AN: Written for nineshadows, reposted for Tiy.

In Praise of the Older Man.

All her life she'd been told she was an old woman trapped in a young woman's body. And maybe, just maybe, after hearing it for so long, she'd begun to believe it.

It would certainly explain her current situation.

Twenty going on forty-five, meet forty-five going on twenty. Hi, how are you? Looking pretty good there, I must say. Oh, am I in your lap? Oh, is this your office? Your chair? And oh, is that a machine gun in your pocket or are you in denial, Mr. President?

A groan. "Quistis, I'm too old for you. You need me like a fish needs a bicycle." His hands, however, had yet to stop their wandering.

She smiled in triumph. "Laguna, sometimes even fish know a good ride when they see one."