Part 12

Abbie was freaking out and she could see so was Debra, the two men that they loved were beating each other to bloody pulps and there was no relief insight. At least Angle had been smart enough to stay out of the ring and simply watch. Her earlier words to Stephanie reverberated through her head, 'I can't interfere on anyone's behalf. Both Hunter and Steve earned the shot at the title and at each other. They need to fight it out.' Why hadn't she gone down to the ring at least attempted to put an end to carnage that was unfolding right in front of her eyes? In her heart of hearts she knew why, if she had managed to convince one of them to quit then there would be mountains of resentment. Resentment over the loss of the title - their precious, resentment over losing to the other and last but not least, resentment that she had been the cause of it all. She just couldn't do that to either one of them, she loved them both too much.

Turning away from the screen, Abbie shuddered to think of the condition that Hunter would be in after it was over. However if he won the title or not she didn't care as long as he was fine. She just couldn't understand why both Hunter and Steve seemed to love this business *so* much, from what she had seen it was simply blood and pain. Yet both of the men in her life were willing to risk everything, their health and even their very lives to be out there.

"Abbie... I think you'd better look," Debra's voice interrupted her thoughts.

Abbie turned back to the screen and saw that Hunter was down and so was Steve. Neither of them were moving and suddenly Abbie was very concerned for both of them.

"What happened?" she asked Debra.

"The usual with those two," Debra informed her sister-in-law. "One of the idiots grabbed a barbed-wire two-by-four and the other idiot grabbed a chair and that was the result."

Suddenly movement caught her eye, but it wasn't Hunter or Steve. "What the hell is Angle doing?"

"Keeping his precious title," Debra answered smirking. "Steve is going to be so pissed."

"So is Hunter, especially since Angle pinned him," she said. "However I don't care. I just want him safe... both of them safe."

"Me too," Debra said getting up. "I'm gonna go to the training room and wait for them to bring back my husband. You coming?"


When Hunter came around the first thing he saw was Abbie sitting by his side. However when he tried to sit up a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him and made him lay back down.

"Careful honey," Abbie said. "You got whacked with that chair pretty hard."

"Tell me that Austin didn't win," was all he could say.

"Angle kept the title," she told him. "Stephanie has been dancing up and down the corridors telling everyone she's married to the champ."

Hunter groaned, but not from the physical pain, "We'll never hear the end of it."

"Well... there's always next month," Abbie told him smiling.

Hunter couldn't help but smile back at her, she was the best thing he had ever had in his life and the one thing he wasn't willing to gamble losing for any reason. "I wanted it to be so perfect," he muttered under his breath as he looked around the white, sterile training room.

"What are you mumbling about? Do you need to see a doctor?"

"No," he replied sitting up, this time managing it without the dizziness. "I wanted to ask you something, but I can never seem to find the right time, place or circumstance. I don't exactly have the ring with me and I can't get down on one knee, but I need to ask you this right now."

Abbie's breath caught in her throat as she realised just what Hunter was about to do.

"Abigail Christina Williams. I know I don't deserve you and I probably never will, but I can't live without you by my side and I never want to try. I love you so much. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Abbie hugged him close, "Yes. I love you too."

Hunter pulled back out of the hug and kissed her gently on her lips, sealing the vow that they had just made. The moment was soon broken when the trainer walked in to check Hunter over for any injuries sustained during the match.

An hour later as they were preparing to leave the arena, they bumped straight into Steve and Debra. Both couples were silent and it was only when Hunter started to lead Abbie away that Steve spoke.


Abbie stopped dead in her tracks, "What?"

Steve walked over to his baby sister, "This is the only time I'm gonna say this. I'm a asshole."

"No arguments here," Hunter muttered under his breath.

Steve shot Hunter a dirty look, but kept his focus on his sister. "I'm sorry I threw you out of my life, it was a big mistake and I'd do anything to make it up to you. Please Abs, you're the only family I got."

"Can you accept that Hunter isn't going anywhere. You get me, you get him - a total package deal here," Abbie said.


Abbie threw herself into Steve's open arms. "Love you, Jackass."

"Love ya too, Brat."

Abbie pulled away and went immediately back into Hunter's arms. "Are you sure you can take this, Steve?" she asked. She didn't want to get her brother back only to have him go mental and tell her to get lost later on.

"Not a problem. Besides, it's not like you and he are getting married or something."

Abbie and Hunter exchanged a meaningful look, but neither said a word. After all they had plenty of time to let Steve in on their little secret - an entire lifetime.

The End.