The Academy Duelist


Naruto x ?


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls


Author's Note


Another classic getting a reimagining. I haven't updated this fic in so long. I can finally get rid of the bad and improve the good. Making this story its own thing. With that enjoy this reimagining.


Story Start


It was a lazily Saturday morning at Duel Academia, the sun was out and the sky was clear blue. Naruto laid peacefully on the bench as he simply enjoyed the peaceful afternoon.

''It's rare to see you all by yourself, Uzumaki-san!''

Naruto opened his eyes to greet the speaker. It was none other than the Obelisk blue Tenjouin Asuka.

''Well hello to you too Tenjouin-san,'' He greeted her with a friendly smile and a hand wave. It was already a peaceful and relaxing day and spending any time with Asuka would without a doubt make it better.

Asuka looked around. ''Where's Marufuji-san and Yukki-san?'' she asked as Naruto shrugged at her question and sat up.

''Judai's probably getting into some sort of trouble and in the case of Shou I heard he's dueling the opponent for the teacher in-training.'' he clarified as he rubbed the back of his neck.

''Ah, Ryuga-san, the teacher-in-training. You know, one of the employment conditions is for new teachers at Academia to duel with 50 students.''

Naruto sat up and stretched his limbs. "50 duels?" 50 duels in a short amount of time sounded like a daunting task. Especially with all the different strategies out there. "So Shou must have volunteered or was picked. I wonder how many duels this guy has won?''

''At this point, he's already gotten 45 consecutive victories!" she informed him to which Naruto jerked up as a look of surprise covered his face? ''45 consecutive wins?'' Even among famed duelist legends forty-five consecutive wins were practically unheard of. Despite Asuka telling him this there was a trouble look on her face. ''By the look on your face there's something more to it?''

''According to the rumors, he takes cards from the students when he wins!''

''The Ante rule? Isn't that an illegal rule, except for special cases on campus? Now that I think about it a lot of kids seem to have forgotten their cards and skipping their practical exams.''

Asuka crossed her arms under her bosom, "Like I said, it's just a rumor!''

''Whatever it is I like to check this out for myself,'' Naruto said as he dusted off his pants. ''Which building are they dueling in?''

In a dueling arena stationed within the Obelisk compound the end of the duel between Shou and the in-trainer was in process. The In-training instructor was Caucasian-American background with raven-colored hair instead of two white strands. His outfit was similar to the Academia instructors minus the crest and his cloak was white symbolizing the absence of color since he was an in-training professor.

Shou didn't know what the hell was going on. Despite his monsters and traps working his magic cards were rendered useless. Despite his effort to duel it was useless. Defeated Shou found himself skulking away in defeat.''Syrus!''

Shou came to a stop and fell to his knees. ''Hey man? What's wrong.''

Shou turned his head and looked up at Naruto with tear-stained eyes. ''Aniki...M-My cards got stolen...''

''What! Who did this?''

In the Obelisk section of the school the teacher was reporting his status to Professor Chronos.

''Ryuuga, your 49 consecutive victories are quite impressive. You have truly met my expectations of you!''

''I humbly thank you for your words of praise. After one more victory, I too shall become staff next year here at the Academia.''

''Exactly, we here at the Academia are looking for nothing but the best. One more victory, don't betray my expectations, Ryuga.''

''Yes sir!'' Heh, Heh...I won't betray your expectations...yet! As soon as I gain entrance to the Academia, I'll dispose of you as soon as possible, Professor Chronos! That's right, as soon as I gain status at this school, I will also gain a voice over the dueling community! And when the students who received my teaching spread across the world, the dueling community will be controlled by my thinking! Well, act all high and mighty while you can...until I flatter you all the way into the school!''

Back with Naruto and Shou in a hallway by the arena. ''That bastard teacher I'll kick his ass.''

''Aniki wait, your opponent is a teacher in training! It's hopeless.'' Shou tried to plead with Naruto who was far too hot-headed to listen.

''Regardless of status a duelist is a duelist. I'll kick his ass all the same.''

''Now where is this bastard?'' Naruto asked as he looked around to see anyone who matched the description he was given.

''Aah! T-That's him!'' Shou exclaimed as he pointed out the man.

''Yo Teme! I have a problem with people like you who steal cards from my friends!'' Naruto rudely exclaimed.

''By ''you'' are you referring to me? Could you be...''

Naruto cut off the man. ''Uzumaki Naruto.''

''Ah, that's right, but is it proper for an Osiris red student to talk in such a manner?'' he taunted the blond. Bringing in the ranking status.

''A fool like many others. A label one get doesn't decide their destiny and all that their worth is. Underestimating me because I'm in Osiris red is a foolish mistake.''

''Ah well...the truth is that I am a card collector of sorts. Marufuji-san over there had some cards that I did not, and he gave them to me.''

''Do we look stupid to you?'' Naruto countered, not being amused at all.

''Well Uzumaki? How many cards would you like to give to me?'' he continued to arrogantly state.

''You really are a fool to think I'll give up my cards that easily.''

''I will be a teacher here as of next year. However, I think it's better for you to think of me as one now. If you give me you cards now, I'll go easy on your grades when the time comes. Actually, I think the cards will be happier being with a duelist of my caliber, and not with leftovers like you all.''

The door to Chrono's office opened. ''I thought I heard a ruckus going on out in front of my room. I see, it was you, trouble maker. And what might you all be doing in a place like this?''

''Well, Marufuji-san here and I were just discussing our duel before and I've heard rumors about how Uzumaki beat you, Professor Chronos, in the entrance exams!''

Chronos frowned, ''I don't wish to remember such a disgraceful thing!''

''If he's so competent I'll be his last opponent.''

Naruto and Chronos exchanged glares.

''Very well. Let us go ahead to the duel arena!'' Chronos said, making way to the arena.
''Well, all you can do is our best! Since your expulsion is right around the corner...Heh, Heh, Heh...'' Ryuuga chortled as Naruto clutched his fist making a mental note to kick said man's ass after the duel where there were no witnesses.

It was the sixth turn of the duel and Naruto was already doing well. He had two cards faced down and two monsters up in attack mode. Night Fox and Dark Flare Knight. (2200)


Name:Night Fox
Level: 5
Type: Kitsune
Attribute: Dark
Attack: 2400
Defense: 600
Description: A humanoid Kitsune wearing thief's clothing. It sleeps during the day while pilfer unwary travelers during the night.


Naruto still had his full life points while Ryuuga had lost 2,250 points.

''I summon Don Turtle! And then, from my hand I activate the magic card Ultra Evolution Pill! I sacrifice Don Turtle in order to special summon Cyber Dinosaur!'' (2500) ''Cyber Dinosaur! Attack Night Fox!''

'Shit!' Naruto thought as Ryuuga's dinosaur destroyed his monster and he lost 100 life points. ''I place 1 card face down. I end my turn.''

Naruto drew a card. 'Damn, I was hoping for change of heart, but this card I was hoping for, but it'll do.'' ''I don't know what you have in mind Osiris Red, but if involves Spell Cards then your only hope of winning this duel has come to an end.'' Ryuuga thought as he adjusted his ring. A frequency beam of some sort shot out and hit Naruto's duel disk.
''The hell?'' Naruto gritted out as he snapped shut his eyes. His ears seemed to ring. 'What the hell was that?' He thought in annoyance. ''Guess I'll have to wait until the end of this duel.''

''I'll start by activating the spell card Block attack...'' Naruto played the spell but nothing was happening. ''What the hell?'' My card...what if it was that noise?

Naruto noticed the smirk on Ryuuga's face. Naruto focus his senses around Ryuuga and honed in on the frequency.

''So that's how he did it. Well two can play that game.'' Faster than anyone's eyes in the arena could see Naruto zipped over, swipe the ring, and returned in place. Anyone watching closely might have noticed a blue and assumed their eyes were playing a trick on them.

''Let's try this again,'' Naruto said as he crushed the ring in his hand. Ryuuga looked on dumb founded then looked at his hand to notice the ring he used to cheat was gone. 'How on earth?''

"I activate the spell Block attack to force your Cyber Dinosaur to defense mode.''

The Cybernetic beast moved from a standing position to crouching position with a defense point of 1900. ''Now I attack with Dark Flare Knight and destroy your monster.'' The Dark knight slashed the mechanical beast to pieces. ''I end my turn.''

Ryuuga drew a card and frowned. His entire strategy was revolved around his opponent's misfortunate with spells. With no longer being able to cheat he had to find another way to beat Naruto. The Hyper Hammerhead he summoned in defense mode would have been originally used with Smashing Ground to destroy a monster on his opponent's side of the field, but with Naruto's monster being Dark Flare Knight which upon destroyed would have summoned a stronger monster which too had an effect of summoning two monsters as a result of its effect ruined that plan quite quickly.

It was now Naruto's turn. ''Your winning streak ends here.'' He then activates one of his face down cards. ''Dark Calling From the Beyond. For exchange of a thousand life points I can summon one Dark aligned monster from my graveyard for one turn. I choose Night Fox.'' The Humanoid thief was summoned back to the field. ''Now I attack your face down monster with Night Fox,'' Naruto's monster attack that was twice his opponent's defense annihilated the Hyper Hammerhead. ''I then attack your life points directly with Dark Flare Knight and that's the end of this duel!''

Whether Red, Yellow, or Blue the students all cheered. Whether for one reason or another they wanted to see that arrogant and cheating bastard gone.

''Way to go Aniki!''

''Whoa man Uzumaki is good.''

''Those Kitsune cards are something!''

After the missing/stolen cards of students were found on Ryuuga he was not only kicked off the campus, but arrested for illegal seizure of property as well.

A few days had passed and it was coming close to the end of the first month at Academia meaning the first of the year's monthly exams. Like many students when it came to tough subjects Shou was studying hard at the last minute/praying to a deity. That deity was none other than Sky Dragon Osiris.

Shou faced the poster of the Egyptian God Card monster while wearing a headband with three cards in them. A Monster Reborn card stood on a small pedestal on the desk along with a lit candle each on both sides of Shou in front of the poster.

"I beseech thee…O Duel God, depending on how I score on today's monthly test, I can get promoted from Osiris Red to Ra Yellow! This is sure to be my…Resurrection of the Dead!"

Shou clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

"Please save poor Shou from the cemetery!" Shou said pleadingly, his voice almost cracking from anxiety. "I beg of you, please!"

''Damnit Shou some of us are trying to dream about our flawless futures and achieving at the job of our choice.'' Naruto pulled the covers up and focused on going back to sleep.

''But Aniki we have half an hour until we have to report in for the test."

''I wouldn't be so worried about Naruto if I were you Shou...'' Hayato started."The test has you compete in your own dorm in both a practical and written part," explained Hayato. "That means all the members of Osiris Red are your enemy."

Shou looked at Hayato with disbelief.

"N-No way…my enemy?" he asked.

Hayato nodded and added, "And since he beat Professor Chronos, Naruto's especially closest to Ra Yellow out of all the Osiris Reds here."

Shou looked at Naruto as he slept before looking back up at Hayato. Hayato grinned.

"If we just leave him be and don't wake him up, we'll gain ourselves the advantage," said Hayato.

Shou glared at Hayato with daggers."I couldn't possibly do that to my Aniki, as his otouto!" Shou snapped, attempting once again to wake Naruto up. "Aniki! Wake up, Aniki! The test is gonna start, Aniki!"

'Hhm what's that Asuka? You want me to go with the coconut oil instead of baby oil?' Naruto was dreaming a dream far too good to wake up from.

Shou scowled as his attempt failed. He stood up and started to make his way out of the room.

"Aniki… damn it!" Shou swore as he barged right out of the room. "Aniki!"

Hayato looked over at the door as Shou slammed it behind him. The koala-resembling boy sweat dropped.

Shou ran towards the Main Academy Building, his thoughts focused on something else.

"That's right," he thought. "This is a duelist's battlefield. I have to beat them before they beat me. I'm trying to be a hard-boiled duelist!"

Shou had just run on to the pathway when he tripped and landed flat face-first.

Sometime passed and Naruto was soon dashing out of the dorm as he headed for the school. The others could have least woken him up...the bastards. Even Judai hadn't bother to wake him up. Probably because of the prospect of today being mostly consisted of duels. It was then something caught Naruto's eyes.

It was a woman, probably within her mid-thirties or so with brown eyes behind oval-lensed glasses and long, brown hair in a braid, trying to push a van up the slope in the path. Naruto came to a sudden stop. Naruto ran towards the woman and proceeded to help her push the van up the slope. "I'll give you a hand, obaa-san!"

The woman looked back at Naruto, baffled.

"You'll be late!" she said. "Don't you have a test today?"

Naruto nodded his head and tightened his fists.

'''I know but I'm not one to typically ignore a person in trouble.''

The woman smiled as she proceeded to move the van up, with help from Naruto."Thanks a bunch!" she said.

Both Naruto and the woman managed to get the van moving after a few tries and proceeded to push it up the hill.

"Nothing to it...''

Later within the Main Academy Building.

Everyone within the room was taking their exam…well, everyone except Shou. Shou had fallen asleep right on top of his exam.

"Aniki…" he said in his sleep. "Aniki…I'm sorry…Aniki…"

"Unforgivable!" Snapped a voice. "Absolutely unforgivable!"

Shou woke up wide-eyed and turned to look at Naruto who just smirk.

''All that studying and you just doze off. Better get to work, hate to see all that studying and praying go to waste.''

Shou laughed awkwardly.

"A-Aniki…" he said.

Manjoume, having been taking his exam, overheard Naruto and Shou. A vein popped out on his forehead as his eye twitched slightly. He stood up from his seat and placed his hands on his desk as he looked down at Naruto and Shou.

"You're a pest, Osiris Red!" snapped Manjoume. "Shut your trap! If you don't plan on taking the test, then beat it!"

Naruto scowled and faced Manjoume with tightened fists.

"Oi rich boy, bite me!'' Naruto remarked.

Having overheard everything from at the center of the room was Daitokuji.

"Uzumaki-kun, come down here and get a testing sheet...!" said Daitokuji. "There's not much time left-nya!"

Naruto did a 180 and did a salute. ''Right away sir...of course sir.''

From within her seat, Asuka's expression was stern at Naruto's behavior as well as a few others.

''I can't believe he was this late and showing no consideration for the written test,'' thought Asuka.

Daichi watched from his seat as Naruto took her test from Daitokuji.

"How could you be so negligent and yet have such considerable skills, Uzumaki Naruto?" Daichi thought as he watched Naruto run back up towards his seat.

A few moments later into the test, the students sitting by Naruto and Shou glared at them as they were both asleep. Laughing to himself as he watched them sleep on was Professor Chronos.

"He finished herself off on the written test, just as I suspected!" Professor Chronos said to himself as he grinned. "All that remains is the practical skills test…"

Professor Chronos laughed to himself again, his grin never leaving his face as he covered his mouth.

"I look forward to that!" he thought.

The test was over once the voice on the intercom announced it.

"In addition, the practical skills test will take place in the gymnasium at 2:00 PM!"

With that announced, everyone quickly rushed out of their classes to get the new cards that the store would have received today. They were like animals in a stampede as they ran out of the Main Academy Building.

Manjoume straightened out his test papers as his two groupies walked up to him.

"Let's hurry!" said the spiky-haired boy. "We have to hurry up!"

Manjoume looked over his papers.

"I know," he said.

Manjoume's groupies ran out of the room to go check out the new cards. With that, the room was empty save for Naruto, Shou, and Daichi, who was trying to wake them up.

"Hey, you two!" said Daichi. "Wake up! The test is already over!"

'I think the black one looks better on you then the red one Asuka-chan.''

Shou immediately woke up wide-eyed and stood up in his seat at the same time. After a few seconds, a stream of tears ran down his cheeks as his spirits sank low and he shrugged.

"Now I've done it…why did I even study?" Shou sighed in depression.

Naruto woke up a few seconds ago and overheard Shou.

''Relax Shou...I mean when it comes to real dueling written tests only go so far. The most practical application is to test how well you memorized the information. This test in afternoon is where it really counts.'' Naruto reassured.

"Huh?" Judai stirred from his sleep. "Where is everyone?"

"They're at the store," answered Daichi. "They're getting a large quantity of brand new cards during the lunch break, after all."

Shou went wide-eyed as he looked astonished.

"H-Huh!" exclaimed Shou. "A large shipment of cards?"

Daichi grinned and held out his hand."Everybody went down there to buy some, trying to reinforce their decks for the practical skills test this afternoon.''

"W-What about you, Misawa-kun?" Asked Shou.

Daichi kept grinning. "I'm confident in my deck as it is," he said. "I don't need any new cards."

Shou looked at Naruto."W-What about you, Aniki?" asked Shou.

''I suppose it wouldn't hurt to see what they shipped. Better than sitting her and doing nothing."

At the store, students were banging their fists on the overhead door that prevented them from entering. Most were impatient to see the new cards and were shouting for the store to open.

"Open up!" They screamed. "Open up! Hurry up and show us the rare cards!"

The sounds of cars screeching as they came to a stop followed by men wearing the same uniform and holding the same baton made everyone stop what they were doing and look back. Everyone looked wide-eyed at the men.

"Who are they?"

The men surrounded the students and ordered them to step back. Afterwards, the men lined up in two separate lines facing each other on the opposite sides. A man in a white uniform walked in the middle of them carrying a suitcase.

"What you guys want…" he said, holding up the suitcase with a big grin. "…is right in here!"

The students cheered and clapped as the man lifted up the overhead door to enter the store. Before entering, the man looked at the students.

"And we're selling them…right now," he said, walking into the store.

The students all smiled widely and ecstatically.

"At last, the rare cards are…" said everyone.

The overhead door opened up fully, revealing an opened suitcase set on a table with a small package within the suitcase that said…'Sold'. The students fell back anime-style as they wailed.

"…not here!" they wailed. "What is the meaning of this?"

The counter girl gestured at the man in the black trench coat standing by the empty suitcase.

"This person has purchased them all," she said.

The students looked at the guy as he held up his hand. "I have already paid the price in full," he said.

Outbursts and complaints filled the room as the students glared daggers at the man who purchased the cards.

"That's low!" said someone.

"Hogging them all to yourself, huh!" said another.

"You fiend!" Added someone else.

Judai and Shou dashed out of the door as they made their way to the store.

Both Osiris Reds slid to a stop and noticed the store was completely empty…save for the counter girl.


"If no one's here…does that mean they've been bought already!"

Judai and Shou ran towards the counter. "Hello! Excuse me miss but what happened to all the new cards?''

"Well, there were a lot of students here to buy cards…" she explained, sliding down a green package onto the counter to show them. "…and this is the only one we have left."

Shou and Naruto looked at the package with shock.

"Huh!" They both exclaimed. "J-Just one!"

"Well that's rather annoying." Naruto exclaimed as he walked up.

"What should we do, Aniki?" Shou asked Naruto, his expression turning anxious. "We bombed the written test, so if we can at least beef up our decks for the practical part…"

''You and Judai should split it.''

Shou looked at Naruto awestruck.

"You're letting us have it?" Asked Shou. "It's the very last pack!"

''I know it.''

Shou frowned. "But Aniki, today's a really big test!" said Shou. "And we're mutual enemies, too…"

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Shou perplexed.

Naruto snorted,"Enemies? Who on earth gave you that idea?''

Shou kept his frown as he began his explanation. "Well, you see…" he said.

Naruto cut Shou,''Meh tell me later. We'll have to focus on passing this test first.''

Shou's eyes began to water at Naruto's generosity."Aniki…" said Shou.

"Wait just a minute there!" said a voice.

Shou, Judai, Naruto, and the counter woman turned to see an older woman walk up to them. Naruto smiled, recognizing the woman as the one she helped out earlier.

"Ah, it's Granny from this morning!"

The older woman looked at Naruto kindly.

"It's not 'Granny'," she said. "Call me 'Tome'."

Naruto smiled at Tome. "So, you work at the store, Tome-san, huh?"

Shou looked at Naruto questioningly. "Do you know her, Aniki?" asked Shou.

''More or less...''

Tome waved at Naruto to catch his attention. "That aside come on over here. I've got something that's very nice.''

Elsewhere Manjoume looked at the deck of cards constructed in his hand which consisted of the many rare cards that Chronos purchased and then the makeshift grave he made with a rock over it. As much as he didn't want to believe Chrono's words of Naruto's victory over Asuka, the much praised Obelisk Queen, it wasn't in Chronos character to admit any failures of the Obelisk blues, especially one of his star pupils. That and Chronos seemed quite adamant at get Naruto expelled for beating him at a children's card game. Going so far as to fix up a match between the two, despite the duelist being from different dorms.

At an early age Manjoume started dueling at which he obtained a mysterious card...a card with a spirit residing within...he thought it was his destiny to become a dueling god and working with that card he entered into many junior champion ships and won them all. Back then, dueling with his spirit...he couldn't help but have fun. And then he enrolled into Duel Academia.

His grades on the school entrance exam ranked him in the distinguished Obelisk Blue. For one as experienced dueling championship winner as him it felt like a fitting rank but...''

''How could he have gotten into blue already?''

''Even though the one who topped the exams, Misawa is only yellow!''

''It's gotta be because he's part of the Manjoume family!''

''Tch! That's the power of money for you!''

The jealousy and sneers behind his back were quite rampant. He would show those bastards that slandered him just what he could do. Going so far as to seal way the one who fought with him these shackles himself.

Naruto found himself opposite side of Manjoume. With the idea of promotion to Ra Yellow over his head if he won the duel.

Both duelists placed their decks within their duel disks as Professor Chronos ran away from them as the duel began.

"Duel!" They said.


Naruto: 4000

Manjoume: 4000


''Ready richboy?'' Naruto taunted.

"That's Manjoume-san!" snapped Manjoume.

Naruto ignored Manjoume and reached for his deck.

"I'll go first," Naruto said, drawing a card.

''I'll play Guardian Stone Kitsune in defense mode and another card face down and end my turn.''


Guardian Stone Kitsune

Type: Kitsune

Attribute: Earth

Stars: 4

Attack: 500

Defense: 2200

Description: A kitsune warrior that gave up its fleshly body and power to become a stone guardian. It's massive stone frame protects its allies against all attacks.


"I end my turn," said Naruto

Manjoume laughed quietly at Naruto's actions.

"Even if you inherited those legendary cards doesn't mean you have what it takes to wield them…" said Manjoume. "I'll show you difference between our skills.''

"Draw!" said Manjoume.

Manjoume smirked at Naruto's changed expression and not to mention the fact the card he drew was the one he got from Professor Chronos.

"And already, it's a rare card I got from Professor Chronos…" thought Manjoume. "I activate the spell card, Magical Mallet!"

''I'm curious...what effect does that card have?''

Manjoume smirked and began his explanation.

"By shuffling this card, along with any cards I don't want in my hand, back into my deck…I'll draw that many new cards!" explained Manjoume. He looked at all four cards in his hand and smirked. "And now, I'll…"

Shou gasped.

"Huh?" exclaimed Shou. "He's going to replace all four cards!"

Daichi, keeping his expression neutral and serious, explained to Shou, Manjoume's intentions.

"If you can drop any cards from your hand you don't want and replace them…your chances of getting the cards you want into your hand gets higher," said Daichi.

"What's more, Magical Mallet isn't a one-time use card," said Manjoume. "Since it'll keep returning to my deck, it'll keep going right back into my hand."

As if to prove his point, Manjoume drew one card and showed it to Naruto. Naruto frowned upon seeing what card it was. It was Magical Mallet.

"Damn...this duel just got a lot harder…"

Smirking, Manjoume activated Magical Mallet again.

"I'll return Magical Mallet and another card into my deck and draw two cards again!" Manjoume said, holding up a card he drew. "Come forth! I summon V-Tiger Jet in attack mode!"

A huge, tiger-like jet appeared on the Manjoume's side of the field with 1600 attack points.

"Next, from my hand, I activate the continuous spell card, Frontline Base!" said Manjoume. "Once each turn, I can special summon a Level-4 or below monster from my hand! And this turn, I'll special summon W-Wing Catapult in attack mode!" This time a blue, plane-like monster appeared on Manjoume's side of the field. "Gentlemen start your engines," said Manjoume. "Now merge!" W-Wing Catapult and V-Tiger Jet flew up into the air and merged with each other by connecting to one another. "VW-Tiger Catapult!" Manjoume announced as the merged creature now had an attack power of 2000.

Naruto's face remained impassive at this creature.

"However, my turn has far from ended yet."

"Next, I activate VW-Tiger Catapult's special effect! By discarding a card in my hand, it switches an opponent's monster into attack mode!" s

Shou and Daichi were surprised.

"No fair!" said Shou. "If his 500 attack guardian stone kitsune gets hit with an attack…"

Manjoume laughed as Guardian stone Kitsune switched from his defensive stance to an offensive one. Though, that was cut short when Naruto activated his face down card Waboku.

''I'm not foolish enough not to cover my bases. The strategies I use on my opponents I figure a counter-defense in case their used on me. As such a card effect or spell used to switch a defensive monster to offense. A 1 in 50 chance is what I figure against a standard opponent and looks like those odds were right. Better luck next time Manjoume.''

Manjoume could only snarl as his perfect start was undone with the effect of a single card.

Watching the duel from above in a different room, were Professor Chronos and Samejima. Professor Chronos frowned as he pressed his hands against the glass to support himself as he got a closer look at the duel.

''What are you doing Signore Manjoume? After I spent all those money on those blasted cards you better not fail me.''

Samejima watched the duel closely as Manjoume placed a card face down to finish his turn.
''Now it's my turn!'' Naruto said drawing a card. ''I play the Iron Tanuki in defense mode.'' A tank sized metal Tanuki appeared on Naruto's side of the field. ''I also place another card face down and with that I end my turn.''


Iron Tanuki
Stars: 3
Attribute: Metal
Attack: 700
Defense: 1600
Description: A battle machine constructed in the shape of a Tanuki it's tough hull makes most standard weaponry ineffective.


Shou looked at Naruto surprised.

"Huh?" said Shou. "What is Aniki doing? Defense mode isn't like Aniki at all…"

"With what he's facing at 2000 ATK, it must be the only thing he can do," said Daichi.

Shou looked at Bastion.

"B-But…" he said.

Asuka, somewhere within the gymnasium, looked at Naruto concerned.

"Naruto, this can't be all you've got…" thought Asuka.

Naruto grinned at Manjoume.

"Well 'Rich boy' it's your turn now,'' Naruto mocked.

"Quit it with that!" Snapped Manjoume.

Naruto grinned. ''Well prove it by beating me. Show me it's your skills that got you into blue.''

Manjoume drew a card and looked at it, smirking afterwards.

"I summon X-Head Cannon in attack mode! Next, with the effect of the continuous spell card, Frontline Base, I special-summon Z-Metal Tank!"

With X-Head Cannon with an attack of 1800 and Z-Metal Tank with an attack of 1500 appeared on the field looking like their name suggests on the field with VW-Tiger Catapult, Naruto looked at them, astonished.

''Aw hell...'' He murmured softly as visions of Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior came to mind.

Manjoume's smirk widened.

"What's wrong? Speechless," said Manjoume.

Shou and Bastion looked at Manjoume's monsters and gaped.

"Since he has X and Z, that means the only card left is…!" said Shou.

"Reverse card, open!" Manjoume said, his face-down card turning up. "I can use Call of the Living Dead's effect to revive a Monster card from my graveyard! And that monster is…"

A red, robotic-like dragon appeared on the field.

"It's Y!" exclaimed Shou.

Daichi clenched his teeth.

"T-This is bad!" said Daichi.

"Here we go, Uzumaki!" said Manjoume. "I combine X, Y, and Z together!"

Said monsters merged together.

Everyone within the gymnasium looked at the field agape.

"There are two monsters on the field with an ATK of 2000 or higher…" said Daichi. "Does Naruto have any chance of winning?"

"There's more!" said Manjoume."I'm not done yet! I'm going to use my VW-Tiger Catapult and my XYZ-Dragon Cannon for a combination summon again!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon and VW-Tiger Catapult flew into the air and combined with one another, forming into a huge, bipedal-monster with an attack of 3000 attack points.

"This is my VXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon!" said Manjoume.

Everyone looked at V-to-Z Dragon Catapult Dragon agape in shock.

"And VXYZ's special ability activates!" said Manjoume.

A small whirlwind surrounded Naruto's Guardian Stone Kitsune and caused him to disappear. "VXYZ is able to remove an opponent's card once per turn. Taste and savor it. The sadness of the one who has nothing…"

Meanwhile with Samejima and Chronos~

Professor Chronos watched the duel eagerly.

"This is simply the best!" said Professor Chronos. "That whiskered punk will be dropping out any moment now!"

"VXYZ, attack that player directly!"

''I don't think so...'' He said activating his trap. ''Infinite Dismissal. Your monster is paralyzed is paralyzed for one turn.''

Manjoume scowled as Naruto laughed a bit.

''My turn,'' He drew a card. ''First I activate the magic card newborn miracle. By discarding one Kitsune card from my hand I can special summon the monster Newborn Kit from my deck to the field.''

A new born baby kitsune appeared on the field in defense mode.


New Born Kit

Stars: 1

Type: Kitsune

Attribute: Light

Attack: 400

Defense: 200

Effect: When destroyed by an opponent special summon one Mother Kitsune to the field.


About most of the female population residing in the gymnasium all squealed over the baby Kit.

"Cu~tie!" they squealed.

''Next I'll play level four Nogitsune in defense mode and another card face down and end my turn.''

''Tch...I'll start by using VXYZ's special ability to remove your level four Nogitsune then I'll squash your little pest. VXYZ Catapult Canon destroy his Newborn Baby Kit.'' After destroying Naruto's monster Manjoume didn't get the reaction he thought he would.

''You monster!''

''Oh my god he killed that poor baby Kitsune!''

''You jerk!''

The female populous was not happy.

''Yeah Manjoume why'd you do it? What did my Newborn Kit ever do you know?'' Naruto asked, trying his damnest not to laugh.

''Yeah, what did it ever do you?'' Another female student asked.

''Oh come on!''

''Newborn Kit's sacrifice will not be in vain. I activate its special ability by summoning Mother Kitsune to the field in attack mode.''

A larger than normal fox with two tails appeared on the field.


Mother Kitsune

Attribute: None


Stars: 7


Defense: 1200

Effect: When Mother Kitsune destroys the monster that destroys Newborn Kit as long as that monster is in attack mode it does the additional damage of its attack points to opponent's life points directly.


''Tch your monster is four hundred life points too weak to defeat mine Osiris Red.''

''Ah but...'' Naruto held up the card in his hand. ''I still have the cards in my hand and one card face down. Now let me show you my kind of combination. First I activate Meteor of destruction which does 1000 life points weren't of damage as long as your life points are 3,000 or more.'' A holographic meteor crashed into Manjoume who groaned in pain.


Naruto: 4000

Manjoume: 3000


''I then activate the spell card Kitsune Ascension which add seven hundred life points to my Mother Kitsune giving it an attack power boost of 3,400.''

Manjoume looked on at horror at what that meant.

''Now I attack your monster with Mother Kitsune!'' Mother Kitsune charged forward as it tackled the monstrosity. Both monsters are then consumed with blue flame and when it dies down only Mother Kitsune remained.


Naruto: 4000

Manjoume: 2500


''And to finish things I activate Mother Kitsune's special effect. When destroying the monster responsible for destroying Newborn Kit I deal the exact damage of Mother Kitsune's original attack points as long as that monster is in attack mode.''

Manjoume could only look on in horror as he was attack by the monster and his life points dropped to zero.

Shou watched astonished before breaking into a wide smile and cheering like the rest of the students.

"You did it!" Yelled someone.

Shou jumped up and pumped his fist into the air, his grin never leaving his face.

"You did it, Aniki!" said Shou.

"Way to go Naruto! That was an awesome game man!" Judai cheered.

Professor Chronos stared at the outcome of the duel with disbelief. Samejima had his hands on his hips.

"To have that many rare cards and lose…" said Professor Chronos.

Samejima stared at Professor Chronos and grinned.

"It appears that there were grounds for him beating you, Professor Chronos," said Samejima.

Professor Chronos froze and began to walk out of the room.

"You really must excuse me!" said Professor Chronos.

Chuckling, Samejima stared at Naruto who raised his hand in a fist.

Manjoume was still on the ground from his loss. He looked up at Naruto and glared at him with daggers.

"Naruto…" said Manjoume.

''Despite my comments I do admit Manjoume you're actually a decent duelist.''

''I don't need your pity Uzumaki!'' the raven haired boy snarled at him.

''Good...I have no pity to give. A lot of duelists fall into a trap of trying to get out tributes quickly to summon their strongest monster. The thing was you relied far too much on that Canon monster. Even low-level monsters have a set purpose if you use effective counters and other strategies with spells and traps. Relying on a high level monster will only hold you back. When I duel I duel with all my cards as if they're a part of me. The same belief I've always had in my comrades long before I became a duelist. Think about that Manjoume. I look forward to when we duel next time,'' Naruto finished as Judai, Shou and Daichi ran up to him.

"Hey!" shouted Shou. "Hey, Aniki!"

Suddenly, Samejima spoke on the intercom.

"You have shown me, Uzumaki Naruto," said Samejima. "Your trust in your deck, your dueling aptitude relying on skill instead of raw power…and most importantly, a dueling soul that never gives up in a fight… These are things I'm sure everyone here has acknowledged. So, as the winner, Uzumakii-kun, you are…being promoted to Ra Yellow!"

The crowed congratulated Naruto for his promotion. Naruto rubbed the back of his head and yelped slightly when Shou jumped and grabbed him around the waist, giving him a hug.

"You're incredible!" said Shou. "You're just awesome, Aniki! You've overwhelm me!"

''Uum Syrus we talked about this. Personal space,'' He said trying to pry the kid off him.

Daichi placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder, causing him to look up.

"Uzumaki Naruto, congratulations, and welcome to Ra Yellow," said Daichi.

Holding out his hand, Daichi smiled at Naruto. Naruto smiled and took his hand.

"Right...''Naruto smiled and laughed as confetti rained down from the ceiling. The students cheered for Naruto. Shou stared at him with awe and happiness.

"So, now, Aniki is an official Ra Yellow student," thought Shou. "It's gonna be lonely being separated from my Aniki, but…I suppose this is for the best."

Naruto waved to everyone as they clapped for him.

"Congratulations, Aniki…" thought Shou. "Congratulations!"

At the Osiris Red Dorm Shou had just explained to Hayato what had happened.

"Pretty strange…" said Hayato. "There's no way a guy could switch from Osiris Red so quickly, after all."

Hayato stared at Shou, who was sitting by the desk, from his bed.

"That may be, but Aniki's already off in Ra Yellow…" said Shou.

Suddenly Judai realized something. "Oh man, I never got a chance to duel him."

The door suddenly opened and the person Shou least expected to come back entered.

"'How's it hanging?''

Shou stood up from his seat, ecstatic though surprised at the sight of Naruto.

"'Sup…guys…?" repeated Shou. "What're you doing here?"

''Well...I figure things would be boring without you guys. It wouldn't be as fun if I left my buddies behind. So I think I can wait until you guys promote with me or in Hayato's case get Diabetes. Whichever is first.'' That and they ran out of yellow jackets and won't get another shipment until halfway through the semester. The bastards.


Naruto looked up at the upper. ''You can complain when you stop buying snack cakes from me.''

For some reason, something within Shou was overjoyed at that statement. To show it, Shou ran towards Naruto.

"Aniki!" said Shou.

Shou wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and hugged him tightly as he cried in happiness.

''Damnit Shou I already told you human contact is my weakness. Let go.''

Shou looked up at Naruto with water eyes.

"I'm so happy, Aniki!" sobbed Shou. "To think that we still get to stay together!"

''Damnit let go!''

''I bet if it was Asuka you wouldn't be complaining,'' Hayato remarked.

''Oh hell yeah I wouldn't be complaining! I'd open to those breasts with open arms. Not to mention the rest of her? Best...hug...ever...''

Shou sniffed,''Same old perverted old Aniki.''

''Hey! Anyway seriously man let go. If I have to drop kick you I will. The last thing we need is to give anyone ideas about shit that doesn't happen here.'' Naruto managed to extract himself from Shou. ''Now if you guys excuse me I have to go take advantage of the knowledge of my card Newborn Kit being a magnet for girls who love cute things.'' And with that Naruto was off.