Story I: Hope's Boomerang

Hope stood in the middle of a field on the outskirts of Cocoon. All he wanted was some peace and quiet, and possibly some time to train. Hope breathed in the rich smell of flowers and earth that surrounded him. The smell was so relaxing…so tranquil. Hope began to pace himself around the field, picking up sticks and jabbing them into the ground as he went. After his 'targets' were made, he drew his boomerang.

Hope took a fighting stance made a few practice throws, not releasing the boomerang from his grip. Hope narrowed his eyes at the nearest and tallest stick, standing a good ten feet away from where the teenager stood. But in Hope's eyes, it was a bloodthirsty l'cie that wanted to beat the living crap out of fourteen-year-old.

"Take this l'cie!" He screamed and threw his boomerang.

The weapons flew through the air, slicing the so-called l'cie sticks in half. The boomerang swerved around the field destroying the poor, defenseless sticks. Hope punched his fist in the air but sadly; enough his victory didn't last long. His boomerang curved around the last stick slammed Hope in the face, knocking him to the ground, out cold.

"Hope? What the HECK did you do?"

Hope groggily opened his eyes and came face-to-face with Snow. The man held out his hand and pulled Hope to his feet.

"What happened?" He repeated.

Hope felt his face burn. "I was training and…my boomerang…sorta…came around and hit me in the head," Hope replied, feeling like a moron.

Snow grit his teeth to hide a burst of laughter. He held it back for all of five seconds before he cracked up with hysterical laughter. He clutched his sides, ignoring Hope's I-would-strangle-you-if-I-was-taller glare. Hope picked up his boomerang and stomped away from the still-laughing NORA leader.

That is why no one uses boomerangs.