"Okay, here's the plan," said Woody, turning to Etch for his visual aid. He was standing on a Monopoly box in front of a crowd of toys, depicting the way in which they would sneak out of the house and into the movie theater. "At precisely six o' clock tonight, Buzz and Buster will create a distraction by running out the door. While the humans are looking outside, the rest of us will rush out the door." Etch's dials were spinning as pictures were scrawled out on his screen. "Sid's family is going to the showing that begins at six thirty, so they'll be leaving right about then. We'll all latch onto the bottom of the car while Andy and his family aren't looking. After Andy or his mom puts Buzz back up in the room, he'll fly through the window we'll leave open and join us on the car and it will take us to the movie theater."

"Uh, how are we going to get into the movie theater?" asked Rex, struggling to raise one of his tiny arms.

"Jessie and Bullseye went out to the theater and set up our way in," explained Woody. "Jessie?" The enthusiastic cowgirl jumped up on the makeshift stage as Woody stepped aside.

"We made a stack of popcorn buckets by the back door," began Jessie. Etch whirred furiously, mapping out an image of what Jessie described. "We hide under the buckets and sneak into the theater."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said Buzz in the audience, "walking popcorn? Who's going to not think that's suspicious?"

"Got any better ideas, Space Boy?" Jessie asked threateningly. Buzz mumbled something about unobservant movie-goers and backed down.

"Okay," said Woody, stepping forward again. "Toy Story 3 is playing in theater 3. Got it?"

"Why can't we see A-Team again?" asked Hamm.

"Because we aren't the stars of that movie!" replied Woody.

"Speak for yourself," chirped the first of the alphabet magnets.

"Alright," said Woody, ignoring this, "it's almost six. Everybody should be in their places. Legs, can you open the window for Buzz?" The odd toy obediently hopped up on the window sill and began raising the pane. "Buzz, it's time for you to put the dog treat in your helmet."

"What?" screeched the Space Ranger.

"It's the only way we can be sure that Buster won't let you go," explained Woody.

"He's gonna bite my head off!" shrieked Buzz.

"He's not going to bite your head off," said Woody exasperatedly.

"Yeah, stop being such a big baby," said Mrs. Potato Head, going towards Buzz and waggling a bone-shaped dog treat. Buzz grimaced as she slipped it into his helmet. As the rest of the toys lined up, Buzz Lightyear slipped into the hallway to the waiting dachshund.

Woody and Jessie's plan went without a hitch. Minutes later, all of the toys were sitting in a dark theater watching through their 3D glasses as the words "Toy Story 3" came popping out at them from the screen. "Pass me some popcorn," whispered Buzz, his helmet dripping dog saliva. Woody laughed and threw him a piece of popcorn as the movie began.

A/N: Actually, I think if the characters in "Toy Story" were able to actually go out and watch the movie "Toy Story 3," it would create a paradox that would suck up the universe into oblivion.