May's Expedition 2: Dawn's Choice
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Well, who would've thunk it... but welcome to the sequel of the hilarious 'Pokémon Mystery Dungeon' parody known as "May's Awesomely Youthful and Stupendously Unique Expedition."

If you read the original, which was released in 2007, then you're already bracing yourself for more of the insanity that you loved back then. If you haven't... well, it's not required that it be read beforehand, but there may be a small handful of jokes that you won't get otherwise. I still recommend checking it out... it's worth the time.

As stated above, this is a 'Pokémon Mystery Dungeon' parody. In this case, it's based on the sequel set of games, -Explorers of Time/Explorers of Darkness-. Don't worry if you haven't played them... truth be told, I haven't either. I'm going off some online strategy guides for reference, though I won't stick to the game script 100%. I didn't with the first one, and the same applies here.

This time around, Dawn is the star of the series! Who will she share the spotlight with? Which characters from the anime can you expect to see? Read on and find out...

Disclaimer: The characters of Pokémon and the 'Mystery Dungeon' concept belong to Nintendo and Pokémon USA, not to me.

Prologue (06.21.10)

"Hi! My name is Dawn, and I'm from Twinleaf Town! And this is my story!"

Dawn was sitting on the grass, in front of a camera that was set up on a tripod. Behind her, Brock was busy cooking lunch, while Ash, Pikachu, and Piplup were frolicking about. After looking back at Piplup to make sure he was alright, Dawn turned her attention back to the camera.

"You probably are already aware that I'm a Pokémon Coordinator, and that I'm trying to get to the Grand Festival," Dawn said aloud. "Well, by the time you see this, I'll be world famous! Wow... I can just see it now..."

Age 14

Dawn rejoiced as she stood atop the podium at the Sinnoh Grand Festival, holding up a beautiful multi-color ribbon in her right hand and a sparkling golden trophy in her left. Piplup and Buneary were dancing at her feet, celebrating Dawn's greatest triumph.

"And once again, folks," the PA announcer stated, "this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival Champion... Dawn!"

The sold-out stadium crowd roared with approval, but the loudest cheers and applause were coming from Ash, Brock, Zoey, and Kenny. And with them was Dawn's mom, who could do nothing but shed tears of blissful joy.

"I knew..." she mumbled to herself, "there was no need to worry."

Dawn stood there and let the moment sink in, as the cheering went on for minutes and minutes and minutes...

Age 15

Dawn was sitting inside an office with several Pokémon dress drawings, works-in-progress, and finished products strewn all over the place and hanging on the walls. The door into her office was held wide open, providing a perfect view into the main lobby. And freshly glued onto the door's translucent window was a nameplate that read 'Dawn, Executive Vice President.'

All of a sudden, Zoey ran in, holding a green and a white envelope with the company logo, 'Mon Style.

"Bad, bad news!" Zoey shouted in panic.

"What?" Dawn asked. "The Soothing Jigglypuff designs came back with even more changes?"

"No! Remember when I said earlier today that Hermione wanted that Bodacious Buneary prototype dress in three weeks?"

"Well... yeah..."

"I kinda... goofed. That letter was dated three weeks ago. She wants it on her desk today by five."

"Say WHAT now?"

Age 16

Dawn and Leona were chatting as they walked through the mall. Eventually, they reached their destination, as they saw Ash, Brock, Kenny, and Zoey sitting at their usual table, positioned right next to a giant orange. Dawn stepped behind it and opened it up, as the orange was not only hollow inside, but hosted a small assortment of juice mixing and display apparatus. Dawn put on a white apron that had a small orange stitched on around the chest area, and then followed that up by placing an orange hat on her head. Or rather, half an orange.

"I can't believe I have to work here until I pay off all of those credit cards," sighed Dawn.

"I kept telling you they were for company purchases only," Zoey reminded her. "I still can't believe I got fired along with you."

"No need to worry!" Brock told them. "There's over a hundred stores here in the mall, and I'm sure they're all hiring!"

"You would know," Leona said to him, "given you've probably been fired by most of them."


Dawn shook her head. "This can't get any worse..."

Age 17

It was the night of senior prom, though no one was dancing as the most magical couple in the room stepped into the spotlight. Abba's 'Dancing Queen' began to play as disco-style lights began to filter throughout the room as the couple made their way to center. Dawn was one-half of the golden couple, and she sighed with delight as her mysterious dance partner spun her around and around.

"This is the happiest moment of my life!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Mine too," added her dance partner.

"I must be the luckiest girl in the world... to have you as my date, Mac Afron!"

Suddenly, the music stopped and the lights came up. Dawn turned one way and saw both Kenny and Clarissa Hedgens crying in dismay and sorrow, respectively. She then turned the other and saw Zoey and Tiffany Tisdole seething with anger and feelings of betrayal.

"I guess this isn't a good time to announce I'm in the running for prom queen, huh?" Dawn sheepishly admitted.

Dawn was snapped out of her vision of the future by Piplup, who had gotten worried and had been tugging at Dawn's left sock for a good minute or two now.

"Thanks, Piplup!" Dawn said as she picked Piplup off of the ground. "For a dreamy vision of the future, it sure wasn't all that dreamy."

"Piplup! Pip pip, piplup!"

"What? Oh, yeah! I guess I got a little off-track there."

Piplup nodded in agreement. "Lup."

Dawn turned her attention back to the still-recording camera.

"What I'm actually here to do is to tell you of an interesting side story, one that you'll all love! And better yet, Pokémon USA unofficially approves of it!"


"You see, it starts on a deserted coastline beach..."

"Wingull! Wingull! Wingull!"

Dawn was stirred awake by the sound of a flock of Wingull passing by overhead. As she opened her eyes, she noticed that there was a Torchic sitting on the sand just a few feet away, her beak buried deep in a book.

"What's a Torchic doing all the way out here by itself?" Dawn thought to herself.

Dawn slowly got to her feet, and as she did, the Torchic looked up from her book.

"So, what are doing out of here all by yourself, little one?" Dawn asked the Torchic.

"I could ask you the same question, roly poly!" she replied.

Dawn freaked out, nearly jumping out of her own skin!

"You... you... you... you can talk?"

"Well, yeah! You come from a town of mute Pokémon or something?"

"Pokémon? But I'm not..."

Torchic sighed in disbelief. "I always seem to meet the disbelievers."

She searched her feathers before coming across a small compact mirror, which she pulled out and gave to Dawn. Dawn took the compact and opened it so that she could the mirror, and thusly, a reflection of her face in it.

Her cute, ten-year old human face.

But instead she saw the face of a different cutie. The face of a cutie of a Pokémon.

The face... of a Piplup.

Dawn was stunned speechless, as all of the color disappeared from her puffy penguin face. She stood there for several minutes on end, as Torchic tried to snap her back to reality. But after a few attempts, Torchic shrugged and went back to reading her book.

*** To be continued... ***