May's Expedition 2: Dawn's Choice
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

And so we've reached the end...

Disclaimer: The characters of Pokémon and the 'Mystery Dungeon' concept belong to Nintendo and Pokémon USA, not to me.

Epilogue (09.27.10)

Dawn stood frozen in place, the end inevitable, as one of Primal Pikachu's blasts of thunder was coming down from the sky, heading straight for her head, while May's Flamethrower barreled towards her from the right. She had exhausted her bag of tricks, and she already was seeing her failure as the eradication of the last safety measure keeping the world alive.

But, at the last possible second, Dawn was knocked out of the way, and she flew clear across to the other side of the platform, landing on the ground stomach first and sliding almost all the way to the edge before skidding to a stop just inches short of a descent into nothingness.

Almost immediately afterward, a loud, screeching cry of agony could be heard, as Thunder and Flamethrower struck Dawn's savior simultaneously. At that point, May realized that Dawn had been saved from an apparent death blow, and her rage subsided as she came to realize that her attack, as well as Primal Pikachu's, had hit a different target instead.

That target? Primal Misty.

"What the..."

May watched as Primal Misty winced in pain and dropped to her knees. She had numerous burn marks all over her skin, and electricity was still visibly coursing along the outside of her body, paralyzing her. Primal Misty was still conscious, but she was in no condition to keep fighting, in her delusional thoughts of trying to protect Temporal Tower.

Seeing Primal Misty incapacitated, May turned her attention to Dawn, who was also hurting badly as she tried to use her wings to push herself up off of the ground. May smiled... she was going to get another chance to exact her revenge.

"Do you remember me now?" May asked as she walked towards Dawn. "Huh?"

Dawn managed to get to her feet and shake her head in response.

"I still don't know what you're talking about, May!"

Suddenly, Temporal Tower began to shake violently. Dawn quickly peered over the edge and saw that the tower was starting to sway back and forth, as its foundation was crumbling beneath them. She then turned her gaze up to the sky, and although Primal Pikachu had stopped hurling Thunder at her, he was now firing the large bolts around the tower at random. And then, Dawn turned her attention back to May... who at that moment happened to be walking past a certain burlap sack.

"The Time Gears!" Dawn shouted.

Upon hearing those words, May stopped her march, and looked to her left to see the aforementioned sack on the ground, and one of the Time Gears sticking out of the top.

"Whatever issues we have," Dawn cried out, "can we handle AFTER we save the world? Because I'm pretty sure the apocalypse is now!"

More shaking and swaying caused Dawn to lose her footing and fall flat on her face. Seeing this, May had to make a quick decision... kill Dawn, or save the world.

"You owe me!" May shouted.

May picked up the bag of Time Gears and raced to a jagged pillar in the ground on the other side of the platform as fast as her chicken legs could carry her. On her way over there, May raced by Primal Misty, who couldn't do anything other than watch the end of the world unfold.

May reached the pillar and noticed on the side that there were five indentations in it to fit four gears, though they were all the same size. She pulled one Time Gear out and went to placed it, then did the same for the other three.

"There! That should... what?"

May took another glance at the open sack and realized that there was still one Time Gear left. And the shaking and swaying of the tower hadn't stopped. Nor had the thunder raining down from the dark sky.

"One more? But where?"

May looked at the pillar again, and didn't see room for a fifth gear. That is, until she looked a few feet up, towards the top, and saw a place for a gear to be inserted that she had missed before. May grabbed the last gear and got on her tiptoes, trying to reach up and put the gear into its slot.

But she just couldn't reach it...

"No, no, no, NO!"

Then, without warning, May felt herself being lifted up off of the ground. She glanced down and saw that Dawn had gotten underneath her and had pushed May up so that her feet were now standing on her own shoulders.

"Do it!" Dawn shouted, her wings already quaking under holding May up, "I don't know how long I can hold you... up!"

May didn't waste time with a verbal response, as she took the final Time Gear and, now at the height of the indentation, placed it and then pushed it in. And just in time, too, as Dawn's wings gave out. Dawn fell on her back, and May landed on top of her, leaving both of them staring at each other s feet.

"Did... did we do it?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah," May gasped in exhaustion. "We did it."

The girls had managed to put all of the Time Gears in, which should have stopped the world from self-destructing. But it seemed that nothing had changed. The tower was still teetering towards collapse, and dark clouds still filled the sky.

"It didn't work!" the two girls yelled with distraught.

"Oh, yes it did!"

The two girls turned to look at Primal Misty. Although she had somehow managed to get to her feet, the dark aura that had been surrounding her body had completely disappeared.

"She's white!" Dawn and May shouted in unison. "Does that mean..."

Misty smiled, as her whole body began to sparkle.

"I'm no longer a slave to the darkness," Misty said to them. "Oh, and that the world has been saved from extinction."

Misty then used Roar of Time, growling loud enough for her roars to reverberate not only within the vicinity of the tower, but throughout the whole world. As her powerful time-affected cry made its way to every part of the world, things began returning to normal. The time stream was restored, and areas that had become frozen in time came back to life. Pokémon unlucky enough to be in one of those zones also were able to move again, none the wiser about all the time that had passed in their statue-like state.

At Temporal Tower, all of the rumbling stopped, both in the sky and beneath the girls' feet. The dark clouds dissipated, and with them, Dark Pikachu disappeared. The sun became visible, and its bright rays brightened up the day sky. As for the tower itself, it had been stopped just short of completely falling apart, and thus, it continued to stand, albeit with a weakened foundation that left the tower still fairly unstable.

"We did it!" Dawn and May screamed.

They grabbed each other by the wings and started dancing around in circles.

"We did it, we did it, we did it, we did it..."

But as they danced, the tower shook with every joyful footstep.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Misty yelled at them. "The tower may not be trying to take itself out anymore, but you two might still do the job with your big feet!"

The girls stopped, afraid about dooming the world if their dance of elation had resulted in the weakened tower falling down anyway.

"Temporal Tower will need time to rebuild itself," Misty explained, "but it's out of immediate danger. And for that, I thank you both."

"You're welcome, Misty," May said to her. "And, may I say, it's glad to see you back to your old self again."

"I know, right?" Misty winked back. "Though I still am not quite sure of why I was consumed by the darkness and tried to allow the death of the world to happen."

"I know why."

May turned around and glared at Dawn.

"Now, come on!" Dawn said in her defense. "How was I supposed to know that traveling through time would rip the time-space continuum to the point of destruction?"

"You'd know that if you watched a sci-fi movie!" reprimanded May. "Seriously, don't time travel! It screws over everyone!"

"I guess I learned my lesson."

"Wait!" Misty interrupted. "I was consumed by darkness BEFORE Dawn and Ash went into the past. So she's not ultimately responsible for all of this!"

"Yeah!" Dawn cheered. "So that means May has no reason to kill me anymore!"

"One problem," May growled, "that's NOT why I want to kill you!"

"Wha? Why?"

"Three years ago, when you replaced me in the anime series, you got rid of me by sending me back to the Pokémon world. AGAINST MY WILL!"

"What?" Dawn freaked. "I would never do that!"

"Well, you did! And now, I'm going to get my revenge for that day!"

"By KILLING me? How is that fair?"

May jumped on Dawn and wrapped her hands around the latter's neck. She tried to strangle her to death.

"Die, die, die!"

Dawn's eyes started to roll back, as the final battle had worn her out and she had no strength left to fight back. Luckily for her, Misty came to her rescue, as she trotted over and gently nudged May off of her.

And by nudged, that is to say, head-butted May off of Dawn.

"Alright, knock it off!" Misty shouted.

"What the..." May yelled at Misty. "How can you DEFEND what Dawn did? Besides, don't you have as much a beef as me? You didn't even make it into the original story!"

"That's because I chose to NOT be in it! And besides, the fact that you know that this is all a story means you know it WASN'T Dawn's choice to send you flying off three years ago!"


"She was told to send you back here to the Pokémon World! It was her job! She got paid to do it!"

"That doesn't absolve her of fault, y'know!"

"The point is," Dawn cut in, able to talk again after catching her breath, "I did it not because I don't like you, but because the writers of the show had to think of a way to successfully have fans forget you and accept me."

"They didn't want a repeat of the uproar that happened when you replaced me," Misty said to May. "You have NO idea how well that went over."

"Well, that's just mean!" grumbled May.

"That's showbiz," Misty told her. "I grew too old for the role, and I got replaced. The same thing happened to you, as will happen to Dawn, and the next girl, and the girl after her..."

"Yeah!" Dawn nodded in agreement, before realizing what Misty said, "Wait... what? I'M GETTING REPLACED?"

"I don't see how that's a good thing," May said hesitantly.

"Be glad you're not Ash," chuckled Misty. "He'll be ten years old forever. He'll be a prepubescent boy forever."

"Well," May finally caved, "I do want to grow up eventually..."

"That's the spirit!"

"Hold on," Dawn got in between the two of them, "what's this about me getting replaced again?"

Before Dawn could get an answer, though, she began to glow a bright white. Shortly thereafter, May and Misty's bodies started glowing as well.

"What's going on?" Dawn asked.

"We've all fulfilled our purpose in the Pokémon universe," Misty explained. "That means..."

"We're getting written out," May finished. "For real this time."

"What?" Dawn looked at them. "But my time in the show isn't over yet!"

"It is in Japan, Hikari-chan!" Misty and May exclaimed in unison.

The three girls began rising up into the sky, as they were being whisked out of the Pokémon universe and into the realm... of obscurity.

"I don't wanna go!" Dawn started to shout. "I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go!"

"Ah, that brings back memories," May smiled with relief.

"I know, right," added Misty contently.

"I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go!"

The three girls continued to be lifted skyward, rising higher and higher, until their forms couldn't not be seen by the naked eye from the planet's surface. And with that, Dawn joined Misty and May in the beloved group of 'female anime leads whom Ash will never see again.'

Except in fanfiction...

*** The End ***

*Author's Notes and Minor Commentary*
And that, folks, is how "May's Expedition 2: Dawn's Choice" comes to a conclusive end! Although not as popular as the original, I still think I managed to bring the same level of hilarious insanity as the first edition, and I hope you all agree in that respect.

Just like the original, there were a lot of characters that were appearing in a story of mine for the first time. In this case, specifically, the Sinnoh League castmates outside of Dawn. It didn't help that Dawn had a few less memorable characters than May did, but those that did get into this story played fitting roles, I think.

As with the original, be on the lookout sometime in October when I release a 'Platinum' edition of this story on my website, Freedom Fighter's Library (see link on my profile page)! To be included in the release... uncut scenes and chapters, a guide to every single joke and reference, and more! Go to my profile page or follow my Twitter (freefightwriter), as I'm now on there too, for up-to-the-date information on when that gets released.

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