Mouseygirl: we now come to another exciting installment of…

Penelope: *squeak*

Mouseygirl: That's right! Tikal's guide to Mobius!

Tikal: (holding Penelope) who's a kyoot widdle mousie? You are! You are sooo kyoot!

Mouseygirl: As you can see, I'm letting my pet mouse, Penelope onto the show. For those of you who don't like mice, too bad. I happen to want to be a mouse BREEDER when I get older.

Tikal: I like mice…. And rats… and crickets… and fuzzle…. And goats… and... (keeps naming animals)

Mouseygirl: Okay, shut up now. As previously stated, there really isn't anything she DOESN'T like.

Tikal: …And puppies… and cows… and chickens…. And badgers…. Joe's a badger… I like Joe… and Sonic…. And Shadow…. And Knuckles… (Keeps naming people)

Mouseygirl: … do you know how many GUN soldiers Shadow's killed? And you've said his name three times!

Tikal: They shot at him first…

Mouseygirl: They shot at him!

Tikal: That's very bad.

Mouseygirl: Oh brother…

Penelope: *Squeak*

Mouseygirl: Yeah, I'm gonna move on now.


why name a girl shadow?anyway how about sex,football,and wolves(howls).

Mouseygirl: Well, my brother was the one who named her, and you're asking that to the girl whose mom named her female rats Justin and Oliver. Animals don't care what gender they are!

Tikal: Umm… I dunno, what's that mean, anyways?

Mouseygirl: (whispers in Tikal's ear)

Tikal: Oh, you mean like the one game Knuckles likes to play with me, where he pulls up my skirt cuz I don't wear underwear? It feels gooood.

Mouseygirl: okay, moving on! What about football? I don't care for it, but what's YOUR opinion, Tikal?

Tikal: Umm… football… isn't that the game where people tackle onto other people? Shadow, Sonic and Knuckles really like it. Me and Joe don't cuz the people get hurted in it and that's very bad.

Mouseygirl: Umm… I really don't wanna go through this again, but what about wolves?

Tikal: I like wolves. And bears and cats and fish and Chao and goats and peacocks and sharks and cows and otters and hedgehogs and tenrecs(I was watching Animal Planet on demand, okay?) and lemurs and…

Mouseygirl: Again, there really isn't anything that she hates. Also, me and a friend had a "Tikal Moment" last time she spent that night at my house. Here's how that went:

Sky: (picks up roll of toilet paper and smells it) This smells weird.

Me: (takes it and smells it also) Hmm… you're right, it does.

Sky: Well, that was a Tikal moment…

Mouseygirl: As you can see, I have more than fanfics in my life. Also, Truth or Dare readers, I'll have The Next Sonic: Truth or Dare reposted shortly.


:[ Poor Penelope! I'm sorry. And I kinda feel like a stalker... But your stories are always so good... 0.0 I was actually just thinking about if I was reviewing a little TOO much...

Anywho, whadd'ya think of this word? Waffles.

It's just fun to say! Waffles waffles waffles waffles...

Mousseygirl: I'm the kind of person who gets excited at one review, okay. So review all you want to! I could use it, anyway.

Tikal: Waffles? *giggle* Waffleswaffleswaffleswaffles… (starts dancing around and saying waffles)

Mouseygirl: Umm… okay? I suppose she likes it. HEY! (puts hand in front of Tikal) Do you even know what a waffle is?

Tikal: Nope! :-D

Mouseygirl: (types 'waffle' in Google Images) See?

Tikal: So you DO eat those things on the bottom of shoes!

Mouseygirl: You eat the soles of shoes?

Tikal: Mhn-hm (nodding)

Mouseygirl: *sweat-drop* Umm… that's all we have time for, so bye! R&R, and I'm outta here! (runs away)