Hey guys! Ok so, I had to remove two of my stories :( so I decided to start a new one to try and make up for it. This is my idea so please let me know what you think. Should I continue?


Chapter 1

Six months ago Bella Swan moved to Forks and completely shocked everyone. Being the police chief's daughter people expected a good, well behaved girl to set the right example…was she fuck.

Bella Sawn was 17 years old and just out of boot camp not new or improved. If anything she was worse than before and her mother died a year ago so she was shipped to Forks instead.

She was meant to be disciplined and basically like a soldier but she was the opposite. She referred to male teachers etc as "Sir" out of habit but was no more respectful than that.

On her first day she made herself recognised as someone not to be fucked with. She got herself suspended from school the first 5 minutes by punching Lauren Mallory, one of the schools so called "Popular" kids.


Bella was walking down the hallway and everyone was staring at the new girl. She was dressed in army combats with black over the knee boots and a dark green wife beater. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail with three dog tags hanging from her neck on one chain and you could tell she was not to be messed with…if you had a brain that is.

Lauren Mallory, Jessica Stanley and Tanya Denali walked up to her, getting right in her face while Bella looked bored.

"Well girls look at the new girl. Just out of boot camp I see, I mean come on like what are you like wearing Isabella?" Lauren sneered as the other two simply nodded in agreement having used their brain too much for one day already.

Bella looked at her emotionlessly as everyone had crowded around to watch. Faster than anyone could register – I'm guessing she's had lots of practice – she drew her fist back and smacked Lauren right on the nose breaking it instantly.

Everyone gasped at the scene before them as Bella looked down at her completely ignoring what she had said about her clothes and said "It's Bella" and then stepped over her continuing down the hall.

End Flashback

She was suspended for a week after that. When she finally got back to school she didn't want to be in any groups or gangs, she thought it was pointless but when she made friends with Peter and Charlotte the only way to hang with them was to join James' gang and so she did albeit reluctantly.

Her gang consists of James, Victoria, Laurent, Irena, Cauis (those five are the worst breaking the law etc) Peter, Charlotte, Alec and Jane (those guys aren't so bad). Every male in her group is in love with her…seriously. Peter is with Charlotte though because he knows that even though he's in love with Bella he belongs with Charlotte…he's smart.

The day she punched Lauren Mallory, her first day at Forks high, the second she stepped into the school was when she first caught my eye.

I am Forks' bad boy you could say. Some may think its James but no…he's dangerous I'm…less dangerous. It's ironic that I would want Bella since she's been crowned Forks' bad girl even though she couldn't give a fuck about the title.

My gang consists of non law breakers. Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Alice, Marcus, Angela, Ben, Jacob and Kate (Ps Marcus is Bella's cousin). Everyone in my gang tend to steer clear of Bella's since they are worse than us even though we run a close second. The only difference really is that they break the law from time to time.

Anyway I have wanted Bella for the last six months. My gang have their suspicions since I'm always watching her…not in a stalker's way. Bella has failed to notice the attention she gets from boys, she's the unattainable girl because every single fucker is too shit scared to approach her.

I need a way to get to know her before our gangs find out other wise there really is no point. Bella Swan has secrets and for some reason I feel the need to learn them all and help her through it.

This has never happened to me before; girls tend to fall at my feet since I'm the bad boy and all that. I, Jasper Whitlock, have never had to work for a girl's attention…

But I know this time I will.