TITLE: As Luck Would Have It...

AUTHOR: Kelly Rowe

EMAIL: stonecoldslut@optusnet.com.au

DISCLAIMER: The WWF and all characters belong to the almighty Vince McMahon and the WWFE.


SUMMARY: Triple H finally meets the woman of his dreams, but there's a problem...

SPOILERS: Raw 02.11.02


DISTRIBUTION: You want you can have it; just tell me where you put it.

Part 1

{Finally} Triple H thought as he stared down at the package that had just arrived for him via Ric Flair. He knew what was inside his final divorce papers, it was finally all over and he was free. Free of Stephanie and the McMahon's in his personal life, unfortunately he still had to deal with them in his career and so far his now *ex*-wife, was living up to her promise to make his life hell. Even though she'd moved on with Kurt and they were now planning their wedding, she still made time to have her father book him into handicap matches or if he managed to come out unscathed she'd send Kurt after him. He just wished that he could for once meet a woman that didn't come with any sort of complication.

Hunter left his locker room and headed towards Ric's office, he was delayed in getting there. Halfway there he spotted an Angel, he'd never seen any girl look so... perfect and yet confused and he went over to talk to her.

"Hi" he said, "Are you alright?"

The girl looked up and his heart almost stopped beating, she had the most amazing eyes, the kind that looked as though they could look into your very soul.

"Yes, I'm fine" she replied, "Just a little lost."

Hunter saw his chance to spend a little time in her company, "What are you looking for?"

"It's not a what, it's a who" she told him staring at him.


She smiled, "Ric Flair."

Hunter smiled back, "I was on my way to his office. Why don't I take you there?"

"Thanks, that would be nice."

They walked along and Hunter realised that he'd forgotten to do something. "By the way, I'm Hunter" he introduced himself.

"I'm Abbie" she replied.

"So Abbie... Seeing anyone?"

Abbie laughed, "That's kind of a personal question considering I've known you five minutes."

"Well I have to ask that before I ask you out" he answered smiling.

Abbie cocked her head to one side and smiled, "In that case... I'm free as a bird."

Before Hunter got the chance to answer they arrived at Ric's office. "Maybe we should discuss this after we talk to him" Hunter suggested.


They knocked and walked inside. Ric Flair stood up and greeted Hunter, "Triple H. What can I do for you?"

"I want you to book me a match before Vince gets the chance too" Hunter told him.

"Too late" Ric told him, "You have a handicap match against Taker and Big Show."

"Damnit" Hunter muttered.

"Don't worry" Ric said smiling, "I own fifty percent of this company and I say if you can find yourself a partner... it can be a tag match."

"I'll do that" Hunter said getting ready to leave. He turned to Abbie, "I'll see you later."

"Sure" she told him.

After Hunter left Ric Flair turned to her. "And pray tell little lady, what can I do for you?"

"I'm Abbie Williams" she said, "I called earlier in the week about surprising my brother with a visit."

"Right" Ric replied remembering. "We have to wait for Debra to come and get us when she's ready since this whole thing was her idea. Why don't you sit down?" Ric took a seat at his desk and proceeded to say, "Boy is Stone Cold gonna be surprised."

{He's not the only one} Abbie thought as she took a seat.