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Author's Note


Since this is a spin-off that takes place in the future, Naruto's deck will be pretty powerful in comparison to others early on. The deck he used here will be the completed version of the one he would have at the end of the story 'Kitsune Duelist' based off the original series. I might even do a prequel series that focus on the manga, but that's a big if. Anyway on with the story.

Also slight references to GYRgadget(sorry if I spelled it wrong.) and that other guy's abridged series.


Story Start


Naruto looked on in awe at the solitary island that floated in the southern seas. He still couldn't believe several things. One, Kaiba built an academy dedicated to teaching a children's card game. Two, that people could actually take classes and earn credentials in said children's card game. Three, that said card game was popular enough to have its own channel and had a major grip on the economy of this world. Though nothing still beat the terrorist organization the 'Rare Hunters' who was trying to take over the world with said card game. Yeah that was pretty fucked up right there.

'Duel Academia High school.' Was the name of this school. With each journey to each new world even discovered more and more of just how...unique...humanity could be at times. He absorbed in the information in the pamphlets that were passed out. Obelisk blue for the superior grade students, or the rice kids. Ra Yellow for those who did well on the exams or the average students and finally Osiris Red for the junkies, fat kids, or those who were just mediocre. The class system was obviously attuned to Kaiba's bias.

Naruto scowled at the incessant chatter of the many students on the plane. It was far too noisy and hectic for him to relax. 'Rich bastard...he could have been less cheap and bought more planes to transport the students.'

Naruto thought in annoyance. There was some things women were just not capable of he supposed, which included working out the complete duechebag out of some people. What drew his attention was the fidgeting blue haired boy next to him. A strange hair color, but considering the fact of his relation to being Asian descent and he was blond which made him off to a bit of people in some parallel worlds he supposed he couldn't talk much.

'Hey kid what's with all the fidgeting?''

''W-Who me?'' The kid pointed to himself. He looked no older than 12 or 13.

''No the kid behind you...'' Naruto sarcastically replied to the kid's question. He didn't know why he was in such an irritable mode today. Maybe it was because that bastard Kuiinshi died half his hair red and orange. His beautiful golden hair, a shade darker than Yugito's sun-kissed hair was now a mockery what it once was and it would take weeks for it to naturally become what it once was.
''Ooh...'' He seemed to deflate.

Naruto rolled his eyes,''Yes I meant you..''

''Sho...Marufuji Sho...''

''I see...I'll think I call you Syrus.'' Naruto was sure if the boy could face fault he would. ''As sad as this is I need a wing-men or at least someone familiar with the people here. You seem like the type who wouldn't look down on people and knowing that bastard Kaiba I'll end up in red...''

Sho, or Syrus as Naruto decided to call him looked up at him with confusion. ''Eer seemed I'm named after my father, Naruto the Elemental Nation duelist.'' Naruto had made his name well-known in the past. So he had to reforged a new identity if he were to infiltrate duel academy and investigate this evil that Isis envisioned. It wouldn't do good or another kid running around with a deck containing one of a kind cards.

''Everyone who knows them know the two don't get alone. I rather not talk bout it anymore.''
He said to the boy with light grey eyes. He wore a pair of circular lensed glasses and a blue jacket with pants of the same color.

Naruto hoped that the people he will be facing in duel would be tough. He hadn't received a decent duel in over twelve years and if they were anything like that Chronos, or Crolwer as he decided to dub him then things would be boring. Well it wouldn't be as excited as going back into the past and using real monsters or trapped in a virtual reality or fighting that Orichalcus monster but it would at least be something.

Incidentally enough that reminded him of the number five thing of things he couldn't believe in this world that once again connected back to Kaiba. The creation of holographic monsters to enrich a children's card game. Couldn't that money had gone towards something more useful like medicine to fight against cancer or curing AIDs? Naruto had lined up with the red of the first years.

The Sophomore classes were differentiated between three colors of the respective god cards. The oddest thing that he noticed was that the only dorm with females were the Obelisk dorm. Odd seeing as there were more and more female duelists this generation. If it turned out that Blue was the only one out-fitted with a working or decent plumbing system he was going to be pissed.

Upon the jumbo screen a man with a pronounced beard and bald head pronounced himself as Samejima, the Headmaster. That beard made him look more like a Sheppard then anything. Naruto began to wonder when exactly he focused on giving people's nicknames.

Naruto scanned the crowd and see if anyone stood out. One of the things he had picked up was assessing people by their auras, a nifty trick used by the Acrobatic Ty Lee. There was a boy with neat black hair wearing a yellow blazer. If what he read in that newspaper weeks ago this boy was Misawa Daichi, grandson of the famous author Sebsatian Daichi. Sebesatian Daichi was one of the few British authors whom works Naruto enjoyed.

Another was a blond whose hair was sporadically arranged, with a large part trailing the upper part of the nape of her neck. She wore fingerless gloves and like many of the other females a white top with blue trimming, a blue miniskirt, and royal blue boots.

While the other two were more composed and at east with confidence the other person held an air of arrogance around him. He was also in blue like the blond but had black hair layered in two sections, his black eyes positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He wore the standards blue outfit of the younger members of the academy.

Naruto pretty much missed most of the speech. He already knew he was in red as he chose to make an average deck from his cards for the graduation exam. Naruto notice that most of the reds and little more then half the yellows used their best cards to pass the exam. Big mistake, especially considering the combination's used and how their decks were arranged. So Naruto went with a deck composed of mainly around spell casting creatures and spells. At least this way no one would be able to pick up on his strategy quite yet.

''Hey Uzumaki-san,'' Shou waved at him. He was by a pedestal of some kind.

'Hey kid,'' Naruto sat on the opposite side. ''I see your in red too huh.'' What were the odds.
As they were talking Misawa walked up to them. It seems that the kid was in yellow. The kid had one of the highest scores and he was in yellow. Looks like he lacked the money to buy his way into blue.

''Uzumaki Naruto, the son of the Elemental Nations duelist am I correct?''

''The one and only.''

''Curious...I couldn't help but overhear your conversation on the plane. Is it outlandish to believe you purposely fought with a strategy to down play your skills? After all he was known for his deception and sound minded strategy of playing on his opponents weaknesses to his strengths.''

'I wonder if anyone else picked up on that? Whenever I downplay my abilities, human, demon, angel, 9 out of 10 seemed to favor underestimating me and play me off as a fool. Things won't be as boring as I originally thought.' ''I'll tell you what Misawa. I'll let you be the judge of that next time I duel. Until then I have to go put my things away. See you around the dorms!''

Naruto decided to go see about his dorm, Syrus followed suit. After much pestering my the latter he relented and allowed the blue haired boy to call him Aniki. As long as he didn't bring up that weird Pharaoh stint again.

That was Yatimu's thing, not his. Well not in this world anyway. He met his other roommate a fat guy with a hairstyle resembling a Koala. Hayato Maeda!

Ignoring the explanation of the dorm system, yet again as if he was a child of six with ADD, the blond decided to go check out the island. He eventually came upon a duel field which filled the bottom level of the building. What the hell was with Kaiba and remaking the system every year or so with a new version. If Naruto had that kind of money he would be giving it to orphans and charities. After he created his own chain of five-star restaurants, spas, and clothing lines of course.

''Man, I am jealous…I'd sure like to duel in a place like this."

''You're a student aren't you? I don't see what's stopping you. You're a student here!''

"Which doesn't give you reason to do so," said a voice.

Shou and Naruto looked up, spotting two boys, both wearing blue jackets, walking towards them. One had dark, teal-colored hair a small rectangular glasses while the other boy had brown, spiky hair.

"You Osiris Red losers have no place here. This is an Obelisk building!'' The teal haired boy said pointing to the crest in the entrance way.

''And rich people tend to wander why a lot of people hate them. Shit like this boasting I'm better because I have more money means something. I guess that shit don't amount too much when a so-called loser can whoop the ass of one of you elitist like it wasn't much?''

''Wait a minute! You're the guy who beat Professor Chronos!''

''Yeah no shit...''

The boy from before Naruto spotted out entered the building looking miffed.

''Manjoume-san!'' Exclaimed the brown-haired student. ''It's the app...''

''I heard you idiot. I'm not deaf.''

''Well aren't you a haughty bastard!'' Naruto said, with a smirk. He was wondering when eh would run into mister hot-shit himself. Personally he was hoping run into the blond with the huge...assets.

''Hey don't talk to Manjoume-san like you loser!'' Exclaimed the teal haired guy. ''He may be a first year, but he's the best of the elites. He's been the topped rank academy student in dueling academy all the way back since elementary.''

''Whoop-de-fucking-doo. This kid here has a better chance at being number one then this cocky snob!'' Naruto said pointing to Sho who looked liked he rather be anywhere but here.

'''' The flustered teal-haired boy stammered.

Said boy's cronies looked like they were about to attack Naruto when Manjoume snapped. ''Both of you quiet down! Now!"'

Manjoume looked at them with a serious expression. ''Don't you fools know anything. He's the son of a great duelist whose one of his skill traits were deception and mockery. Anyone who can face a Professor like Chronos with his cool intact is someone to watch out for.''

Naruto had to force down a scowl. Maybe applying as the supposed son of his older self wasn't such a good idea after all.

''Due by that I meant fools like yourself. Professor Chronos was overconfident and toyed with him, which is why he lost. I'll be sure to crush this dog quick and efficiently and show him his place.''

''Alright bastard if you think you're better than me let's...''

"Hey, what are all of you doing?" asked a voice.

Naruto, Shou, Manjoume, and the other two boys looked at who spoke as they walked toward them. It was the blonde girl Naruto noticed from before. Her well-endowed chest resting upon her crossed arms.

Manjoume grinned.

"Tenjouin-kun!" said Manjoume. "You see, these newcomers are far too ignorant of the ways of the world."He turned his head and kept his grin."I was thinking I'd teach them a bit about how intense the Academy can be," Manjoume finished.

The girl kept her gaze on Manjoume."It's about time for the welcoming party at the dorms to start," said the girl.

Manjoume grunted and ordered the two Obelisk boys to follow after him. After leaving, the girl looked at Naruto and Shou.

"You guys shouldn't take up dares from Manjoume-kun and his group," she warned them. "After all, they're a lousy bunch."

''I never one to usually run away from a challenge, but I'll take your advice to heart. I won't antagonize him but if he comes after me he better expect a challenge.'' Naruto turned to leave but stopped. ''I noticed you from among the crowds. You're not like the others. I'm Uzumaki Naruto and you...''

''Tenjoin...Tenjoin Asuka. The welcoming party at Osiris Red will be starting, you should hurry and make it back.''

Naruto smiled,''See you later then Tenjouin-san.'' He took off at a rather quick pace as Shou called after him.

"W-Wait up, Aniki!"

Asuka watched the two boys run, smiling at Naruto.

''Uzumaki Naruto...'' Asuka said to herself.

Within all the dorms they were celebrating.

The Obelisk Blue dorms were having an elegant party in both the boys' and girls' dormitories. Whilst in the Ra Yellow, it was somewhat the same only around a table of exquisite food. As for in the Osiris Red…well…

The Osiris dorm had a few strange looks at their food, which consisted of a bow of white rice, a plate full of what was some type of small fish, and two other bowls of food, though they didn't get much of the strange stares seeing as everyone had their gaze on the rice and fish.

"What is this?" About almost everyone in the room said.

One person compared the food to the other dorms.

"The other dorms had an incredible feast!" he said. "And to make things worse, our dorm leader isn't even human!"

Everyone focused their gaze on a fat cat with light brown, somewhat orange-tinged, and dark stripes curled up on a table, asleep. He woke up and stretched out, letting out a loud yowl. Afterwards, it curled back onto the table, everyone's gaze still focused on it.

"He's a cat…?" Asked another boy.

The cat looked at everyone as the sound of footsteps caught their attention. The sound of footsteps seemed to be getting closer until a tall, young man, wearing a white dress shirt if with a dusky-red necktie, black pants, and a belt, popped out from behind the drapes hanging over the doorway. He seemed somewhere between his mid-twenties or so and had a kind-looking expression and long black hair pulled into a pony tail with his bangs framing his face. His eyes were hid behind their lids and the square-lensed glasses the man wore.

Everyone within the room stared at the man with question. The man waved at them welcoming.

"Hello, children," he said, having a German accent. "I'm your dormitory leader, Daitokuji-nya! And in class, I'll be in charge of alchemy. Pleased to meet you all-nya."

"Alchemy!" Someone exclaimed.

The outburst caused everyone, and I mean everyone, to focus their attention on them, which had happened to be on Naruto.

''What? Am I the only one that think it's strange that we're learning Alchemy at a school that focuses on teaching children and teens how to play a children's card game?'' They continued to stare at him which resulted in the blond and withdrawing his complaints; at least vocally.

''Man screw this I'm going to rob some food from the blue dorm.'' He murmured only loud enough for Syrus to hear.

''But Aniki that's against isn't it?'' Shou asked Naruto who began to scowl.

''Tch, Screw the rules. Kaiba's punk ass seems to be able to because he's rich. Kidnapping old men and putting them in hospital and shit. Damn rich psychopaths being immune to the law and shit.''

Naruto decided to stay until the crap snack(he refused to acknowledge it as a feast.) was done until he would sneak away and still some food from the blues.

Happily munching on a piece of Duck, he couldn't believe those bastards got duck, he traveled down the path back to the dorm. As he entered the dorm his PDA rang.

Taking out his PDA he played the message.

"I'll be waiting on the Duel field at midnight. We'll duel with the Ante Rule with both of our best cards at stake. Come on, if you've got the guts…"

With that said, the video message was over.

''I get the kick the rich's boy ass and take his best card after eating some duck. This is the best non-poon related day I had in a decade.''

Hayato, having overheard the message, looked over his shoulder at Naruto."That pep of his ends here…" he said, rolling to his side to get more comfortable.

Naruto grabbed his duel disk and shouted out to Shou.

"C'mon, Syrus!"

"Wait, Aniki!" said Shou. "Didn't Asuka-san say we shouldn't deal with them?"

Naruto looked at Shou as he grabbed the doorknob.''You came here for a reason didn't you? Buck up and toughen up. Are you going to believe that shit those rich boys spout that you're nothing because they have money or are you going to do something about it? That's the way I see.'' Nothing else was spoken as they traveled to the destination.

"Heh, you really came, Number 110." Naruto spotted Manjoume with his group on the center of the room on the platform. Manjoume had his arms crossed, his duel disk on his left arm. ;;

''Time to see if all this elitist talk was just talk.''

A few moments later, Manjoume and Naruto faced each other on the opposite sides of the duel field."You're going to show me either the dumb luck or the skill that beat Professor Chronos!" said Manjoume.

''Ready when you are rich boy.''

"Listen up!" he said. "We'll be using the Ante Rule, putting both our best cards at stake."

Both duelists shifted their duel disk from standby to active mode, shouting out 'Duel!' afterwards to begin the duel. Manjoume took out some cards from his deck as Naruto did likewise.


Manjoume: 4000 LP

Naruto: 4000 LP


"It's my turn first!" Manjoume said, taking out another card from his checking the card and his deck hand, Manjoume looked at Naruto and placed the card into play."I summon Reborn Zombie in defense mode!" Manjoume said. A card appeared on the field as a zombie materialized on top of it in a defensive position.


Attribute: Dark


Level: 4 stars


DEF 1600



"I place one card face down and end my turn," Manjoume said as he placed a card face down onto the card platform.

Manjoume stared at Naruto with a small smirk on his face."Duels contain the element of luck as long as there's drawing," Manjoume thought. "However, what decides a match is a strategy based on careful calculations."

Manjoume' smirk widened."Obelisk Blue against Osiris Red…" he said. "The difference in our intellect has already determined the outcome of this!"

Shou gasped as Naruto looked at Manjoume with a serious expression.

"Your quite confident that you're smarter than me. Let me show you the difference in our skill. I summon Nogitsune level 4 in attack mode.'' A black furred Kitsune materialized. The talisman for Darkness glowed an eerily purple on its head.


Name: Nogitsune Level 4

Attribute: Dark


Level: 4 Stars



Effect:Optional Trigger.


Then I equip my Nogitsune level four with Axe of Despair raising its attack power to 2900 and destroy your Reborn Zombie. The Zombie gave an exaggerated wail as Nogitsume hurled dark blue fox-fire flames from its tail to destroy it. ''I activate my Nogitsune's special effect. By sacrificing a thousand of its attack points I can summon a Kitsune monster with attack points level then a thousand from my hand or deck and special summon it to the field in defense mode'' Naruto shuffled through his deck until he found his choice. I choose Kit the young Kitsune in defense mode and place a card down face down end my turn.''


Attribute: Normal

Type: Kitsune

Level: 2 Star

Attack: 700

Defense: 400



''Damnit! Seems your better then I gave you credit for Osiris red. Though this duel has just begun.''

''It seems you are better than you shown huh, Uzumaki-san?''

Shou turned around and saw Asuka walking up to him.

"A-Asuka-san," said Shou.

''Kitsune cards...only one duelist was known to duel with Kitsune cards. Just trying to assemble a deck costs the fortune. That leads to only one conclusion. That Uzumaki-san cards consist of cards from the deck of the legendary Elemental Nation Duelist as he called himself, cards based off legends of ancient times back when the continents were once Pangea the Super Continent.''

Manjoume drew a card. ''I place one card face down in attack mode and end my turn.''

Naruto drew a card as well. I sacrifice my Nogitsune level four and Kit the Newborn Kitsune to summon Kakashi the Sharingan Warrior in attack form.'' The copy card version of one of his sensei's that he gave to Pegasus in the form of an idea.


Attribute: Normal

Type: Shinobi

Level: 8

Attack: 2600

Defense: 2200



''That monster has 300 less attack points then Nogitsune had. Why did Aniki summon him?'' Shou wondered out loud.

''I think I heard about that card. The E.N. Duelist used it at battle city. That's indeed that man's deck, but if he's attacking Manjoume's face down monster he most have a plan.''

''Now I attack your face down monster.'' Charging up a Raikiri the card copy version of Kakashi charged forward and attack the monster.


Attribute: Dark

Type: Warrior

Attack: 1200

Defense: 1400

Effect: Trigger.

Manjoume: 2600.



''It's a shame for you Osiris red you activated my trap Hell Blast. Since you destroyed my monster I can destroy the monster with the lowest attack on your side of the field and send it to the graveyard and both of us take damage equal to half it's attack.


Manjoune: 1300

Naruto: 2700


Not to mention since you also destroyed my Hell Solider I can activate it's special abilities. When it's destroyed by an opponent's attacking monster and sent to the graveyard the battle damage I take that's inflicted to me is done to your life points as well.''

Naruto's Life points dropped down to to 1300 hundred as well. ''Hhm...I end my turn.''

''This duel is pretty close. Both are at 1300 and with no monsters on his side of the field Uzumaki is open to Manjoume's attack. I hope he has something up his sleeve.''

''Alright drop-out time to end this...'' Manjoume said drawing another card.

''Yes let's...'' Naruto said as the smirk never left his face. ''Once he attacks it's all over.''

However, before Manjoume could attack, Asuka overheard the footsteps approaching through the halls. With the students at their dorms only conclusion came to Asuka's mind.

"The security guards are coming!" she cried out, both boys halted their duel for the moment. "With the Ante Rule being forbidden by school regulations, and using a facility after hours… you can get expelled for breaking regulations!"

A blush appeared on Manjoume's cheeks as he realized Asuka had watched his duel.

"Asuka-san was watching my duel?" Manjoume thought.

The teal-haired boy from Manjoume's group interrupted his thoughts.

"Manjoume-san, this is bad!" he said.

Manjoume scowled and turned, about ready to make his way out.

"That's enough for tonight," said Manjoume. "I'll take care of my win."

''My ass you will. It's a draw ass-hole. This match isn't over until one of us runs out of cards or our life points hit zero.''

''I've seen plenty. With no monsters I would have wiped your life points out in the next turn. It was luck you got this far.'

"Aniki, they're gonna find us!" cried Shou.

Asuka looked around and motioned at the Osiris Red duo to follow her.

"Come on, this way!" said Asuka.

Shou nodded.

"Hurry!" he said. "Hurry!"

''This isn't over rich boy,'' Naruto said as he followed the two.

A few moments later, three security guards walked into the darkened room and looked around. It was empty.

Meanwhile outside the Main Academy Building,

Asuka stopped and looked back. She leaned back on the wall.

''You're quite the troublemaker aren't you?''

''Tch, story of my life. By the way Asuka-san thanks.'' How the hell she managed to hear and identify the foot steps as guards I'll never know.

"So how did that harsh ordeal from Obelisk Blue feel?" asked Asuka.

''I'm surprised...he did better than I thought, but I wish I got to play my last card.''

"Is that so?" she asked. "If no one had interfered, you would have lost your most important card due to the Ante Rule right around now, right?"

Naruto handed her a card. ''Read this.''

Asuka blinked as she read the text.

''I see...'' She nodded and handed back Naruto the card.

''Well Asuka-san until next time,'' He said with a wave as he walked off. Shou trailed after Naruto, not wanting to be left.

"Aniki!" he called out.

Asuka stared at Naruto.

"That guy is pretty interesting," she thought, a small smile forming on her lips.


Chapter End


Well that's it for the first chapter. Let me know what you guys think. Judai will come in later.