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Full Summary of Arabella Serene Volturi: Bella has been keeping a secret from the Cullen's. She isn't who she says she is. Rather, her name isn't Isabella Marie Swan; no, it's Arabella Serene Volturi. So what is her real identity then? Princess Arabella of Volturi, mate of Alec.

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Arabella Serene Volturi

Created By: Nyx Pax
Chapter One: Who am I?
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Was this absolutely necessary? I thought to myself as I ran through the streets of Volterra.

Slowly I could feel my body pick up speed as I neared the familiar looking clock tower. There he is! My eyes widened as I saw him edge near the light, with the shadows covering his body. At that precise moment I didn't care about anything or anyone but Edward. Pushing past humans with their red cloaks on, I started to run through a fountain, I screamed out his name, "Edward!"

Using my hidden strength, I managed to push Edward back behind him, back into the shadows. I took one breathe after another; my body wasn't exactly use to something like this, at least when I was in my human form.

"Bella?" I heard him whisper out, as I gazed my eyes into his.

"Are you crazy?" I almost growled out.

"What?" This time I did growl.

"Are you freaking crazy!" I repeated, emphasizing every word.

When he didn't answer me, I continued on with my rant.

"You could have exposed yourself!" I shouted at him.

Was he dense in the head? Did he have a death wish? Wait…scratch that, he did certainly want to die. Hence why I had to travel half way across the world just to save him!

"Bella…you—you're alive…" He trailed off, taking in every detail of my face, as he caressed my cheeks over and over again.

I so desperately wanted to smack the living daylights out of him. Yet I didn't, instead I pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately. At that exact moment, both Edward and I did not realize they had an audience, until someone had cleared their throat.

I felt Edward pull away from the kiss, as I moaned from the separation. I watched as he pushed himself in front of me, as to shield me away from those who were in front of us.

I inwardly growled at the sudden movement. Did he not realize that I could protect my own self? Oh wait…he doesn't know I'm a vampire…

More importantly, he doesn't realize precisely who I am.

Who am I, you ask?

I am Arabella Serene Volturi, daughter of Caius, niece of both Aro and Marcus. Yes, the exact same three kings of the vampire world; although, I am mostly known as the Princess of Volturi.


How do you all like it? I've read stories with Bella as the daughter of Aro or the daughter of Marcus, but I hardly recall any stories with Bella being the daughter of Caius. So I thought what the heck? Why don't I try it out, so I do hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter of ASV. Also, I'm sorry that is so short.