The Secret Side of Goombella

by Klaus Triton

This story is inspired by Goombario's and megadeth's stories. This story will focus on a much... dirtier side of Goombella. If you don't like these kinds of stories, then kindly get out.

Goombella was exploring Rougeport Sewers, creating a map. She was a partner with Mario, who was searching for the Crystal Stars in order to save Princess Peach. Oh if only he liked me more than that bitch. thought Goombella. So far, they must reach Petalburg, which would take a few days to travel to normally, but there's a pipe below the sewers that leads there, and she's determined to find the pipe.

"Well well well, looks like that girl is back." said a voice. Goombella turned and saw a Goomba, a Spiked Goomba, and a Paragoomba. The same ones that she and Mario whooped hours ago.

"Are you looking for the pipe to Petalburg tuts?" asked the Paragoomba.

"As a matter of fact, I am." said Goombella, not knowing where this would go.

"We know where it is." said the Spiked Goomba.

"What! Really! WHERE!" said Goombella.

"Hold on hold on. We'll only tell you on one condition." said the Goomba, who smirked.

"Which is...?" asked Goombella.

"We fuck you. Simple as that." said the Goomba. Goombella blushed. She may have been really brainy, but she was at times really horny. But she was determined not to show it to the Goombas.

"Hell no! I'm going to kick your butts like last time!" yelled Goombella.

"Yeah, but without that Mario guy, you can't beat me!" boasted the Spiked Goomba. Damn, he's right, thought Goombella.

"Ugh... Alright..." said Goombella. The Goomba smiled and turned to his cohorts.

"Spike, you get her from behind, I'll get her from the front. Para, you fly up to her mouth." said the Goomba. Oh god. I thought itd be one at a time. But this may be fun, thought Goombella.

The Spiked Goomba went behind Goombella, and with force he inserted his rod into Goombella's hole. She screamed, as he had went in too fast. He violently thrust in and out of her, going faster with each thrust. However, the pain soon turned into pleasure and Goombella was moaning.

"Oooh... F-Faster..." said Goombella.

"Looks like the slut wants to have fun." smirked the Goomba. He then ran straight into Goombella, knocking both her and the Spiked Goomba down, causing his cock to instantly go into her. She screamed but they ignored her. The Goomba got in front of her and then put his cock at her entrance, causing her to moan softly. After teasing her for a bit, he thrust into her as she bounced on top of the Spiked Goomba's cock.

"Wait for me you assholes!" yelled the Paragoomba. He flew right over Goombella and positioned himself over Goombella's face. "Suck on it." Goombella was happy to oblige. She started by licking him softly, getting soft moans from the Paragoomba, but she wanted more, so she immediatly began sucking him.

"Please... make me cum... " moaned Goombella as she continued sucking off the Paragoomba. All three Goombas agreed and they began to thrust in and out of her faster. All of her holes was beiong violated by hard sex, while her mouth was being deepthroated. She felt the Goombas vibrate inside of her. The Spiekd Goomba took his cock out and then released a stream of white goo onto her cute body. The same white goo went into her mouth and she swallowed each dropful. The Goomba however kept pumping in and out of her even after having an orgasm. He clearly wanted for her to experience bliss as well. Then, she screamed as she felt her body vibrate and she calmed down. The Goomba took his cum covered cock out of her, breathing deeply.

"N...Nice job slut..." said the Goomba.

"Hey. I aim to please..." said Goombella, and she fell asleep.

Hours later, she woke up, covered in more cum then she was earlier. She used her tongue to clean off the cum, which tasted delicious. After cleaning herself off, she noticed a map right next to her. She picked it up and smiled, but then she remembered that Mario is propbably waking up in the Rougeport Inn. She quickly stuffed the map and hurried off.

To be continued...

Enjoyed the story? Well I'll make sure that Goombella has fun with one person in each chapter. If you want to request something, I'll try to work something in. Luke Triton is out, peace!