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Yeah, Yeah, I Can Cook.


To most people who knew him, Kyo was considered lazy.

To Kyo, it wasn't so much laziness as it was simply not wanting to do something - or anything really, depending on who it was that asked - and how he felt at that particular time. Which, in Yuki's eyes, made him lazy. ('Because cat's were lazy') . . . Which in turn led to arguments, which sometimes led to full blow fist fights.

To Tohru, however, Kyo was just being Kyo. Not wanting to help people was rude, but sometimes Kyo got that way, and she knew that. Still, she figured she could at least try to get him to help her with cooking for tonight, because everyone was expecting dinner soon, and she hadn't realized how late she was. Plus, Kyo knew how to cook, (everything but leeks) and although the other house members might try, she'd probably have to put out a fire in the process.

And so, asking him she could at least try.

"Hell no." Kyo muttered, sitting on the roof. Tohru frowned, but Kyo didn't bother turning around to look at her. . . only part of that was due to the fact that he was sure he'd be sucked in if he actually did look at her, and he wasn't too keen on being manipulated by the girl of his every thought. It was a bit annoying.

"Please Kyo-kun!" Tohru smiled. "It won't be hard, and I know cooking is part of my duty, but it won't get done on time if I do it alone!"

Kyo could practically hear Yuki's voice saying something along the lines of 'Come Miss Honda, the little kitty-cat would rather sit up here and mope.' Which he wasn't doing. So what if he didn't want to help make food? Stupid rat.

"I'll show him!"

Tohru jumped back at the outburst.

"Come on Tohru, I'm not going to let the stupid rat taunt me!" He grabbed her hand, ignoring the clearly shown confusion stretched across her face.

"But Kyo, Yuki isn't even up here."

"Yeah, but I know he'd be running his fat mouth off if he was." Kyo muttered. Tohru smiled. Even when they weren't with each other, Yuki and Kyo were pushing each other to do things. At least she knew this wasn't hatred. They were just trying to prove the other wrong.

Tohru started it, chided Kyo's mental defense. Well, really Tohru had only annoyed him, and he was actually the one to throw the rice, but it was her fault! Still Kyo was grinning. The kitchen walls were a disaster, and Tohru looked like she had just rolled around in a pile of food. . . but to her credit, Kyo looked about the same.

"Hold still!" Kyo grinned. "I'm going to smack you right in the face with this one!" A second later the rice was out of his hand, past Tohru's ducked head, and straight into the eyes of Yuki, who had apparently thought that Kyo's words were spoken for a different reason. Kyo busted out laughing. Tohru smiled, covering her mouth.

"Stupid cat, what are you doing?" Yuki muttered, wiping the food from his face.

"Sorry, we were uh, making dinner" Tohru offered. "I asked for Ky-"

"Why's it matter rat-boy?"

Tohru sighed. There they went.

Kyo's ears twitched slightly as he finished wiping off the walls. Tohru, having just put the last dish on the table, walked back into the kitchen.

"Sorry Kyo." She mumbled.

"Whatever," was his response. "It's not like any of this is your fault anyway. If that bastard rat hadn't joined in, there wouldn't be this much food on the wall." He turned around, only to be stopped halfway turned.

Kyo rolled his eyes as Tohru hugged him, fur falling onto the ground.

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