The Academy Duelist




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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Late in the night, a duel was going on in the forest. A sound could be heard, accompanied by an explosion of light. An Obelisk Blue student was thrown back and his cards were tossed about as he was defeated. He looked up and could see his opponent clearly enough to distinguish him. He was a giant person who wore a bunch of Obelisk Blue blazers about him and black shades that covered his eyes. He bent down and took one of the loser's cards.

"I'll be taking your rare card," the giant said. "If you learned from this experience, you'll change your arrogant attitude." the Obelisk student was shocked still with fear. He laughed a little to himself as he walked away.

In the trees a silhouette of a person sat and wore what looked like a yellow blazer. He could only smile to himself at the results of the events that happened.

Next day, a couple of Obelisks were talking among themselves about the duel that had happened the previous night. "Last night!''


''Their rare cards?''

''What's up?'' Shou asked, nothing the small crowd talking among themselves. He, Naruto, and Hayato were just traveling down the corridors.

The three Obelisks looked in their direction, sneered and walked away. "I wonder what that was about?'' Naruto asked.

''Didn't you hear the rumors? They're talking about the Duel Giant," Hayato explained.

"Duel Giant?"

"There's this duelist who's dueling against the Obelisk Blues. On top of that, he duels with the forbidden Ante Rule.''

''Ah!'' Shou exclaimed. ''I heard those rumors, too!''

''I don't really know the details, but it sounds like that duelist is a giant who wears their clothes.''


''They say that guy only shows up at night. That's why he's called the 'Giant Duelist of the Dark Night.''

''That reminds me of something Hayato...where were you last night?'' Shou asked, questioningly.

Naruto snorted,'' Syrus don't be silly...Chumley can't be the duel giant.''

''Thanks Uzumaki and I told you my name is...''

''Chumley can't duel!''


Not too far from down the hall Professor Chronos was approaching. ''This is bad-no think that the Obelisk Blue students that I supervise are losing to this unknown duelist...'' He drawled dramatically with an arm raised. ''And by violating school regulations with the Ante Rule, no less! If words get out, I'll be blamed for not supervising them-no ne!'' That's when he caught sight of the Osiris Red trio. 'That's it-Na no ne! I'll simply push this onto them-no ne!'

''Aah! Uzumaki and his friends. I've been looking for you three?''

'Wait, Uzumaki? Not Ginger-tipped bastard? This can't be good.'

''I am giving you all a special assignment-no ne. ''

''Special assignment?''

''If you can fulfill this task well, you will be exempt from doing the report on duel theory!''

'Huh...that would give me more time to ogle the Obelisk cuties. It's obviously a trap. But my love for women out-weighs my need to stay out of trouble.'

''Eh? This is dangerous, Aniki.''

''Really-na no ne. Just look into my eyes-no ne.'' Naruto couldn't but shiver when he looked into Chronos eyes. This was definitely going to be dangerous. ''This should...''

''Ok...I'll do it!'' Who knows. Maybe the duel giant is a really tall girl. I do like the Amazon type. ''So, what's that assignment about?''

''At the moment, in this academy, there is a fellow who challengers other to duel with the Ante Rule-no ne. You are to capture that person and expose their identity-no ne.''

''Ah right...the Duel Giant whose been trouncing the blues left and right.'' As much as I dislike helping Chronos in anyway, this person is praying on people and stealing their cards. Despite most of them being the snooty bastards of Obelisk blue. What if this person goes after one of my girls. What if he does something perverted to my Asuka? That I can not allow.

Chrono's smile dropped for a moment because the comment. "I don't keep track of these things. A-Anyway, I've something to do. Canzone...'' Thanks to this, it would befit them to find that mysterious duelist. Even if he loses and has his rare card taken, it'll work out well-na no ne! Sorassone(?)'

''Time to go kick some giant ass.''

''But, Aniki...taking him up on this just has to be bad!''

''It is Professor Chronos, you know Uzumaki...this is the first time ha hasn't made fun of you or poked at me about my weight.''

''Chumley everyone pokes fun at you about your weight.

''Way I see test out my new cards and get an exempt from the report to guy spy on As-I mean kick back and relax.

''Aah Geez Aniki, Chronos-sensei always has something planned in these situations.''

''It can't be helped, it's Uzumaki, after all...''

''Besides if things go wrong all I have to do is trip Chumley and you and me can still get away Syrus!''


''Hell I probably don't even have to that as I'm sure both of us can out run him anyway!"'

''Oh Kami damnit!''

''Fat jokes aside,leave the planning to me. Now come on let's go watch an insignificant duel for no reason at all.''

Despite the fact that the boy's goal was to find the Duel Giant, Naruto had stopped for a moment to watch a duel in an arena between an Obelisk and a Ra.

''Hey that Ra's yellow winning.''

''Looks like a good game.''

''The giant only comes out at night so we might as well kick back and watch.''

The Obelisk student had 200 life-points, one card face-down and Marauding Captain in attack mode. (1200) He was facing off against a small green haired nervous boy with three hundred life-points and Mad Sword Beast also in attack mode. (1400) "Okay, I'll play…uhhh…" he said as he looked at the card in his hand.

''I wonder what card he has?'' Hayato asked.

'I'll check with my hawk-eye like vision!'' Naruto said focusing down several rows and into the hand of the kid. ''Earthquake. That kid has it in the bag, not to mention Mad Sword Beast's effect.

'Come on Brier, you've got him right where you want. Now win this duel and go home. Just forget about everyone who's watching you. Now, should I use Earthquake to switch his captain to defense mode? Or should I just attack with my Mad Sword Beast?

"What's Wrong! It's your turn you know!" His opponent yelled impatiently.

''Right! Uh...''The Obelisks watching joined in on putting the Ra down.''There's no way you'll win, anyway, hurry up!

"What's the matter short-stack? Can't see over the cards?"

"Looks like the little baby's gonna cry. Why don't you go run home and cry to your parents!?''

''Dude not cool!''

The kid tried to focus on his hand despite their words. "Uum...''

''Are you attacking or not? Hurry it up!'' The Obelisk finished the angrily. "

The kid cringed from the outburst and closes his eyes. "R-Right! I attack with my Mad Sword Beast!" He declared.

"Wha...?" The three Osiris in the audience were visibly confused by the fact that he didn't use the card they thought he would. The opposing Obelisk smirked as the dinosaur charged the swordsman.

"I activate my face-down card. It's called Reinforcements and I give me 500 attack points. And I think I'll give them to my Marauding Captain." The warrior was powered up as he charged to meet the incoming monster. (1200-1700) With a swing of a sword, he defeated his enemy.

Koharo: 0

''Man...the kid almost had it too,'' Naruto stated.

''It would've been better for Koharo to see that, as well.''

The three of them turned to see Misawa standing next to them with his arms crossed.

"He has skills, but when he's really dueling, he gets nervous and ends up losing.

Koharo was down on his knees, almost on the verge of crying.

''Do you think that a guy like you will be an Obelisk Blue, no matter how hard you try?''The victorious Obelisk and his dorm mates laughed at the diminutive Ra.

The small boy had an angry look on his face as he walked off the stage.

''He's so small he could hang glide a dorito.''

''Dude not cool!''

The anger he displayed made Naruto felt a little uneasy. By his side the image Mana appeared. 'You felt it too? HUH?'

They both silently agreed that the Ra was not quite what he seemed. "By the way, did you guys come to watch?'' Misawa inquired.

"We're looking for a giant," Shou explained.

"A giant?" He gave them a questioning look. ''Isn't there one sitting right next to you?''


''No not that one...the one who can actually duel. The one whose beating all the Obelisk,'' Naruto explained.

''Ah yes I've heard of that rumor.''

"Hey, speaking of…" Naruto indicated on of the exits, "check it out!" They looked to where he was pointing and saw Koharo walking towards a big Ra student who was holding his arms out as if to comfort him. He almost reached the ceiling and was wider than most people.

"Whoa, he's a big guy!" Syrus said.

''Damn! I think he's bigger then Chumley!''

'' you think he could be...''

''Are you suspecting him?'' Miswa inquired? ''No, no...''

''But a big guy like that's hard to find.''

''That's Ohara-kun. he's no duelist; he's trying to be a game designer.''

'He's not a duelist; he's trying to be a game designer, yet he's a student at an academy that teachers how to play children card games and he's in Ra Yellow? Makes perfect sense,'' Naruto sarcastically thought.

Koharo and Oharo were walking through the hallway by themselves, the larger student attempting to console his friend from his loss. "Look, there's some Ra Yellows here walking in the middle of the hallway!'' The Obelisk Brier had dueled approached them with his friends in tow. "Times like this you need to hand or the hallway! Or is that a math problem for you?''

Oharo groaned, but did nothing more than such.

He looked down at his friend who tugged on his sleeve. "Oharo." Both stepped of to the side to make way for the blue students.

''Right you know where you stand!''

The Obelisks didn't notice the glare Koharo sent at them as they walked past.

'Wait! Are those guy going back to the place they just came from?' Naruto thought as he and the other two caught up tot he two yellows.

''Wait a sec!"Koharo stepped back as he saw Naruto, Shou, and Hayato running up to him and Oharo. "Who are you?" he asked cautiously.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He responded to the question and turned looked up at Oharo. ''Didn't think I run into the midnight mysterious duelist so soon.''

Oharo's expression turned into one of surprise, while Koharo took a step forward. "What are you...?" The larger Ra scowled, which caused Shou and Hayato to step back.

"While I think it's funny you knocked some of those Obelisk down a peg or two I myself have some cards I want to test. So let's duel!''


''I don't' really get what you mean, but just stop talking so weirdly! Let's go Oharo.'' He grabbed his friend's hand and lead him away from the Osirises.

''Aniki...Misawa even said it wasn't him, you know.''

''No offense Misawa, but I'll trust my instincts over what he thinks he knows.''

''But I don't think he's the Giant Duelist of the Dark Night! Because he doesn't duel much.''

''If he doesn't duel much then how in the hell is he in Ra Yellow?''Syrus didn't have anything to counter Naruto's statement.''That in itself should have tipped you off.''

It was almost midnight and the three Osirises were currently behind a large stone near the front of the academy. Naruto was peering around the stone, looking for any signs of the Duel Giant, while his friends were being a little spooked out by the night. "Hey guys?" Shou spoke up. "You really think the giant is gonna show up tonight?"

"Shh!" Naruto silenced him. "Just be quiet and wait!''

''While were doing all this, I think it'd be better to finish those reports.'' Hayato said. He didn't get to finish his statement as he was interrupted by a scream coming from in the woods.

"Over there!'' Naruto exclaimed.


The three boys ran for a while, until they found an Obelisk Blue boy kneeling on the ground with his deck strewn about. "You okay dude?"

"He took my cards...rare card's...''

''Tch...better then breaking your legs. Which way did he go?''He pointed ahead and Naruto and the others continued running.

"He's that guy from this afternoon," Hayato realized as he passed by him.

Not too long after, they came into a bit of a clearing where they saw a giant figure with many Obelisk Blue blazers covering him. "Stop right there!"' Naruto shouted.

''Whoa! He's really huge!'' Shou exclaimed. ''Aniki, why don't we get out of here? I mean, this is bad!''

''Alright big guy here and now...duel me! If I lose, I'll forfeit my Jiraiya the Toad Sage card!''

''All right, but don't regret it.'' The giant agreed. They shuffled their decks, placed them in their disks, started them up and drew their cards.

Giant: 4000

Naruto: 4000

''Duel! My turn! Draw! I summon Giant Orc in attack mode." A muscular orc as big as the Duel Giant with a large bone club in its hand appeared in front of him. (2200)

''To think he's already summoned a 2200 Attack monster...''

''Well, after all, he has beaten those Obelisk Blues,'' Hayato responded to Shou's statement.

''A big mistake. A monster like that whose effect switches it to defense mode once it attacks. With a defense of zero it has no mean of fending off the weakest of monsters.''

''My turn has finished.''

''My turn!'' Naruto drew a card. ''I summon Iron Tanuki in defense mode and place one card face down and end my turn.'' (1600)

''M-My turn!'' The giant stuttered. ''Draw! I use Giant Orc to attack Iron Tanuki!''

The monster brought it's bone club down on Naruto's monster destroying it. Then it went into this mode.

''All right! Now he'll beat that Giant Orc!''

''Next, I'll summon Second Goblin in Attack mode!''

''Huh! It's a monster card yet he's playing it as it was a spell,'' Said Shou.

''Once a turn, this card can be equipped onto Giant Orc as an Equip Card. And it can be switched back to Attack mode.''

''Eh...? No way...'''

Hayato nodded. ''It's a well-planned combo.''

''My turn has ended.''

''My turn! I summon Guardian Stone Kitsune in defense mode and activate the spell card Meteor of destruction.'' The effect of the Spell card blew off the blazer and revealed the giant's identity.

Naruto: 4000

Oharo: 3000

''Huh? Oharo-kun?''

''So it really was him?''

''Alright Oharo it's time to show me whatcha got. You and your partner from the bushes..''

Kohara revealed himself, climbing on top of a boulder. He was wearing a head piece.

''Huh? It's that Ra Yellow...''


''How'd you find out?''

''It was simple...his very movements itself were mechanical and distanced. That and he had to had eye-sight like a hawk or something to be able see his cards with sun glasses on while it's dark out. ''

''You're right. He was just dueling as I told him to.''

''It wasn't all that hard to put the pieces together from what I saw this afternoon. Only Obelisk blue being targeted. A giant. A decent duelist whose bullied and couldn't stand pressure. Pieces of a puzzle that all came together. The pressure of being in the arena has been redirected in praying on your tormentors at night so they would know how you feel.''

''It's the same with Oharo...even though he's got a big body, he's afraid and gets treated like junk and stuff. Those damn Obelisk Blues, making fools out of us!''

''So that's why you used the Ante Rule?

''Is there any real point in this?'


''Regardless they still treat you like trash. Losing a duel isn't the end of the world. You just have to pick yourself up and try again. Were at an Academy where it should be about fun instead of the mortifying consequences of losing. You let them browbeat you into believing you were nothing when it was the other way around. They only put you down because they were intimated, afraid of your potential. Ignore this intimidation and duel on through. Once they realize their taunts no longer hold power then theirs not much else they can do.''

''Shut up! Shut up! No matter what you do, we'll win! Let's go Oharo!''

''My turn! Draw! I summon King Goblinin Attack Mode!'' A goblin with royal clothes and a gold crown appeared. ( 0) ''Next, by discarding the Warrior-type monsters I have in my hand tot he cemetery, I'll special summon Half Goblins...'' Green skinned goblins with armor and swords appeared in defense mode. (500). ''I activate Goblin King's special ability. This card Attack and Defense become 1000 points times the number of other Demon-type monsters on the field!'' What Kohara said Oharo mimicked. (3000 Attack) ''Go, King Goblin! Attack Stone Guardian Kitsune!'' The monster punched Guardian Stone Kitsune destroying it. ''I use Giant Orc to attack directly!'' Naruto lost 2100 life points.

Naruto: 1900

Oharo: 3000

With Second Goblin's equip card effect, giant orc is returned into attack mode! I play one card face down and end my turn's finished. How's that? I'm actually strong!''

''That so called strength of yours is nothing but borrowed power. You can't call yourself a real duelist dueling as such. I'll show you how it's really done. Hopefully you'll learned from this and come back a better duelist.''

''Aniki is making an end game comment,'' Shou stated. ''He's going to use a combination to end this duel!''

Naruto drew a card and activated Pot of Greed drawing two more cards. ''Next I activate the spell card Kitsune Revival which allows me to resurrect one Kitsune card from the graveyard and I chose Iron Tanuki! Then I activate the spell card call of the disciple. By removing one monster from my field to the play I can special summon one of three disciple monsters and I choose Frost Vixen, Disciple of Shiva.'' A humanoid/Anthropomorphic Vixen with dark blue fur appeared to the field. Her assets were covered by a white tank top and skirt. In her arm she carried a scepter which was powered by a light blue gem at it's tip.

''I activate my Frost Vixen's special ability and special summon another Disciple monster from my deck to my hand. Now I use Frost Vixen and destroy one of your Half Goblins! Ice Hail Storm!'' Frost Vixen twirled her staff around and tapped it's bottom against the ground. A portal appeared above the Half Goblin as a shower of ice rained upon the monster destroying it. Goblin King's attack power went down by 500. ''Next I activate my Fusion card and fuse the Frost Vixen in my hand with Rai Vixen and Ember Vixen.

''I summon to the field Tri-Elementia Vixen!'' The three monster cards merged and formed a human female with Kitsune ears and three tails, a red, blue, and yellow one. The roots of her hair were red followed by blue and finally yellow. She was wearing a grey armor top with a design of Fire, Ice, and Lightning tattoo across it and a long skirt that reached to her knees. In her hand was a torque with three crystals embedded in it's tip with blade pointing from it's bottom.

''I also play my Nogitsune level four in attack mode! I use it destroy your other Half Goblin.''

Goblin King's attack power dropped to 2000.

''Now I attack your Gobling King with Tri-elemental Vixen.''

''Not so fast I activate my face down trap Zero Gravity.'' All the battle positions of the face up monsters are changed.'' All the monsters were changed to defense mode.

''We'll I'll be damned. I end my turn!''

''Draw!"' Koharo said as Oharo drew a card. ''Next I summon Goblin Black it's special effect I can attack you directly for 1300 life points worth of damage.''

Naruto: 600

Oharo: 3000

''As a result it goes to defense mode. Next I switch Giant Orc to attack mode and destroy your Level four Nogitsune and end my turn.'' Naruto's monster was destroyed as Goblin's king attack went back up to 2500. Giant Orc was also switched by to attack mode by the equip card's effect. Naruto could destroy it with Tri-Elemental and do a thousand life points worth of damage but there was no telling if his opponent had any more direct life dealing damage points. Everything depended on this next draw.

''Aniki,'' Shou said worriedly.

'Don't worry's not over yet.'' Naruto said drawing a card and smirk. ''Luck of the draw. I activate Shield and Sword. All of our monsters Attack and Defense points are switched with each other.'' Naruto's Tri Elemental Vixen now had 2500 for attack.

''Tch...even if you destroy my Giant Orc because it's an attack mode with zero attack points I'll still have 500 life points left over. Not to mention my Goblin King has 2500 Defense points meaning you can't destroy it with your all I have to do is draw a monster and increase my Goblin King's attack to 3,000 since because of his effect he'll gain attack and defense points for each monster on the field.''

''Yeah...but too bad for you Goblin King won't be in Defense for long. I activate the spell card stop defense.'' To Oharo/Koharo's horror Goblin King was switched to defense mode.

''First I'll summon Ten-Ten the Weapon's Mistress in attack mode.'' Out of twin summoning scrolls Ten-Ten appeared out of a puff of smoke. ''I then use her to destroy your Giant Orc.''

Oharo cried out as his monster was destroyed.

Naruto: 600

Oharo: 1100

''As a result your monster's attack drops by 500 attack points to two thousand. Coincidentally my Tri-Elemental Vixen has 1100 more attack points then your monster now. I attack and destroy your Goblin King and when this duel.'' Oharo's life points dropped down to zero.

Naruto: 600

Oharo: 0

''And that's game...''

"Awesome, Aniki!''' Shou graduated.

"Naruto the giant-slayer," Hayato added. ''An attack that was like swords clashing! ''

''We lost. Do what you like.''

''Kohara-Kun! Please, forgive Koharo-kun!'' Oharo pleaded.


''I was really happy when you got angry and worried about me over yourself. That's why I wanted to do something to pay you back. As a duelist, I'm sure you'll really become stronger.''

''But you're going to be a game designer, aren't you?''

He smiled, ''I don't mind.'

''Duelist can fight alone, often needing the strength too, but having allies can have your back and give you the courage to push through. I look forward to dueling again when you find that strength. I'll just tell Chronos it was Chumley!''


''Someday, I'll become even stronger, and I'll be a real duelist! Until then wait for me!''

''You have spirit kid. I look forward to the day.

Koharo nodded a little at this. "Now get out of here before Professor Chronos catches us." The two Ras waved goodbye and ran off.

"You know Aniki, there's a problem with this," he looked at his smaller friend. "Because we let him go, were gonna have to start doing homework again."

''We...whose we...I already did it...''

''Wha? When? How?''

''Trade secret.''

The next morning, Naruto, who was there for moral support, was there with Shou who found himself siting down with a tremendous amount of paper near them, courtesy of Professor Chronos.

He was filling them out as fast as he could in an effort to catch up on his work. "Let me get this straight. That mysterious duelist, you found him, beat him, and then he was able to escape na-no-ne!"

"Yep, that's what happened. For a giant he's surprisingly quick.''

''You Ginger-Tipped-Bastard can't you do anything right! Some of the Obelisk Blue students had their rare cards taken-no ne!''

''They've probably found them by now. I mean I didn't receive an Ante or nothing so it wasn't an Ante game when you think about it.''

''Wait you're saying that you didn't duel using the illegal ante rule, but all the other Obelisks did?" he asked, trying to get over his shock at the same time.

"They did?" Naruto asked managing to sound surprised. managed to sounds surprised. "Are you sure they just didn't misplace their cards? I mean you just they had their cards taken meaning they returned right?''

"So first you find the Duel Giant, then he escapes. First all those cards were lost, now they're found?"

"I've think we've covered that.''

At the same time, Oharo and Koharo were hanging around the academy's front entrance while listening to a bunch of Obelisks talking amongst themselves. "Yeah, I found my rare card this morning too."

''Aah! My Perfect Machine King's back!''

''Whoa same here!''

''What a relief!''

''Thank goodness my card game back!'

The two Ras looked at each other and smiled.


Chapter End




''It looks like your scheme to wreak revenge on the Obelisk Blue have failed Kohara,'' Naruto declared as he wont he duel.

''Damnit! I would have gotten away with it too if worth for you meddling kids and your damn Mini-van!''


Take 2

''It looks like your scheme to wreak revenge on the Obelisk Blue have failed Kohara,'' Naruto declared as he wont he duel.

''Damnit! If it weren't for you meddling kids and your pet Gorilla I would have gotten away with it.''


Take 3

''It looks like your scheme to wreak revenge on the Obelisk Blue have failed Kohara,'' Naruto declared as he wont he duel.

''Damnit! You damn meddling kids and your pet elephant ruined my scheme!"'

'That's it damnit! I had enough of these fat jokes! The hell with all of you! I'm going home.''

''But Chumley!''

''No! Just no! Fuck you!'' Points at Naruto. ''Fuck you!'' Points at Shou! ''Fuck you!'' Points at Kohara. ''You're cool!'' points as Oharo. ''And fuck you too!'' He points at a random squirrel! ''I'm out of here!'' He picks up and rock and flings it hitting Shou.


''Well shit...'' Was all Naruto could say.




A lot of people have been noticing the Jaden/She typos in my chapter. The thing was I already had several chapters typed up going closer to cannon bits with Jaden as female/or twin sister to Judai and have Naruto go a different route starting in Ra Yellow, but I scrapped that idea and decided to do what I'm doing now. I have five more chapters I have to revise which is why I'm getting out the chapters so fast. I would have them out even faster but I need time to come up with ideas for Naruto deck. Excluding the cards for the Prequel (Yugioh) rendition of the story I still have less then 50 cards, not to mention the Kitsune/Shinobi cards I have to come up with other characters.

Let me know if they're anymore typos in the future. Anyway I should have two more chapters out today.




Frost Vixen, Disciple of Shiva


Attribute: Water/Ice

Stars: 4


Defense: 1300

Effect: One of three kitsune disciples of the legendary trio elementals. When summoned to the field add another disciple monster from your deck to your hand.

Ember Vixen, Disciple of Ifrit

Type: Kitsune

Attribute: Fire

Stars: 3

Attack: 1500

Defense: 800

Effect: One of three kitsune disciples of the legendary trio elementals. When summoned to the field add another disciple monster from your deck to your hand.

Description:Has short red hair done in a pony-tail, also humanoid. Wears black armor and crwas.

Rai Vixen, Disciple of Ramuh

Type: Kitsune

Attriute: Thunder

Stars: 5

Attack: 2300

Defense: 1200

Effect: One of three kitsune disciples of the legendary trio elementals. When summoned to the field add another disciple monster from your deck to your hand.

Description: Long Semi-wavy hair. She wears white ceremonial robes and has long blonde hair. At her hips were daggers.

Tri-elemental Vixen

Type: Kitsune

Attribute: Mixed/Fusion

Stars: 8

Attack: 3100

Defense: 2500

Effect: When destroyed or discarded by means other then combat special summon Rai Vixen, Ember Vixen, and Frost Vixen back to the field. Said monsters can not attack the following phase they have been returned.