A/N: This was just some random idea that popped into my head this morning and, well, to put it bluntly I became obsessed with it. Set in Armada-verse, although at what time I have no clue. I also have no clue if I'll ever finish this, since this story was spawned randomly. So, just have fun reading it!

Demolishor scowled at the monitor in front of him, his optics fixed on the screen. Why did he have to pay attention to the human news again? Oh right, because Megatron said that the humans, however stupid they might be, could potentially give out some information that may be valuable to the Transformers, whether the fleshbags knew it or not. Such as suspicious activity that could be Autobots at work, or anything pointing to the location of a Mini-Con. And of course Demolishor had to be the one who had this particular job dumped on him. True, he was good at monitor duty, but even the loyal Decepticon could see that it was largely a waste of time yet he still carried it out because he was entirely too loyal to say otherwise. Such was his life, he supposed.

It wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that the Decepticons had recently gotten back a from a battle. A battle that they lost. Demolishor was the only one not horrible injured because he hadn't been an idiot and stepped into the obvious Autobot trap. Not that Megatron was an idiot, of course, he had simply been paying too much attention arguing with Starscream and had not noticed the trap until too late. Stupid Starscream, distracting Megatron like that.

Demolishor rubbed a particularly sore spot in the crook of his left arm. A shot had only clipped it, thankfully, but it still stung even after an hour of it happening. The tank found it even more interesting than the human news channel, as odd as that was. The humans were only talking about (vague) descriptions of some commotion going on inside of an abandoned factory and odd lights being seen through the windows of the factory. Really all of their theories were way off and it was almost sickening to see how ignorant the humans could be sometimes.

"Um, Demolishor?"

For once Demolishor was glad for Cyclonus' timely interruption. He was slightly puzzled by Cyclonus' voice though; he would have called it timid if it were anyone else. Curious, he swiveled his chair to face him. The gunner was leaning around the doorway, only half of him visible. In the length of a second he quickly swept his gaze over Cyclonus' body, making sure that his injuries were healing up properly. There were visible weld marks and patches of newer-looking armor that covered up burn marks, but other than that he looked relatively fine.

Cyclonus caught Demolishor's examination, as brief as it was. He grinned, his mouth shaking just a little. "Hey, relax Demolishor. I wasn't that bad, I had Megs and Screamer in front of me to take most of the hits."

Demolishor growled just a little when he heard Cyclonus say "Megs" in front of Megatron. The helicopter had an annoying habit of making up nicknames for everyone he knew, and so far Demolishor had the most, which he wasn't quite sure was a good thing or not. "What do you want?" He asked.

Cyclonus grinned and ducked his head, suddenly very interested in scraping his pede against the floor. He shuffled into the doorway a little more, and Demolishor noticed that his arms were hidden behind his back. The action faintly alarmed Demolishor and he waited tensely for Cyclonus to answer him. After a few very long moments Cyclonus looked up again, but he wore an expression that was...sheepish, for lack of a better word. But that couldn't possibly be right because Cyclonus was never sheepish. Ever. "Could I, um, borrow a box or something from you Demolishor?" He asked. Was that uncertainty in his tone?

Normally Demolishor would have not thought much of it. But he was far from stupid, and definitely knew something was up. First off, Cyclonus was never sheepish. Second, Cyclonus was never uncertain about anything. The request was not wholly unusual, Demolishor would have assumed Cyclonus was using it for one of his stupid pranks if he saw the telltale mischievous glint in the gunner's optics, which was not present now. "Sure thing." Demolishor said and watched Cyclonus' shoulders slump with - relief? "What for?" His suspicious were only doubled as Cyclonus stiffened at the question.

"Um...well, y'see..." Cyclonus trailed off. He cleared his air vents and looked like he wanted to start again, but was fumbling for the right words. "I erm, need to use it."

Demolishor rolled his optics. "No slag, dumaft." He snapped, causing Cyclonus to grin. "What do you need it for?" Once again Cyclonus' grin faded. Demolishor would have sworn to Primus that the mech looked nervous. Cyclonus stayed silent for so long that Demolishor was wondering if he was deliberately not answering him or just couldn't find the right words to say. Demolishor might have just stared him down if he didn't notice Cyclonus' arms shift a little, still hidden behind his back. Cyclonus was trying to be discreet about it, but Demolishor had a quick optic for things. In an instant Demolishor knew he friend was hiding something from him.

"Hey, what the Pit Demolishor?" Cyclonus demanded and he was suddenly dragged fully into the room by the tank. He had been looking at the floor and had not noticed Demolishor get up until Demolishor was standing right in front of him.

Ignoring Cyclonus' outburst, Demolishor smacked his hand against the door panel, shutting the door with a loud clang that made Cyclonus flinch. Pushing a button, he locked the door and then turned his gaze fully onto Cyclonus. "Cyclonus, what's going on?" He asked in a low voice, his optics dark with seriousness.

"N-nothing!" Cyclonus stammered, very unnerved from the look Demolishor was giving him. For some reason, the tank's mismatched optics were the creepiest part, making him look all alien and bug-eyed. One optic was narrowed into a slit and the bigger one glared at him full force. Suddenly Demolishor stepped up real close to him, so they were only inches apart. Startled, Cyclonus tried to back away, but met the wall after half a step. "I swear it's nothing Demolishor!"

Far from stupid, and knowing his comrade far too well, Demolishor knew perfectly well when he was being lied to. "What's behind your back?" he asked, reaching around Cyclonus' waist.

"No!" Cyclonus yelped twisting away and stumbling to the side. Demolishor quickly caught him by pinning him against the wall. "No! You'll crush it!" Cyclonus shouted, his optics filled with...fear? What the hell?

"Crush what?" Demolishor demanded, the anger in his voice falling a little flat in his confusion. Seeing Cyclonus fearful was like...was like seeing Megatron break into the Caramelldansen or watching Starscream be nice. Now he was a little curious, despite himself. What could have Cyclonus so strung up?

The gunner glanced around, as if afraid of being heard. Stupid, of course, but he did it anyway. "Will you not tell anyone?" He asked in a low voice.

That made Demolishor suspicious all over again. If it was something Cyclonus didn't want anyone to know about it couldn't possibly be good. "What is it?" He demanded again.

"Promise you won't tell anyone!" Cyclonus shot back, taking a tiny step back.

Demolishor sighed. "I promise," he muttered. Curiosity and alarm were warring against each other in his head, and much to his anger curiosity was winning. He was spending far too much time with Cyclonus.

Cyclonus echoed Demolishor's sigh. "All right," he said shakily, then took a breath as if to steel himself, then brought his hands out and held the thing in front of him.

Demolishor felt his optics widen and his jaw drop. He had no idea what he had been expecting, but it was certainly not what Cyclonus was currently holding. He probably expected it to be some weird and dangerous object Cyclonus had made or collected again, or something highly illegal, or even a bomb, since all of those had a slight possibility of ending up in Cyclonus' possession. But he was totally floored by the thing looking at him from his friends arms. He worked his mouth for a few seconds, but it took his vocal circuits a moment to make a semi-coherent sentence. "What - is - that?" Were the words he finally managed to gasp out, pointing at the furry mammal in front of him.

Cyclonus looked faintly alarmed at Demolishor's reaction, but he seemed to relax since the yelling or lecturing that he had expected to receive was currently not forthcoming. He looked at the thing in his arms, his gaze oddly affectionate. "I think the flesh creatures call it a 'cat'." He answered, scratching the creature between the ears.

It took a few moments for Demolishor to close his jaw. He stared at the creature, all the while wondering how Cyclonus got it, how he managed to sneak it into the ship without it being noticed, and most importantly why he wanted to keep the thing in the first place. "How did you get it? From what I know, Earth felines are not supposed to be this big." He pointed at the cat again, and his finger got sniffed by it. The cat was indeed huge, it had grown to the size a cat would be compared to a human if the humans were Transformer sized. It had a white and orange fur coloring with wide golden eyes. However, even in its giant size, it seemed rather small for an Earth cat. Why in the world-

"Err, well, I uh, found it." Cyclonus explained, once again fumbling for words. Demolishor did not even need to say anything, he just gave Cyclonus a look that perfectly voice his opinion of the statement. Cyclonus sniggered before going on. "Yeah...y'know that thing we were tryin' to build today? That thingy that was supposed to increase the size of the Mini-Cons so we could use them as soldiers?"

"Yes," Demolishor answered, his mind already knowing where Cyclonus was going with this. "But it was destroyed, remember?"

Cyclonus bobbed his head in a nod. "Yeah, it was, since the three of us got caught in that trap and you were off in the back doing somethin'. Anyways, this thing probably wandered into it before it exploded and got itself super-sized."

For the crazy ideas Cyclonus cooked up, that one sounded fairly plausible. Demolishor nodded, not exactly thinking over Cyclonus' words (not yet anyway) and instead focused on the cat. Oddly it seemed to not mind being held the least bit, Demolishor was hardly an expert in the feelings of felines but he would have sworn that the cat actually looked pleased with all of the attention it was getting. The cat stretched out one creamy white paw and gently tapped the tank's wrist with it, freaking him out. "Aww, it likes you Demolishor!" Cyclonus cooed, rubbing the cat's head and giggling. Demolishor was once again alarmed by his friend's actions. He looked at Cyclonus' face and almost fainted; the gunner had a smile etched on his lips, not mocking or mischievous, just a small, affectionate smile. His optics were a warm green that glowed with an emotion Demolishor had never seen before and never expected to see.

Oh slag. Demolishor thought as he watched Cyclonus. His friend was completely and utterly won over with the cat. Adoration and love showed clearly on his face, making Demolishor's insides knot tightly. Cyclonus made a few incoherent noises, stroking and petting the cat like it was a sparkling.

Not good. Not good at all.

"Sooo, the box Demolishor?" Cyclonus asked, breaking Demolishor out of his thoughts.

"Hmm?" Demolishor asked, unwittingly saying the first thing that popped into his head.

Cyclonus sighed and rolled his optics. "The box Demmy, the box I asked you for. Can I have it?"

Demolishor didn't really know what to do. Keeping the cat was not the best of ideas, but he couldn't find it in his spark to tell his friend no. Or rather, he couldn't tell the cat no, not when it had those huge eyes and those cute little ears - No, no, NO! Stop that RIGHT NOW! His inner voice screamed, destroying those dangerous thoughts immediately. "Um, sure you can Cyclonus."

Cyclonus gave a little 'squee' noise that Demolishor thought was entirely impossible to make, since he had only seen teenage human females capable of producing such a squealing noise. He looked very much like he wanted to hug Demolishor, but he still had the kitty in his arms and did no such thing. "Thanks Demmy!" The helicopter shouted, running out of the room to no doubt invade Demolishor's. He almost forgot to hide the cat again. Demolishor was left staring at the closing door, wondering if he just did the right thing.

Note: Oddly enough, I can completely envision Cyclonus squeeing like a anime Japanese schoolgirl. As for why the cat seemed "rather small" in its enlarged size, it's barely older than a kitten, which was probably why Cyclonus couldn't resist it.