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Her heart was beating mercilessly in her chest, and a wild panic was gripping her very soul. She could feel it tearing. Rip, shred, scratch, maul. She tried to fight it off. She was strong; she wouldn't let this beat her, but she was so small and so weak and so tired. She crumpled to the ground. Who knows? Would it be so terrible to let it take her? To give up and break? To let it win? To admit defeat and forget the goal, the dream? Forget. Was it worth it to fight for something that she had already forgotten? That she no longer knew of or had? She didn't know. She was in such pain, and death looked so comfortable, so peaceful…She wouldn't be the first to drop her fists and spread her arms wide and say "Here! Take me, I'm done! I want it to end!". She wouldn't be the last either, and she knew that there were people waiting for her on the other side. She could be safe and warm and happy. She could leave this cold, searing, evil world behind and join hands with those who had already passed. She could see them now, smiling at her, waiting with arms wide open. She cautiously, slowly began to stretch her hand, but she felt a sharp tug in her heart. No…this wasn't right.

Then she saw them. Six boys, not yet men standing at the side opposite of the paradise. They called to her desperately, screaming a name that sounded so familiar and so right even though she couldn't remember it. They stretched out their hands as far as they could go, and she was terrified that one of them would stretch too far and tumble off of the dais on which they were standing. She knew what she would have to do if she wanted to return to them. She would have to get off the ground. She would have to stand up and face the monster before her and battle it. And win. There would be no other way if she wanted to stand on that side and escape the dark abyss she was drowning in. She glanced toward the other side, the one she could join with absolutely no effort. It would be so easy…She wrapped her hands around her head to give her some sort of protection from the blow that she knew was coming, but she didn't stand up. What was the point?


At that sound, she instinctively rolled away, dodging the monster's blow. It took another step towards her, and she got to her feet and looked defiantly into his eyes. Inside, however, she was confused. Wasn't that what she wanted? Death? He raised his arm again, ready to kill her, and she leapt away and, to her surprise and horror, kicked him in the shins. Why was she fighting back? She felt her fear rise to a peak as the monster glared at her in anger, but something refused to let her back down. Something refused to let her give up. Why wouldn't it let her die?

"Because they changed you…" a voice said inside her head

She growled and rolled her eyes. Damn rich bastards, she thought as she ducked another offensive blow to the head.