him as she and Miroku went into the hut. Inuyasha raised his eyebrow. 'What's with her? Oh well its better this way.' Inside the hut… "Thank you Kagome," Sango said after her congratulants she said to her. Sango was sitting down holding her stomach as Kaede was fixing lunch. Shippo was licking his lollop in corner. Miroku was sitting besides Sango his arm around her.

"I can't wait till the bay is born! Do you guys have any names pick out yet," Kagome asked. They shook their heads no. "Oh I see." Kagome sat down as Inuyasha came though the door and sat as far as possible from Kagome. They all notice, but didn't say anything. It was a tensed silence, before Miroku said something. "So Kagome you like kids don't you?" Kagome nodded, while Inuyasha twitched. "Well why don't you have some of your own?" Inuyasha was frozen as Shippo was grinning and Sango was glaring at him so that he will stop. To their surprise Kagome smiled very big. "Oh I'm going to have kids whether I get a husband or not."

Miroku and Sango widen there eyes, while Shippo started choking on his lollop. Inuyasha didn't move at all. 'She's going to have a baby with or without a husband,' he thought. 'No! That can't happen. Nobody going to put a baby inside her except me!' Kagome phone started ringing. (What the hell? A cell phone works in the past?) She pulls it out and check to see who was calling. 'Mom.' "Hello," Kagome said as she answered. "Hey dear. I was wondering when you're coming home. Your boyfriend here to take you on a date." Kagome blushes. With Inuyasha good hearing he heard what she just said. "Mom, Hojo is not my boyfriend! And I'm coming home in a minute," Kagome said as she got up and started walking out side. Inuyasha following.

"Okay honey. Besides Hojo is a nice man, you should think about it." Kagome signed. "Okay I'll think about it. Bye mom." "Bye honey." They hung up. "Well I better get going, before she calls again. I'll go tell everybody bye," she said as she turned around and bumps into Inuyasha's chest. "Oww. Inuyasha! Why are you doing out here listening to my phone calls?" He didn't answer. He was breathing hard, not that she notice. "Helloooo, I'm talking to you!" She was waving her hand in front of his face. He still didn't answer. He was staring at her hard. She signed and threw her hands in the air. "Fine! You don't want to speak, so be it. I'm going to go say bye to the others."

She started to walk past him, but he grabs her arm and pulls her to him. She blushes. "W-what a-are you doing?" He leans down to her neck and rubs his nose below her chin. "I-Inuyasha what…" She puts her hands up to his chest to push him away, but he kisses her. She widens her eyes. 'Is he's kissing me?' He grabs her hair and gave it a rough tough. She gasps, which gave him access to her mouth with his tongue. Her arms found their way around his neck. He pushes her down on the ground, still kissing her. He started ripping her clothes off. She started struggling. He pulls back and looks down at her. "What's the matter, Kagome? You wanted this right?"

She glared at him. "No! When did I ever tell you I wanted this?" He smirks. "You said you wanted kids didn't you?" She widens her eyes. "Well… I…" He leans down to her ear. "Or would you like to have them with Hojo?" She slaps him and pushes him off of her. "How dare you! How dare you say that to me?" She got up and ran, tears coming from her eyes. He gets up and run after her. Since she was running away from a demon he catches her quick. "Oh you're running away?" She struggled against his hold. "Let me go!" He ignored her. "Let me tell you something Kagome, since you don't seem to know. We have mating seasons and today happen to be the first day." She stops. "And you're here, naked, beautiful and want kids."

He pushes her down where she was lying on her stomach, she didn't give much struggled. He yanks her white panties off with one tough and spreads her legs. He then took off his pants and then leaned down. "It's going to hurt like hell Kagome, so be ready." She nodded. He then thrust inside her, breaking through her barrier. She screams out in pain and pleasure. 'God she's tight,' he thought as he felt his demon blood about to take over. He waited for her to adjust to his length, even when he wanted to pound into her like a wild animal. After a while she moves against him, saying "Could you move Inuyasha. I'm getting uncomfortable." He grinned and started thrusting inside her. Back and forth, back and forth. She was giving him breathless moans and calling his name.

He grabs her hips and shoved himself inside her more forcedly all the while his demon blood taking over. Kagome grips the grass as she leans her chest on the grass. 'I feel like I'm on a cloud,' she thought. Just when she was about to come he pulls out and turns her over so that she was on her back and thrust inside her again. She arched her back as he pounded her into the ground. She wraps her legs around his waist as her arms wraps around his neck. She came withering under him. "INUYASHA!" He came right after her spilling his hot seed in her. He pulls out of her and lay on her side, both breathing hard and sweaty. "Are you okay Kagome," he asked when she didn't move. She didn't answer her eyes were close. He poked at her. "Kagome." She opens her eyes and there were tears. He was taken aback. "Kagome what's wrong," he asked as he gather her into his arms.

She shook her head. "Nothing just that I finally get my wish." He smiles tenderly as he rubs her black locks. "I see. You had me scared for a minute. Thinking I was bad." She reaches up and grabs his ear. "Oh no. You were very good." She gave him a kiss. She pulls back and looks right in his eyes. "I love you Inuyasha," she said while blushing. His eyes got dark. "And I love you," he said before kissing her.

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