I broke up with Kori the summer before college. That was four years ago and I've been with Babs ever since. Babs is great, happier than I've ever seen her. I really didn't mean to hurt Kori, but Babs and I were both going to Dartmouth (courtesy of Bruce) and she was going back to Tamaran to visit for a year. Being with Babs just made sense. It sucks though. Now I'm back in Jump after another fight with Bruce. The team is still here, but Babs is not, and it's really hard to think about Babs with Kori kicking villain ass in a really skimpy uniform.

The team's reaction to my return was mixed. Both the guys were psyched and things went back to normal like that. Raven was a little reserved, but then again she is Kori's best friend. Kori was the big shocker. She seemed kind of melancholy. Like she still missed me, but wished I hadn't shown up. I know it hurts her to be around me sometimes. Damn. Does it ever get easier? If I'm with Kori I break Babs' heart, if I'm with Babs, Kori is the heartbroken one. And I don't know how to choose between the two of them.

On one hand there's Kori. She's beautiful, but it's not just skin deep. She's nice and sweet and so much fun to be around. Definitely the hottest girl I've ever seen. Her friends mean the world to her and she's got a heart of gold. And the way that she's so eager to learn about Earth is endearing. She's like an opposite of me. She's warm, I'm cool and reserved. Babs is on the other shoulder. Babs is more like a duplicate of me. We're both quiet and serious and care so much about crime fighting. Our passion for this is what brings us together. Plus, we've known each other forever and I know everything about her. She's one of the smartest people I've ever met which makes her really interesting to talk to once she's warmed up to you. But I don't know if opposites attract in this case or if I should go with two of a kind.

I've been in Jump for a month now. Things aren't going well at all. Babs is coming next week which is probably the worst timing ever. Kori and I were finally starting to talk to each other again. Up until now we've barely exchanged more words than necessary, but lately we've been opening up and chatting just like old times. I haven't cheated on Babs and Kori doesn't try and make me, but it was so awesome to hang out with Kori again. The only problem is that Kori is leaving the day before Babs arrives. She says she's gotten invited to join another team.

"Robin, I'm sorry, but I cannot be here when she comes. It is too hard to be near her after everything that happened between us. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to go…"

"I do."

"I'll leave if you want."

"If it were possible, I would want you to stay forever. I miss you so much and would come back to you in a heartbeat. But you knew that did you not?" Mutely, I nodded in assent. My emotions were whirling inside of me. I needed more time to think about which girl meant the most to me.

When I finally arrived at my conclusion, it was too late. The pain I felt at Kori's departure was not healed by Babs' arrival. I knew that if Babs was the one for me, then it wouldn't have mattered that Kori was gone. Babs couldn't compare with the beautiful alien that had captured my heart all those years ago.

I explained this to a distraught Babs, still feeling pain at each tear that rolled down her face, but I knew that I had made the right choice. I told Babs just how sorry I was that we couldn't be together.

"I never meant to hurt you, it just happened that way. I really am sorry." I paused and gave her a quick hug to try and comfort her. She fell into my arms sobbing.

"You know that if you ever need me I'll be there for you."

"I need you now Dick!"

"But, I can only be here as your friend, your best friend."

"Then this is goodbye Dick?"

"I'll miss you." She nodded and walked away from the T-ship. Before jumping in and taking off I looked back one last time. I kept looking, but Babs never looked back.

It's been five years since that day. I'm married to Kori. We have a daughter named Mariandr', Marie for short. She's just as beautiful as her mother. With red hair like Kori's but blue eyes like mine. Tomorrow is her second birthday. Things turned out pretty well. The Titans and I are still fighting crime, and even Bruce has started to accept me for who I am. I can honestly say that there is one thing that I regret. Babs has not been seen since the day of her departure from Jump. I know she's not dead. I can feel it. But, I have to live knowing that I ruined her everything. She's stopped fighting crime, stopped visiting Bruce. Not even her father knows where she is. Funny thing though. There's a new superhero named Oracle who gives me the strangest look whenever I see her. Sometimes I wonder if I know her.