Harley Potter and The Sorcerers Stone

The Girl Who Lived

Chapter Nineteen

A Prank For Old Times Sake

June 11th

8:38 am.

Harley awoke the next morning asleep on the cold stone floor in front of the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room. She yawned tiredly and looked around the room with bleary eyesight. She was rather uncomfortable lying down on the floor of the common room. She rose up slowly from the floor while using her hands to keep her propped up. She grabbed her glasses and looked down to see Fred and George asleep beside her. She yawned again and blinked her eyes rapidly as she tried to recall what happened the night before. A smirk graced her lips as she recalled the prank they did. "Oh yes, this is going to be awesome." She muttered to herself. She stood up from the floor and off of the cold stone flooring. She quickly wiped her hands onto her pants before running a hand through her hair. "Fred…George." She called, lightly kicking each boy in the sides. Fred and George awoke sleepily and looked around the deserted common room.

"What…what time is it?" Fred yawned with a shake of his head.

"Nine. It's almost breakfast and we should be seeing the school soon." She snickered. Fred and George smiled at each other and then up at Harley. Yes, they couldn't wait to see what everyone reacted.

"Morning Harley. Morning Fred, George." Hermione stated as she walked down into the common room. "What have you been up to?" Hermione questioned. Looking at the disheveled state of the three.

"Nothing." The three of them stated at the same time. They looked innocently at Hermione who glared at them suspiciously.

"Right." Hermione muttered with a shake of her head.

"Morning." Ron yawned as he came into the common room. Everyone's things had been packed and ready to go.

"You guys hungry? I'm a bit hungry." Harley stated. She walked towards the common room portrait and made her way out.

The group sat at the table. Waiting for everyone else to appear for breakfast before they left at lunch to head home for summer break. As the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and rest of Gryffindor house began to appear, almost everyone noticed the Slytherins hadn't. Fred, George and Harley continued to glance at the Great Halls doors, waiting for the Slytherins to come in. A few minutes passed before they heard the loud sound of outrage from the Slytherins. The house stepped in, colored in red and gold skin. As they sat at their table they glared over at the snickering tables. Soon breakfast began as normal when the sound of a pig snorting echoed the hall. Silence settled as everyone turned to look at the Slytherin table. Laughter began to echo in the hall as different animal sounding Slytherins jumped up in outrage. Each angry yell sounded like an angry pig, cow, horse, chicken, rooster and many other farm animals.

The Great Hall broke out into outrageous laughter as they all pointed and gasped at the Slytherins. Harley glanced around the hall with mirth filled eyes as she too laughed loudly. Teachers quickly rushed to the panicking and frustrated animal sounding students. Looking to the teachers table Harley noticed Professor Dumbledore chuckling to himself with amused sparkling blue eyes. The Headmaster looked to Harley and gave a wink, making her laugh harder as she looked back to the Slytherins. As the teachers tried to, without affect, change the students back to normal, the rest of the school continued to gasp for breath as the fell into laughing fits.

Harley gasped for breath as she wiped her face from the tears of laughter that had built in her emerald green eyes. She glanced to Fred and George and spoke. "We should defiantly try to do this every year at the end of the year." She stated with a laugh. The Weasley twins nodded their heads in agreement. Yes, this would be their thing that the three friends would do, or try to at least. She glanced at Ron to see him cracking up and Hermione who had a smile on her face.

"Did you do this?" Hermione questioned over the animal noises that got louder anytime one of the Slytherins yelled. Harley just smiled at her friend and gave a shrug. Ron looked to Harley and his brothers and spoke.

"That was awesome." Ron exclaimed.

"We know!" The three pranksters chorused.

Harley sat staring out the window of the Hogwarts Express. Students from Hogwarts still continued to talk about the prank that had occurred only hours ago. The raven-haired girl laid her head against the window of the Express as she stared out into the blurred scenery. Ron and Hermione sat across from her. For most of the train ride, the students, beside the Slytherins, had congratulated her on her great and rather amusing prank. She did feel rather amused and proud of herself for helping Fred and George come up with the ideas for the prank. "What do you plan to do this summer Harley?" Ron questioned. Harley raised her head from the window and shrugged.

"I don't know. I'll probably just keep myself busy like usual. So I don't have to spend much time at the Orphanage." She replied. She ran a pale hand through her unruly hair in thought as she looked back out the window. The movement of hair from her forehead gave her friends a view of her lightening bolt scar.

"You can always come over if you want Harley. My parents would love to have you over and meet you." Hermione stated with a smile. Harley gave a grin to her friend. She liked the idea of perhaps hanging out with her best friends this summer. It'd be nice to get away from the Orphanage and just be a normal child instead of some maid.

"I'd love to." Harley replied. She was pleased that her friends were thoughtful enough to think of inviting her over to their houses this summer.

"My parents would love to meet you too. I've told my parents loads about you." Ron stated with a grin as he looked to his best friend. Harley continued to smile and nod her head.

"I'd love to go over to your house too Ron." She stated with a smile.

The train ride didn't take long to end. After four hours of riding, they had finally reached the train station. Harley picked her trunk up and grabbed her owl cage where Hedwig sat sleeping peacefully, undisturbed by the sudden movement. Making her way off the train she hopped down and onto the platform. Families stood scattered amongst the platform, anxiously awaiting their children to get off the train. Harley felt a slight depression settle as her eyes wandered around the platform. She saw thrilled students hug their happy mothers and fathers who hugged them just as tight in reply, as well as giving them kisses. With a sigh Harley pushed off this nostalgic feeling and followed after Ron and Hermione. Together, the three friends walked over to the barrier and noticed Hermione's parents standing off to the side, near the barrier. Ron's parents also stood to the side, near Hermione's parents who stood conversing with Percy and his twin brothers. "My mum is probably going to kill me when I get home. She heard all about what happened." Ron stated with a frown. "Especially the whole dragon biting me thing and you two risking yourselves to deliver it. Charlie wrote her about it." He explained to his two best friends.

Harley smiled in amusement at the dread filled look on her friends face.

"What about you Mione? Did you tell your parents?" Harley questioned with a quirk of her eyebrow and a smirk of amusement.

"I didn't tell my parents anything. I'm sure if I did…they'd never let me go back to school." Hermione explained with a shake of her head and a smile.

"What about you Harley. Are you doing to tell the head of the Orphanage?" Ron questioned.

Harley shook her head. "No, I'm sure if I did. She and the staff would just be disappointed that what happened this year didn't kill me." She replied with a shrug. Hermione and Ron frowned at their friend and sighed. They wished they could help her some how. "Anyways, I best get going. I have a long walk to the Orphanage." She stated. "I'll write you guys and keep you updated." Hermione pulled Harley into her arms and hugged her tightly. After she pulled away, Ron grabbed her and pulled her into a hug as well.

"We'll write you everyday or every few days. Especially if we don't hear from you." Hermione stated firmly. "Right Ron?" Hermione questioned the red haired boy.

"Right. We'll keep in touch." Ron replied with a nod. "Great prank, again." Ron congratulated with a large grin.

"Thanks." She stated with a laugh. She waved and smiled at the other Weasleys who looked to her. "Hey Twin-A-Likes!" She called out to the boys with a laugh. The twins looked to Harley with a raise of their eyebrows. "Thanks for the prank products. It'll help keep the others from the Orphanage from getting into my stuff." She hollered over to them.

"You're welcome!" The boys chorused. Harley smiled in amusement as their mother began to tell her sons off for giving her their prank products to protect her things.

"Come on Harley, I want you to meet my mum and dad." Hermione grabbed Harley's arm and dragged her over to where her parents stood looking around the platform warily. "Mom, Dad. This is Harley Potter. My best friend." Hermione spoke. She was close enough for her parents to hear her. The Grangers smiled as they meet the two girls part way.

"This is the same girl we heard all about in your letter?" Mrs. Granger questioned her daughter. "My little Mione has a friend." Mrs. Granger stated happily. "This is splendid. Isn't it Dan?" Mrs. Granger questioned her husband with a smile.

"It is Sarah. Our little girl is growing up." Mr. Granger replied to his wife. Hermione blushed and looked away muttering to herself. Harley smiled with delight and awe at the family.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger." Harley stated. She held out her hand and shook their hands.

"Mum I was wondering if we could drop Harley off at the Orphanage? She has to walk home if we don't." Hermione stated to her mother.

"Of course dear. You can come over as much as you like as well." Mrs. Granger replied as she led the two children out of the train station and towards their car. "It's so nice to have someone for my little Hermione to talk to. At that school of hers Hermione didn't have many friends. They all thought of her a geek or too weird for their taste." Sarah Granger explained with a sigh and shake of her head.

"Thank you Mrs. Granger, Mr. Granger. For dropping me off at the Orphanage and allowing me to stay over sometime this summer." Harley stated politely. She rather liked these adults. They were different from all the other adults she had meet so far. "I know how Hermione feels. I wasn't exactly treated kindly." The girl replied to Sarah's remark on Hermione.

"It's no problem dear. Any friend of my Hermione is always welcome. We're just so happy she has a new friend." Mrs. Granger explained as she got her husband to place the girl's things in the trunk, except for Harley's owl, Hedwig, in which Harley held in her lap. Sarah tisked at Harley's statement and shook her head. "Children these days, always so cruel to their friends. But I'm just glad you two girl found friendship in each other. I hope you two spend as much time together as possible during the summer. I'd love to get to know more about you Harley dear." Sarah stated as she slid into the passenger side of the car. "Isn't the right Dan?" Hermione's mother questioned her husband who had slid into the driver side of the car. Putting on their seatbelts they started the car and pulled out of the parking spot.

"That's right Sarah." Dan replied with a smile. "We'd love to have you over Harley. We're more than willing to pick you up if you two girls ever want to spend time together or have a sleep over." Dan stated as he looked into the rearview mirror and to the two girls that sat in the backseat. Harley and Hermione smiled at each other and then at her parents. Harley really liked her best friends parents. They were so kind and nice. She wondered if her parents would have been like the Grangers. With another smile to herself Harley looked out the window and at the buildings and people that blurred by, a content feeling settled over her as she listened to the Granger's converse with each other. At the sound of her name being called, Harley turned and gave a smile at her best friend before she began to have a discussion with the small family.

Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad after all.

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