Look at him

Look at me

That boy is bad

And honestly

He's a wolf in disguise

But I can't stop staring in those evil eyes

She saw him from across the room. He was making out with some guy she knew from school. The one with the dark hair. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Harry Potter. He opened his eyes and she caught them with hers. His eyes flared to life. An expression came over his face. You're next, it said.

I asked my girlfriend if she'd seen you round before

She mumbled something while we got down on the floor

We might've fucked not really sure, don't quite recall

But something tells me that I've seen him, yeah

Her girlfriend, the illustrious Pansy Parkinson, came up from behind her and wrapped her arm around her waist. "Do you know who that guy is?" she asked Pansy, flicking her thumb in that direction. Pansy smiled, a sad smile, and dragged her girlfriend upstairs to someone's bed, mumbling something. The girl spent her entire time trying to figure out exactly who he was, and that, on top of having drunk a little too much, stopped her from remembering much of what happened next.

He licked his lips

Said to me:

"Girl, you look good enough to eat"

Put his arms around me

Said: "Boy, now get your paws right off me"

The girl made her way back downstairs and found the boy having ditched his last hookup and making out with someone else. Ditching this latest prey, Blaise she recognized, he walked up to her, licking his lips. She smiled. He said to her, "Girl, you look good enough to eat." Then he put his arms around her waist. She saw her girlfriend over her shoulder and said to him, "Boy, now get your paws right off me."

I wanna just dance

But he took me home instead

Uh-oh! There was a monster in my bed

We French kissed on a subway train

He tore my clothes right off

He kissed her and she reacted, forgetting Pansy. "You know, I don't usually go for girls, but you might just do," he said. Pansy ran off in tears, leaving her without a ride. It was so obviously over. She wanted to dance with him all night long, but he seemed to have other plans. He took her to his house on the subway train, where they kissed for the entire world to see. Once they got to his house, he pulled her clothes off and well…

She sat up quickly. "Draco," she muttered.

"Yes, Hermione?" he asked. What have I done? she asked herself as she took off from his house.