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Ugh, my favorite sound in the whole world. My mother's screeching voice at eight o' clock in the morning. If I wanted to wake up and rehearse, I would! I wish I could tell her that. But when you have a "Broadway Mom", you really don't have a choice but to sing your heart out every other day with your stuffy vocal coach. What a loser that guy is. Teaching a sixteen-year-old how to sing…some career move, buddy. Half an hour later, I put my hair up in the messiest bun I've ever seen and march downstairs wearing a lacy tank top and Juicy Couture sweats. My mom hates when I don't dress up for my vocal lessons. She pays him though, so why should I dress up? So this outfit will be just the thing to piss her off.

At the bottom of the stairs I see my mom pacing. Not a good sign. Her head is in her hands and it looks like she's been crying. I can't imagine that I've done something bad enough to make her cry. I start trying to remember the things I'd done lately. Nothing incredibly bad comes to mind.

"Mom, is everything alright?" I ask in the most endearing tone.

"Sweetie, I have bad news. My agent says I've gotten 'too old' for show biz. He's dropping me as a client, which means I can't show my face around New York anymore. You understand how embarrassing that would be, don't you dear?" she replies. I don't exactly see where she's going with this, but I play along.

"Of course, Mom. Everyone would know you had to leave the business."

"I'm so lucky to have such an understanding daughter! Ok, so you start packing and…"

"PACKING? No, no, no! Mom! I have to stay here. Where I have friends and…and what about my tutoring? I'm not leaving Mom!"

"Sweetie, we have no choice. Tonight, we're leaving the city and moving to Ohio." She must have seen the fuming rage in my face because she said, "Oh honey, you'll love it. I've already got my people buying a house for us. And you'll be enrolled at "William McKinley High School." A public school! Oh think of all the kids you'll meet! Plus, my good friend Will is trying to organize a glee club! You can sing with other kids! You're going to love a new life, Rachel. Think of it as playing a new role!"

"Sure Mom. Whatever you say."

My name is Rachel Corcoran, and my life just got turned upside down.