"Another F, Mr. Grayson, if your grades continue this way, I'm going to have to call your father," My history teacher hissed "again." I shrugged, Fs were old news, happened all the time now a days, in every class. I've got so much on my plate that school has just ceased to be a priority. Well okay, I really only have two problems, besides the failing, but they're both huge. The first, is obviously Batman himself. We just can't seem to see eye to eye anymore. He won't take me seriously, and I feel as if I get reprimanded if I do too much, or not enough. There is no in between when he can look at me and say "good job, Robin!" the way he used to, the way he did when Batgirl still worked with us. She's the other problem. After what happened between me and her, she's kind of been doing her own thing as Batgirl, with Bruce for cover if she needs it, but come on, she's Batgirl. She doesn't need help. My current relationship, or lack of relationship, with Batgirl is really the biggest problem. Not that I just want to date her, I mean that I haven't even spoken with her in weeks, and that's a record. It's distracting me so much that I can't focus when I'm fighting or I'm in school, and the grades are starting to reflect that. It pisses Bruce off, I know but I can't help it.

See the thing is, I used to date Batgirl. It made sense ya know? I mean we had always been best friends, always there for each other. And she's always had an enormous crush on me, so I figured why not? Besides, I needed a break from the hordes of shallow Barbies that go to our school, I can never get them away from me. There were no girls in our school that I would willingly date, except Babs. I never really liked her the way she liked me, but it worked out pretty well for a while. We had dated for about 5 months I think, but then I started becoming obsessive with crime fighting. I wanted more responsibility, and to try things out on my own. Then the problems with Bruce sided, and when Babs refused to take sides, I kind of felt betrayed I guess. She had always stuck up for me against Batman, but then she started agreeing with him, saying that she didn't want me to get hurt. I know she meant it in the nicest way, but I couldn't help thinking that it was unfair. Our relationship was starting to crumble anyway. I mean we're just very different.

At school, my friends Vic Stone, Gar Logan, Rachel Roth, Karen Beecher, Roy Harper, Donna Troy and I are the coolest people there, no question. But Babs never really meshed with the rest of us. She was always kind of quiet and shy around them, which was…really weird. That's not her style, but I think she might have been jealous of my new friends, and I tried talking to her, but she didn't want to listen. Anyway, we ended things about 2 months ago, but since then, we've been drifting, and it terrifies me. How would you feel if your oldest and closest friend just suddenly wasn't there? It's hard and strange not to see her every day, the way we used to. And honestly, she was probably the best girlfriend I ever had, and the only serious girlfriend because I never really got to know the others. I don't think I've ever been in love with a girl. Sure there are plenty of chicks that I think are hot, and then Babs and Rachel are 2 of my best friends, but never that real special feeling that all my other friends seem to have. Gar has Rachel, Vic has Karen, Roy has Donna, but I've got no one.

And even though I'm not in love with her, I don't even think I have a crush on her. I hate being the guy that broke her heart, and if restarting our relationship is the only way I'm going to see her again, then I am defiantly going to try.