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Full Summary of Arabella Serene Volturi: Bella has been keeping a secret from the Cullen's. She isn't who she says she is. Rather, her name isn't Isabella Marie Swan; no, it's Arabella Serene Volturi. So what is her real identity then? Princess Arabella of Volturi, mate of Alec.

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Arabella Serene Volturi

Created By: Nyx Pax
Chapter Five: Lost Children
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I ran.

I ran for my life.

I didn't know where I was going. I had no intention in stopping actually, although I probably would stop if I came across the wide open sea. Then again, I might have been tracked so if I stopped there…would they end up catching me?

Growling in frustration, I knew instantly who to blame. The mind reader of a certain coven; if he hadn't been so foolish enough to go to my home, my SANCTUARY I probably wouldn't be running right now. Actually, I probably wouldn't have almost blown up the very people that I call a family.

As if I didn't have control of my actions, a sudden scream filled the air. Birds cawed out of fright not knowing where the sound came from. The birds flipped their wings as they all scattered around the forest area. Instantly, my instincts took over as I headed towards the scream. It sounded so sweet, so magnificent, so delicious…I licked my lips as venom started to drip from my mouth as I imagined the scenario that awaited me.

The colors green and brown all in different shades passed me as I ran towards the area of the scream. My eyes suddenly turning black as more and more thoughts went through my head. A low growl was building up in my throat at my sudden meal. Suddenly the smell hit me; it smelt so fresh as if the wound of my victim was just made.

As I ran, I could not help but wonder why was a human out in the woods so far away from the city? Where I was at, it was too far and dangerous for ordinary human hikers to take especially those that are out camping here in the woods. My curiosity got bigger and bigger as I neared the area from which I heard the screaming coming from.

Not too long after, I started to arrive at the area, I could smell fresh tears, looking around I saw a woman beaten up very badly. I bit back a gasp as I saw the multiple bite marks on her body. No human should endure a bite mark. Once our venom entered their bloodstream it was like a massive virus entering a computer. Slowly taking their mark onto the computer's hard drive then boom! There went the computer.

Ironically, that did happen to Felix computer or so long ago, when I first had introduced him to the luxury of having a computer. Quite a funny sight really, but back to the situation at hand. I took a step towards the beaten up body and before I knew it, something had grabbed my legs and started to hit me. My instincts told me to throw whatever was hitting on me away from me and drain it, but my mind said otherwise. I looked down, as I cleared my thoughts.

This time a gasp did escape from me. A boy that didn't even look the age of twelve was hitting me, while tears were streaming down his face. I knew he was not the only one who was in this area with me, for I did hear another heartbeat, but the question was where?

Slowly, I lowered my body to face him, as I did that I made sure to grab his arms and restrain him from hitting me more. For a young boy, he sure could hit hard, I give him prompts although I could barely feel it.

"You can't hurt my mama!" He cried out, I honestly felt sorry for the kid.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to." Reassuring him was probably the only thing I could do right now, as he was still trying to hit me even though I was restraining him.

As he heard this, he slowly huffed and puffed and his hitting tantrum was starting to slow down too. A sudden movement caught my attention, as I pushed the kid behind me, I got into a defensive crouch and growled menacingly at whoever or whatever was approaching. My growling however did stop as I heard a frantic heartbeat coming from the movement. The young boy behind me ran towards the movement crying out, "Scarlet!"

In my mind, I growled, I shouldn't be in this position right now. I needed to feed and being near this child and his already dead mother was not helping me. Faintly, I did wonder where the offender had run off too, what if the attacker that had attack the child's mother was still around? My eyes widened at that thought. There was nothing I could do right now, except get this kid to safety and whoever this kid was referring too, maybe a sister perhaps?

The kid came back with a little girl clinging to his shirt desperately. Oh boy, the little girl didn't even look a day over four years old. What kind of vampire would kill a mother then leave these two kids alone? A sick and twisted one that's what, I mean seriously…I know vampires are suppose to be mean and vicious but to leave two defenseless children in a forest filled with who knows what? That's just low even for a hungry vampire.

My eyes glazed over, as I smelt their blood, this was definitely going to be hard. I needed to dispose of their mother's dead body and get these kids to safety, while trying not to kill them. They were too young to kill and I never ever drank from children. It felt so wrong and improper by draining them of their live at such a young age.


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