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As some of you know, my husband had a heart transplant recently and although things are still looking good, nothing is for certain at this point and it is definitely scary to go through. But I'm slowly getting back on the wagon.

My parents surprised me, Blakely, and Brandon with tickets to Florida for Easter, and that's why I've been even more MIA than usual last week. I took Blakely to Disney World for a day while my parents watched Brandon (definitely too young for Disney, and Blakely was probably a little too young as well but oh well). It was hard leaving Jensen so soon after the transplant but he encouraged me to go enjoy myself.

Anyway, I'm still in Florida right now. I'm uploading this from Panera Bread, because our Disney hotel has fanfiction blocked…awkward. I'll try and post a chapter of "The Way I Love You" either tonight or before I get back on Tuesday, but no guarantees.

The Forever and Always Faithful Chapter Playlist:

Sunshine by Josie Nelson

Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

Eyes Open by Taylor Swift


Masen Edward Cullen.

My son.

He was fast asleep in his mother's arms, wrapped tightly in his blue receiving blanket. My eyes left my son and traveled up to the face of my beautiful wife. Her hair was damp with sweat and she looked exhausted, but she was still the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her fingertip traced the outline of our baby's face, and she smiled happily.

"Every time we have a baby, I am mesmerized," she said softly, "by how beautiful our children are and how lucky you and I have been. It's incredible."

"Yes," I agreed. "It really is."

I got up out of the uncomfortable plastic chair I had been sitting in and sat down on the edge of the hospital bed. I reached up and cupped Bella's face with my hand, and for the millionth time since I had met her, I was awestruck by how incredible she was.

"I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you, too." Bella looked down at Masen again and her smile got even bigger. "Thank you. For our son, for all of our children, and for our life together. It seems like not that long ago when you and I were just co-existing, only together for the sake of Liam…but now I know that what you and I have is the most beautiful thing in the world."

"Bella, I feel the same way. There is nothing in this entire world that I would trade for the life that we have together." I kissed her soft lips, and then we both looked down at our son, who was only three hours old. His life was so young and so innocent, but I knew I would do anything and everything to take care of him, his mother, and his siblings.

Our life might not have turned out exactly how we thought it would, but everything we have has been so worth it. Liam was such a strong, kindhearted young man and he was doing his best to do good in the world. Ella was growing up to be an exquisite young woman, full of as much beauty and love as her mother. Jack and Amelia were growing like weeds and although they drove each other crazy at times, they were inseparable the rest of the time.

And now Masen. At only three hours old he already amazed me. Several months ago, after Liam left and after we told the rest of the kids about Bella's pregnancy, Bella and I had a long talk.

Masen would be our last child. Bella and I adored all of our children and were proud of the way we were raising them, but we knew it was time to stop. There was an age difference of nineteen years between our oldest child and our youngest, and Bella and I were getting tired. We were still healthy and fairly young, but we acknowledged that raising children was never easy and definitely would not get any easier with age.

After more discussion, we decided that I would be getting a vasectomy. So I did, and there would be no more children for Bella and I.

Despite the fact that we were happy with our five kids and weren't planning on having anymore anyway, it was still a struggle to accept the fact that the possibility of having more children was off the table for good.

But I had Bella, and we had our five beautiful children, and that was more than enough.

We were happy, and at this moment things seemed like they might actually be perfect.

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