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Don't try to Google my name because that is my Pseudonym last name.

So, I'm making Profession of Faith soon and I wanted to share my testimony with you people.


BTW: None of this is made up or exaggerated. Though It might sound like it is, IT'S NOT!

My Testimony

Michaela Anna Wildfox

I want to make Profession of Faith because I find it VERY important to put my trust and faith into God, someone I cannot see, hear, or feel, but I KNOW he is there.

Through the years my relationship with God has been growing and maturing. I found out that I wanted to dedicate my life and soul to God during Spring Break earlier this year of 2010, when I literally took a leap of faith to save a young boy from drowning in a river in Tennessee. After saving the boy I realized that I could have killed myself by jumping into the deep, strong-current, freezing water after him. It was then I understood that God not only saved the boy through me but he was telling me something. He was telling me that he exists, and he was there during the incident, and he wants me to devote my whole life to him. I almost cried at the thought. That little boy must of fell into the water for a reason, I mean, everything that happens is for a reason! It was a scary way to find God. But at least I found him and I'm safe and well along with the boy.

When I was in 4th grade I went to Camp Geneva for 5 days. There I learned how mush God loves me and how he is constantly watching me. I liked the thought that God is always there for me. To know he is keeping me safe. But it saddens me that he is also there to see me sin. It's probably like a slap in the face to. I can only imagine how insulted he must be when I accidentally cuss, lie, or do something wrong in front of him. From there on I tried my hardest to contain my anger, envy, and greed so God wont have to witness the bad side of me. But I must say, It's very hard to not sin. You do it EVERY DAY! It's almost impossible to please God by not sinning. But If you try at least he knows you are doing your best not to sin.

My Testimony

June 21, 2010

Any pastors, reverends, or priest out there who want to give me pointers. Please all ears! R&R

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