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Story Start

'''s finally time for our real duel!''
Asuka thought as she and Naruto finished shuffling each other's cards. They went back to their respective places. ''Time after time again we've dueled and I've lost. From the moment we met I always knew something was different about you, despite the fact you ended up in Osiris Red and you've gone on to prove me right. You've helped me learn so much.''Asuka drew her card and went first. She placed Cold Enchanter in face down Defense mode. (1600) Then set a card in face down position.

''I summon ANBU of Konoha in attack mode.'' (1800) Naruto then played another card, ''I activate Spell Sanctuary. First this allows us to add a Spell Card from our deck to our hands.'' Naruto stated as they both searched through their decks and picked out a card. ''Spell Sanctuary being a continuous spell card remains in play. It allows both us to activate any kind of spell card during our opponent's turn as long as it is face down.'' he explained then he set a card. 'You've come a long way as a Duelist Asuka. I can see it now, your determination, your conviction, now is the time to back up that desire.'

Asuka began her turn, drawing her next card and seeing it was Cross Sacrifice. This spell card would allow her to select any monsters her opponent to control and use them as tribute sacrifices in addition to her own monsters. This was going to come in handy later. ''First I flip over Cold Enchanter and activate her special ability. By discarding one card I place an ice counter on your ANBU of Konoha. As a result she gains three hundred attack power. I now switch her to attack mode.'' (1900) ''Then I set another monster in face down defense mode and end my turn.'' (1800) she finished, placing Empress's Knight in defense mode.

Naruto drew a card from his deck. Not what he needed. '''I place Masked ANBU Otter in defense mode.'' (1700) ''And set a card face down. I now activate my trap card Lightforce Sword. I chose to remove the card on the far right of your hand. That card is removed from play until your fourth Standby Phase.'' he said as Asuka was forced to remove Cross Sacrifice.''Now, let's see what trick you have up your sleeve.''

''I summon Empress's Guard in defense mode.'' (2000) ''I then activate Pot of Greed.'' Asuka's hands now retained four cards. ''I now use Cold Enchanter to attack your ANBU of Konoha.'' she declared as Naruto's monster was frozen by ice then shattered by Cold Enchanter's staff. Three more turns until she can regain Cross Sacrifice. ''With that I end my turn.''

''Alright my turn! First I activate my Pot of Greed as well, not to mention Jar of Greed to draw an additional card.'' he began as his hand now had four cards. ''I then summon Chibi Kit in defense mode.'' (300) ''I then activate the spell card Yoko reporduction. ''I pay 500 life points for each space I wish to make copies of a level one or two monster so I pay 2000 life points.'' As a result all of Naruto's monsters zones were filled. ''I end my turn.''
Asuka: 8000
Naruto: 5900

A small frowned form Asuka's face. Even if she attacked with all her monsters Naruto would not only have two potential sacrifices, but her monster weaker in defense like Empress's Guard would be exposed, allowing him to do a lot of damage to her life points total. Two more Stanby phases until she could use Soul Exchange. ''Draw!'' with her next card drawn she could only by time. ''I activate the spell Card Artic Tundra.'' Now that this card is in play every following monster you normal, flip, or special summons gains an ice counter on it or I can chose to place one frozen counter on this card. I then summon Frozen Hound of the Empress in defense mode.'' (1500) A creature with thick, white snow fur was summoned. ''I end my turn!''

''I tribute one of my Chibi Kits and summon Rai Vixen, Disciple of Ramuh!'' (2300) ''Now I choose to attack your Cold Enchanter!''

''Not so fast! I activate Twin pillars of Ice! Since I control a face up monster I place this card in the Spell and trap card zone with 2 Ice Pillars on it. This card is treated as a Continuous Spell Card. I remove one of my Ice Pillar Counters so not only is my monster not destroyed in battle, all battle damage is reduced to zero.'' she declared as Naruto's attack was rendered ineffective.

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle. ''That ice of yours has always proved troubling. Something tells me you're going to try and make the most of it.''

''Hey what can I say, its what I do.'' she replied, using one of Naruto's own phrases causing him to chuckle even harder. ''I play Different Dimension Capsule. This allows me to select one card and remove it from play. During my second standby phase after its activation I can destroy this card and add the removed card from my hand. Though I end my turn this time I'm going back full force in the following turns.''

''My turn! Draw!'' she exclaimed as she drew a monster. 'This is bad. The card he chose can only be Osiris. ''I tribute Empress's Solider. from my hand along with Empress's Knight, and Empress's Guard to summon Empress's Batallion.'' (2800) ''I end my turn!'' Next turn she would be able to gain control of her removed monster.

''Alright, let's see what I get.'' Naruto replied as he drew his card. ''Not something I can use.'' he admitted with a twitch. ''I end my turn.'' he said with a shrug.
Asuka drew her next card. ''Alright, here I go. First I activate Cold Enchanter's special ability. By discarding one card from my hand I place an ice counter on your Rai Vixen, Disciple of Ramuh. Then I activate my face down card Frozen Embrace of the Empress. Your monsters with Frozen counters now lose the ability to attack, switch battle positions, and can't be used as a tribute. For every counter on them the monsters can't attack for those numbers of turns.'' she explained. ''I set a card face down and end my turn!''

Naruto began his turn by drawing a card. He drew Cyber Kitsune, that would allow him to take out Asuka's monster. ''I tribute one of my Chibi Kits and summon Cyber Kitsune in attack mode.'' (2300) ''I now attack your Cold Enchanter.''

''Reverse Card open!'' Asuka's Blizzard wall appeared. ''I switch Cold Enchanter to defense mode.'' she explained as the Ice User was destroyed. ''As a result an ice counter is now placed on your Cyber Kitsune.'' she finished as Naruto's monster was frozen over.

Back in the arena everyone was watching with rapt attention. ''Man, Asuka-san really has Naruto-san on the ropes.'' Junko commented.

''Yeah, and they haven't even brought you their stronger monsters yet. It Asuka-san continues there's now way Uzumaki will pull out a win.''

''No way!'' Shou exclaimed. ''Aniki has gotten out fo worse jams then this. He won't go that so easily!'' he argued.

''But he already lost a previous round against Asuka-san! How many people have you've seen done that?'' she argued.

''In the end it all comes down to one thing!'' Misawa cut in. ''Naruto-san's impeccible strategy and drawing power versus Asuka-san's new duelist prowess.''

Back at the duel Naruto began his turn. ''I kept in my how much of a pain your counters could be. I made sure to have a few spells that could counter your traps and spell. Luckily I can happened to draw Mystical Space Typhoon. Now I chose to destroy your Frozen Embrace of the Empress.'' he began getting rid of a potential problem as his Rai Vixen was now once more usable. ''Now, I activate Sacrifice and Gain. I tribute 1500 life points to draw three cards. I now destroy my different Dimension Spell Card to summon The Oshirisu no Tenkūryū. I now tribute my Chibi Kits and Rai Vixen to summon Sky Dragon Osiris!'' the weather began to change as harsh, hurricane winds and thunders echoed in the background. Asuka crouched down, using her arm to hold down her deck while using other hand to hold down her skirt. ''The heavens twist and thunder roars, signaling the coming of this ancient creature, and the dawn of true power.'' a powerful red glow erupted from the card and went into the sky. The massive form of Osiris appeared out of the sky as section of its body appeared out of the clouds that formed. Its head emerge from the dark cloud as a roar echoed from is two mouths. (5000)

The Students and staff alike were awestruck. ''Aah, so this is God Osiris in the flesh. It looks absolutely glorious.'' Pegasus stated as he took a sip of his 'fruit juice.'

Naruto Sr. meanwhile merely just watched. 'A battle between two gods. Its always an interesting site. Now other, lets see what you got.'

''My word and here I thought the God Cards were hidden away in a place only Motou could get too.'' One of the members of the Chair spoke from a nearby table. ''Lord knows many people put both time and money into trying to get their hands on them.'' this person was an older gentleman. Stuffy mustache, balding head, and dressed in navy blue clothing.

''Though I questioned the wisdom of letting school children use such cards. They should be in a museum.'' another chair member spoke. This time a rather plump woman with pearls around her neck.

It was always a spectable. People on corporations and boards following the money and never having picked up a dueling monster card in their life. ''It appears this duel is in Junior's favor, no?'' Pegasus asked the elder Naruto.

''He hasn't had much to push him. Asuka-san on the other hand had to fight to push herself to be on this level. Having someone that talented willing to put in some hard work makes the most frightening progress.'' Senior replied as Junior continued his duel.

''Now Osiris! Attack her Empress's Batalion!'' Naruto ordered as Osiris fired a beam of power from his mouth obliterating Asuka's monster. ''And now I play a Spell card from my hand, Lullaby of Obedience. By paying 1,000 life points I can take a monster from my opponents deck with eight stars or higher as long as I guess the correct name of the monster in my Opponent's deck.'' Asuka's eyes widened in horror at that revelation. Naruto was going to take the Oberisuku no Kyoshinhei from her deck. ''Giant God Soldier of Obelisk otherwise known as God Obelisk.''

Asuka: 5800
Naruto: 3400

Their friends watched as the two of them met in the center as Asuka handed Naruto her god card.

''No! So cruel! What's Asuka suppose to do now?'' Junko wondered. The gang were all on the edge of their seats. Osiris's presence could be felt from there, even to those who weren't spiritual sensitive. An explosion of chatters, rumors, and exclamation followed the summoning of Osiris.

''Oh man he's unstoppable! He's got two god cards man!''

''Asuqueen is toast! How do you beat a God card without a God card?''

''Man. Red King might be as good as Kaiser.''

''Asuka-san is backed in a corner.'' Misawa began with a terse frown. ''This very duel could devolve into a game of chicken depending on how its played. Using her monsters to destroy Naruto's weaker monsters leaves her vunerable to Osiris's power. There is also the fact that Spells, Traps, and monster effects to eliminate and freeze monsters are useless against Osiris and can only buy her so much time until Naruto-san gets a chance to summon God Obelisk as well. Even if she can neutralize the rest of his monsters, nothing can stop Naruto-san from discarding Osiris from his hand and using Premature Burial, Monster Reborn, or Both to circumvent a pattern of a new monster summoned in defense and Osiris attacking each turn. This all comes down to whether or not she adjusted her deck to eliminate cards from Naruto-san's hand for the case of him summoning Osiris.'' Misawa finished as Naruto ended his turn after placing another card face down.

Asuka looked at the solitary card in her hand; Soul Exchange. How was this going to work? Without Obelisk there was nothing in her deck that could combat Osiris on equal ground. So she drew her next card, Akashic Record. ''I play Akashic Record! I draw two cards and show them to you. If either of these cards have been played during the duel they are removed from play.'' the two cards she drew were her Empress and Card of Burial Magic. ''I activate Card of Burial Magic. By removing three spell cards from my graveyard allowing me to draw two additional cards.'' she explained as she drew two more cards and went about her Standby phase. ''I place one monster face down in defense mode...'' There's nothing I can do. Nothing at all. The only reason Naruto would place another card face down and weaken Osiris is to account for the possibility of the cards from his hand. If I were to use Cross Sacrifice and summon Ice Empress I, he knows I have Ice Empress so why would he? Is he trying to bait me? Could that be Monster Reborn? He could eliminate my Empress using Obelisk against me and that would leave my field barren to attack. He could my life total down to mind and a simple Premature Burial at the right time could bring either Obelisk or Osiris back if he waits after finding a means to clear my field by Spell/Trap or summoning an additional monster. Gah! Then there's God Obelisk attack. Getting two monsters on the field and sacrificing them after getting Obelisk could instantly win the duel for him. Either way I can't risk my Empress. I could resurrect her using my resurrecting cards, but that would mean losing my one turn summoning of the gods as well.'' Asuka then reread the text of Cross Sacrifice. 'Will this even work. Spells like Monster Reborn allow you to chose, but it doesn't target. So even if I want to use Cross Sacrifice I doubt it'l work anyway. ''...and I end my turn!''

Naruto drew his next card and Osiris returned to 4,000 attack power. ''First I use Cyber Kitsune to attack your defending monster!'' Naruto declared as his monster fired on Asuka's defending monster. ''Now, God Osiris, attack her directly.''

Despite bracing herself the attack knocked Asuka off her feet. Her cries reached Naruto's ears as he remained firm while Asuka collapsed to the ground.

Naruto: 3400
Asuka: 1800

Asuka's breathing was shallow as her body felt like it was on fire. She couldn't recall the last time she was in such pain. 'I...I can't get up.' she thought. 'No...I...I can't do it. I'm not strong enough.' she thought as she tried to get up to no avail. 'Just once I wanted to prove I was strong enough.' she thought as her mind drifted back to her memory.

She was entering one of the Obelisk training rooms and low and behold Naruto and Shou were standing opposite of Manjoume and his gang. Reds always cowered or were brow beaten by the blues, but he, he was different. He stood proud and tall. ''Hey, what are you all doing here?'' she questioned. Wondering just what was going on. She herself was dodging some of the older male students who started flirting with her and avoiding her personal space. She figured with everyone at the banquet she could slip away and calm her nerves.

Manjoume grinned at her. "Tenjouin-kun!" said Manjoume. "You see, these newcomers are far too ignorant of the ways of the world."He turned his head and kept his grin."I was thinking I'd teach them a bit about how intense the Academy can be," Manjoume finished.

Asuka kept her gaze on Manjoume."It's about time for the welcoming party at the dorms to start," she informed him. Manjoume grunted and ordered the two Obelisk boys to follow after him. That left only Naruto and Shou in her presence.

"You guys shouldn't take up dares from Manjoume-kun and his group," she warned them. "After all, they're a lousy bunch." she informed them. She went to one of the same prep schools that Manjoume did for a short time. He was not only rather cold, but ambitious as well.

''I never one to usually run away from a challenge, but I'll take your advice to heart. I won't antagonize him but if he comes after me he better expect a challenge.'' Naruto turned to leave but stopped. ''I noticed you from among the crowds. You're not like the others. I'm Uzumaki Naruto and you?'' he asked her. Asuka saw that in his eyes wasn't a smitten boy, just one that was friendly.''

So instead of changing the subject like she usually did she actually gave her name.''Tenjoin...Tenjoin Asuka. The welcoming party at Osiris Red will be starting, you should hurry and make it back.'' she informed them.

Naruto then once again smiled at her. Something she remembered he would often do, that relaxed, confident grin that assured you that everything would be okay,''See you later then Tenjouin-san.'' He took off at a rather quick pace as Shou called after him.

"W-Wait up, Aniki!"

Asuka watched the two boys run, smiling at Naruto.

The next time she saw him was when he went to answer Manjoume's challenge. That first duel though ended up being interrupted by the campus security. She could also never forget the time he saved her life from Titan.

The first thing she heard was the sound of birds tweeting. She lifted her head and came face-to-face with Naruto.

Naruto smiled at Her."You're alright...thank Kami.''

Now alert she began looking around, spotting Hayato and Shou.

"What are you guys doing here?" she asked.

''About earlier...forgive me I didn't know. I hope you can accept my apology.''

She smiled at him and told him it was okay. Then there was the glow. The clue of her brother's identity and their discussion. That discussion that resulted in them being on first name bases.

'No matter what Tenjouin-san I'll help you find your brother. It's a promise of a lifetime.''


''When I saw how hurt you looked earlier. I never...I never want to see you hurt again,'' He said as Asuka lightly gasped. Her cheeks started to heat up. ''I'll do whatever it takes to make you smile. So let me be your strength.''


Naruto turned his head. '' me Naruto.''

''Fine...but only if you call me Asuka.''

''Right then, Asuka-san. We should be there in a few minutes.''

She didn't say anything more as she rested her head against Naruto's back. It seemed everyday the blond did or say something to surprise her.

''Asuka...despite that being the term of the agreement I want to alter it.'' Would any other guy have gone for opting for dates instead of winning her as a fiance? Maybe Hayato, he was a nice guy. In all honesty her food was in more danger then her Chasity from him. Shou? The poor boy would have a conniption at such thoughts. He too was too sweet of a guy to try and take advantage of it. Naruto though, he made her feel cute. He asked instead of putting so much pressure on it.

''How about you let me take you out on a couple of dates instead? Say about three?''

She was relieved yet disappointed. She should have been happy, but a small part of her wanted Naruto to notice her. So she said those words that began it all. ''I accept your proposal.''

The nature of their relationship was stormy. Revelations of his back story and so many other things. Then there was there date at the beach and him helping her grow stronger. His feelings for her, him supporting her helped her grow as a person. Showing her that she didn't need to shut everyone out all the time. So just this once she wanted to win. To show him how much everything he did meant to her and how she improved because of it.

''Asuka-san! No! Come on get up!''

''Don't give up Blue Queen!''

''You can still win! Show him Blue Pride!

''Show him why you're AsuQueen!''

Even if she couldn't hear them. She could somehow sense, feel the support of the students!

''Blue Queen Asuka-san!''

'Blue Queen Asuka-san!''

'Blue Queen Asuka-san!''

'Blue Queen Asuka-san!''

''Asuka...don't give up!'' Naruto's voice resulted in her eyes snapping open. ''Tenjouin Asuka, my Asuka! I know you can do this! You're not the type of Queen who will just stand behind me and support me, I've realized now. You'll stand right by my side and help bring order to the chaos right along side of me. Now, its time for us to finish this.'' he stated as Asuka pushed herself to her hands and knees.

''I...'' She moved up into a hunched over position. Gathering up her deck of cards that fell she scooped up and shuffled them before putting it back in the Deck slot. ''...will not...'' she stood tall and proud and grabbed the top card of her deck, preparing to draw.

'Is that you,, Tenjouin Asuka-san?' a cultured voice spoke from behind Asuka. The Obelisk Blue was sitting on one of the bench with all her cards spread out. Racking her brain again and again she couldn't come up with any combination of cards that could defeat Naruto.

''Yes?'' she responded, turning around and her eyes widened. It was Pegasus J. Crawford. ''P-Pegasus-sama.''

''Aah yes, I thought it was you. How are you enjoying the new cards I made?'' he asked, indicating to the cards that made up her new Empress style help.

''They've been a great help Pegasus-Sama. I appreciate it.'' she stated as she got up, clasped her hands and bowed.

''Now, now, no use for all of that. I was thrilled in partaking the challenge in making decks as powerful as Senior-Kun's deck. As you've known I've released several new style decks in the past years to recreate the power of those legends. Unfortunately there are those who copy and make...hhm what's that term? Unwielded?'' he asked.

''Broken?'' Asuka corrected.

''Aah yes, broken decks. People new to duelist monsters being defeated by these broken duelists all the time is not good for business and simplifying banning all these cards from official tournaments all the time is bad for business and a waste of good money. So I thought, why not rediscover some of these old Archtypes and boost their power. It also improves the worth and value of old cards and adds a bit more fun into guessing and wondering what card will be a part of a wonderful new strategy. May I see your cards?''

''O-Of course.'' Asuka couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed that she just stammered in front of one of her idols. For a large amount of time Pegasus remained silent. Looking over every single card in her collection of dueling monsters. The big even that was going to occur, without a doubt a tournament meant another chance to face Naruto. This time she was determined to win.

''This won't do. This deck is not powerful enough to defeat Junior-kun.'' Pegasus stated, causing Asuka to deflate a bit. ''That is, without particular cards. That deck has cards used against the God Cards in the past by Naruto Senior. It might include a card that allows the user to get their hand on their opponent's monster. If you wish to win you must not try to pray on a perceived weakness, but use his strength against him. So I will give you three cards which will make both your decks equal in power, the rest will simply be up to you.''

Pegasus informed her as he presented Asuka with three cards. Two monsters and one Spell.

''Lost this duel!'' Asuka stated as she drew her next card. 'The First,' she thought as she played the other card in her hand. ''I play Monster Reborn, allowing me to resurrect Empress's Batalion right back to the field!'' she exclaimed as her field now had a powerful protector. Osiris's second mouth let loose a blast that shaved away 2,000 of the monster's attack points. ''I then activate Empress's Sacrifice. By sending my Empress to the Graveyard I can draw three additional cards to my hand until I draw three cards or a monster card.'' With that Asuka drew three cards. ''I now use Empress's Batalion special ability and separate it into three monsters. I now place two cards face down and activate Exchange!'' when she finished this declaration Naruto's eyes widened for a brief moment before a smile broke out on his face. Without missing a beat he separated Obelisk from the rest of his cards and walked over, and taking Asuka's Empress in Exchange. 'What the hell? Why did she give me her Empress? What card could she have that benefits me having one of her most powerful monsters?' he couldn't help but think. Despite how much dueling experience he had, even he was stumped. 'Shit, Asuka-chan has a strategy set up. A strategy I can't read.' he softly exhaled.

''The descent of this mighty creature shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted land. And with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber. I summon you! God Obelisk!'' a mighty blue light erupted from Asuka's duel disk as tremors was sent across the island. As the Skies roared with Osiris, the grounds trembled at Obelisk's wake! Emerging from the depths of the earth the blue giant stood to meet its counterpart. Both creatures boasting a massive attack power of four-thousand. Osiris shot first, crippling Obelisk of half its attack power, but this attack would soon be shrugged off in a matter of seconds. ''God Obelisk, destroy his Cyber Kitsune!'' Asuka ordered as the mighty warrior's fist shattered Naruto's cybernetic fox. ''And with that I end my turn!''

Naruto: 2000
Asuka: 1800

''I knew you could do it Asuka. Now, the real duel begins!'' Naruto declared as he went about undergoing his turn, ready to unleash the full force of Osiris power.

Chapter End

So yeah. Its a two chapter duel. And this time this two part duel is really at the halfway point and not even the climax. Well the second climax. With that said, I hope you guys enjoy. I promise after this tournament thing and the Reggie thing will be getting back to some humor and romance (maybe filler) before continuing the Seven Stars arc. I know you guys are going to need a moment to relax.


Empress's Knight
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Water
Stars: 4
Attack: 1200
Defense: 1800
Effect: Combine with Empress's Guards and Empress's Solider to form Empress's Batallion.

Empress's Guard
Type: Warrior
Atrribute Water:
Stars: 4
Attack: 800
Defense: 2000
Effect: Combine with Empess's Knight and Empress's Solider to form Empress's Batallion.

Empress's Solider
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Water
Stars: 6
Attack: 2200
Defense: 500
Combine Combine with Empress's Knight and Empress's Guard.

Empress's Batallion
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Water
Stars: 8
Attack: 2800
Defense: 2100
Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Tributing ''Empress's Knight'', ''Empress's Guard'', and ''Empress's Soldier'' from your hand or your side of the field. You can Tribute this Card to special summon ''Empress's Knight'', ''Empress's Guard'', and ''Empress's Soldier'' from your Graveyard.

Rai Vixen, Disciple of Ramuh
Type: Kitsune
Attriute: Thunder
Stars: 5
Attack: 2300
Defense: 1200
Effect: One of three kitsune disciples of the legendary trio elementals. When summoned to the field add another disciple monster from your deck to your hand.
Description: Long Semi-wavy hair. She wears white ceremonial robes and has long blonde hair. At her hips were daggers.
''I summon to the field Tri-Elementia Vixen!'' The three monster cards merged and formed a human female with Kitsune ears and three tails, a red, blue, and yellow one. The roots of her hair were red followed by blue and finally yellow. She was wearing a grey armor top with a design of Fire, Ice, and Lightning tattoo across it and a long skirt that reached to her knees. In her hand was a torque with three crystals embedded in it's tip with blade pointing from it's bottom.


By Deltabeta 26 I think


Monster: Frozen Hound of the Empress (LVL 3 ATK 1300 DEF 1500

Card Type: Aqua/Normal

Card Description: A trusted creation made to protect and serve their empress
as much as possible.

Magic Card: Arctic Tundra

Card Type: Field Spell

Effect: Either place one 'Frozen' counter on each monster your opponent normal
summons, flip summons, or special summons, or a counter on this card. If this
card is destroyed or removed from the field, activate one of the following
effects: Add 1 'Frozen Utopia of the Empress' from your deck to your hand, or
your opponent can't attack you for as many 'Frozen' counters were on this

Magic Card: Frozen Embrace of the Empress

Card Type: Continuous

Effect: As long as this card is out on the field, monsters with 'Frozen'
counters on them can't attack, switch battle positions, and can't be used as
tribute. Depending on the amount of counters the opponent's monster has, is
how long this effect stays in play (for example, a monster with three frozen
counters can't do anything for three turns.)