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Chapter 8

It was a few weeks later when the shit really started to hit the fan. Jasper had somehow managed to convince Bella that she should hang out with his friends and get to know them. She thought it was fucking ridiculous but she was doing it anyway for him. When the fuck did she turn into that girl?

"Seriously? This is a joke Jasper" Bella said as they walked along the street late at night towards the park where they were going to meet his friends.

"Bella, they're my mates you're gonna have to at least tolerate them" Jasper said softly.

She looked at him raised eyebrow "Yeah? What about mine?" she asked and he frowned "That's what I thought. Your friends hate me Jasper just like you know mine aren't huge fans of you" she stated.

"Ok point taken. But my friends are more…open to the idea than yours" he said.

"I doubt that. Rosalie hates my guts and the feeling is mutual Jazz" she rolled her eyes.

"Ok, Rosalie is a bit…"

"She's a bitch" Bella stated and Jasper sighed.

"The others will be ok though. Only Peter and Charlotte looked like they'd be able to stand my presence" Jasper told her.

"Well, what did you expect? That we'd get together and suddenly everyone would love each other?" she asked him raising an eyebrow again.

He shrugged "Well no…but still, this is fucking insane" he ran a hand through his hair.

"Look, they've went so long hating each other that the two of us being together isn't going to change that Jazz. It's not like it's our fault" she soothed a little.

"Yeah, but how fucked up is it that we actually hate to split our time? Never be around each other and our friends at the same time? It's so ridiculous, they need to get over it for fuck's sake" Jasper ranted.

"Ok, you're gonna want to breathe there" she teased lightly and he sighed relaxing his shoulders.

"Thank you for trying this though" he said quietly then as he paused briefly and she turned to him.

"Yeah, yeah" she muttered but he just smiled at her and captured her lips with his. She relaxed into the kiss and let him pull her closer as she sucked his lip between hers. His tongue was prodding at her lips then and they kissed with a slow building passion until she stepped back.

"If we're doing this I don't want to prolong it" she said and he nodded.

"Ok, let's go" he agreed.

When they got to the park there seems to be an extra person. Bella was about to ask Jasper who else had tagged along when she pulled him to an abrupt stop. He turned to her confused but she put a hand over his mouth to shut him up.

"That man has soldier attire on" she said quietly to him and his confusion cleared as he looked over at them again.

Bella looked around and saw that there were two other men coming towards the group. Bella and Jasper were hiding around the side of a building right now so they had gone unnoticed so far.

She saw that each man held knives and her stomach dropped. They really would kill these teenagers just to get to her. They were going after Jasper's friends as a warning. They knew she cared for Jasper and Jasper cared for them so this was her only warning before people she cared about started to get hurt.

"Jazz" she whispered and he looked at her trying to calm the panic rising in him "You're about to see the worst part of me and I…I'm sorry" she said softly as she pulled two knives from her boots and his face cleared of confusion as his eyebrows rose and panic set in again.

"Stay here…please" she said before she quietly made her way forward towards the group in the park.

"Hey man, this is got nothing to do with us" Emmett said to the man in front of them.

"You're just casualties" he stated coldly.

"What do you want from Bella anyway?" Rosalie asked surprisingly as though she seemed to care for Bella.

"She's the best, and we need the best" one of the men coming from behind said and they whipped around. They looked back and forth between the three men holding knives and they knew that were trapped.

"You're her cousin" the third man stated looking at Marcus.

He swallowed but nodded "I am" he confirmed.

"Even better" he replied lifting his knives.

As the man came towards Marcus with his knives the gang all stepped back trying to get away from him. As the knives came down towards Marcus a figure jumped in the way and the clanging sound of weapon against weapon was heard.

"Bella?" Angela gasped quietly.

"Cadet Swan" one of the men nodded.

"Yeah asshole" she spat "You wanna see just how bad I can get? Just how cold I can be when you fuck with me?" she questioned and raised her knives up "Can't say I didn't warn you" she raised an eyebrow at them.

Jasper quickly joined the gang and they were all pretty sure about what was going to happen. They knew Bella was saving them but the way she had to do it…it was scary as fuck.

Bella took in a deep breath as they spread out around her. She briefly closed her eyes to centre herself before she heard the running footsteps from behind her.

She didn't move until the last second when she shot down into a crouch while turning and slashing the dagger though the man's stomach. As he swayed she brought the other dagger up and repeated the motion causing him to fall to the ground bleeding out. That was the easy one because she caught them by surprise, it'll be harder now. The gang were literally holding their breaths waiting for their next moves and hoping to whatever fucking god was out there that Bella won.

As the second man ran at her she side stepped him and brought her dagger back around slashing his shoulder. Their next movements were fast, their daggers clashing as one attacked and the other defended until eventually Bella fell down onto one knee but didn't let her guard down. She instead turned her body to kick him in the stomach and as he hunched over she brought both daggers up to his chest and crossed her arms over stabbing him with them both and then ripping them across, leaving an X on his chest as he fell dead on the ground.

The last man looked slightly less cocky than he had a few minutes before but he stepped forward nonetheless. This fight was the fastest; they were never still, their feet always stepping to accommodate their move, their daggers clashing continuously. The man grabbed her wrists and swung one of his at her neck but she bent herself backwards so it flew above her face. They were pretty evenly matching until he took a cheap shot kicking her shin and then slashed her stomach and she fell to her knees. Jasper took an instinctual step forward but was stopped when Jacob put his hand on his shoulder. The soldier looked smug now as he raised his daggers again but Bella was not about to die by his fucking hand. Both her hands shot up with her daggers and she crossed them at his neck before slicing them over his neck. The blood poured out of him as he fell to the ground and he too died on the floor.

The group were frozen for a few moments. When Bella groaned Jasper snapped out of his frozen state and hurried over to her. The rest of the gang looked around wide eyed not really sure what they were supposed to think.

"Bella? Babe, you ok?" he asked her.

"I was just fucking slashed Whitlock" she moaned.

He cringed "Right, sorry…we gotta go" he said "Come on baby" he urged as he slowly helped her to her feet.

"Wh…what do we do about…" Edward gestured to the park.

"Leave it…there's no evidence that it could've been any of us. Besides, I'm sure the black ops will send someone to clean up before anyone gets the chance to see it" Bella breathed.

"Uh…you…you should get medical help" Alice stuttered.

"Can't, they'll need details" she shook her head as Jasper rubbed her back.

"You could…I mean, I suppose you could come to mine to get cleaned up" Emmett said.

"His folks aren't home" Jacob added his heart rate calming slightly.

"Thank you" Bella said painfully.

"Come on" Rosalie said and took Emmett's hand to lead the group away from the scene.

"Don't think you've scared me away Swan, cause that's not gonna happen" Jasper whispered against her ear as he started to support her to Emmett's house.

Bella closed her eyes momentarily before she sucked in a deep breath and forced herself to move her feet.

Yeah, the shit has really started to hit the fan now.

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