The Sealed Kitsune

Chapter 1: Gone with the New Come with the Old

Naruto was walking to the academy. Naruto was five foot nine inches. His hair went down to his back. He had blonde hair with crimson blood red tips. He wore a black pants. He had fire going down the side of them. He had a black shirt. The shirt had a spiral on it with an orange and red fire in the back. He wore a jacket that was black and orange flames. He had a sword on his back. It had a fox on the end. It was gold on the hilt and the blade was a deep crimson. It had invisible seals all over it. It seems to hold chakra within it. Naruto had kunai pouches are sealed in his sleeves.

Naruto had ocean blue eyes that had fox slits. He had lost almost all his baby fat. His face was now pointy. He had three whisker marks on his cheeks. He was pretty well toned. He had tan skin. He had an six almost eight pack. He had very defined muscles. He was muscular but not overly muscular.

He was a heartthrob. He wore this for the first time. He used to wear an orange jumpsuit. Right now he didn't care about the looks of lust and jealousy he was getting. No all he cared about was getting all of his powers back. He looked up and saw the clouds go by. He put on his black sunglasses and strolled on having a good morning.

Before his stroll to the academy another person was having a good morning. Hinata was having a great morning. The fact that she was having a great morning was an omen. Ever since Naruto 'went a way for a while',(Naruto of old I'll explain later) she hasn't been happy. She has been hoping he comes back to her. She believes that it was her fault that he left. Her confidence in herself has faltered because of it. She has never forgave herself for it.

She is 5'3 with short blue hair. She always wear a tan jacket with fur on top. Her favorite pair of pants are beige with stripes. She wears open toe sandals. Her shirt is dark blue. Her face is heart shaped with a small button nose and she has pupil-less lavender eyes. Her skin is the fairest of fair ivory. Over-all she is beautiful but she covers herself up.

The sun was beautiful and bright. The birds were chirping. She felt today couldn't get any better. Her father did not belittle her. The elders did not bother her. Her little sister was not giving her glaring looks. Neji was not around giving dirty looks. Yup today is starting off a good day.

She was walking to school thinking a certain blonde. That blonde takes up most of her thinking. 'Naruto-kun when are you coming back?' Hinata thought. She finally reached the school earlier than everyone else. She saw Iruka grading test and greeted him with a gracious smile, "Good morning Iruka-sensei." Iruka looked up from his test and smiled at his student, smiled and replied, "Good morning Hinata-chan. It is good to see you in good spirits."

Hinata replied, I-I'm f-f-ine Iruka-sensei a-a-n-d t-t-h-an-k y-ou." Iruka had a little smile, 'she is breaking out of her shell more and more she even stopped stuttering earlier. Her confidence has grown.' She gracefully sat herself down in her seat all the way in the back. Five minutes later students started to fill in one by one.

She looked around and saw a few distinguished from the rest. The first is the girl with the pink hair. She is 5'2. She has a pink and red kimono. She has a huge forehead that she is often gets teased about. Her most distinguished feature is that annoying screeching voice just like her mom. Her name Sakura Haruno.

Then there is the platinum blonde. She about the same height as Hinata. She used to be friends with Sakura but now they are fighting over a guy. She has a long blonde ponytail. She has light, ice blue eyes. The girl seems flighty but deep inside she is in love with someone. Her name is Ino Yamanaka.

Then there is the over weight kid. He has two puffs on both sides of his head. He wears a green shirt with a kanji on his shirt. He has bandages around his arms and legs. He is always seen munching on a bag of chips. He is always relax except when you take the last chip. That is when you must run to the hills. His name is Chouji Akimichi.

Chouji's friend is currently sleeping. He is always sleeping. He is very lazy. He has jet black hair that is in a ponytail but only a little bit hair he has. His head is shaped as a pineapple. His I.Q. is over 200 but isn't motivated and lazy. He is Shikamaru Nara.

The dog boy is the next person. He is 5'6. He has a dog named Akamaru. He usually carries the dog either in his jacket in the front or the top of his head. He is always wearing a coat. It is grey but with fur on the top. On his face there are two red triangles on each side of his face. His name is Kiba Inuzuka.

Now is the bug boy. He wars a grey cloak. He wears it to cover his whole body. He is a living hive for his bugs. He wears sunglasses, no matter what season. His hair is spiked like he was shocked by lightning. He is usually reading something and always alone. He is Shino Aburame.

The final person that stood out was Sasuke Uchiha. He is the rookie of the year. He is the last Uchiha. His brother killed his whole clan and left him alive. He has been pampered since then. Has been asked for marriage by numerous of mothers and women. He always denied their request. He is 5'7 not muscular but always seen brooding. He never smiled. His hair was dark blue looking like a duck butt. He is fueled by revenge but he has a deep dark secret that only a few know.

Iruka is the the main teacher. He has spiked hair. He is always look uptight. He looked around to see if he saw Naruto Uzumaki. He hoped Naruto would come. After the betrayal of Mizuki, he did not know if Naruto would trust any one again.

Iruka was doing role call, when an aura was felt that hasn't been felt in a long time. He went frigid. He froze as he felt the chakra that was so potent. He remember whose power that was. He didn't want to believe it but he felt the omen of the Naruto of old.

The knob turned ever so slowly. As the door opened, Iruka and the class were suddenly on edge. When the door fully opened, out came Naruto Uzumaki. He simply said in he deep voice, "Yo". The whole room went silent. Almost all the girls were swooned by Naruto. Unfortunately the girls didn't know about that. The boys were extremely envious except for four. The four were Sasuke, Shino, Shikamaru, and Choji.

Sasuke felt a power that was close to that of Itachi. He was getting angry at feeling the same power as Itachi this close to him and he was no where near Itachi's level.

Iruka did not know who this was. He had a suspicion. He saw the three whisker marks on each side of his face. His suspicions were confirmed. It was Naruto Uzumaki. So he played along wanting to see their reaction. He asked the 'new kid', "Excuse me sir, who are you and why are you here?"

Naruto who was in the center of the classroom right next to the teacher's class room pulled down his sunglasses down a little bit. He said, "Ne, Iruka-sensei, I guess nobody can recognize me. O well, that's life. Its me Naruto Uzumaki. Yadda yadda. I really care what you guys think about me and quite frankly you can all fuck off."

Naruto shock the hell out of the class no one could believe Naruto's inspiration speech. He sat down next to Hinata. As Iruka was explaining about being a ninja, Naruto drowned him out finding Hinata fidget around in her desk. Naruto tapped her arm to get her attention.

She 'eeped' at the attention. Naruto was actually talking to her. Well not really talking to her yet but was trying to get her attention. She was blushing a deep red. She started nodding informing Naruto she was listening. He started to whisper into her ear in a husky voice, "Hinata-chan, I hope you are free today. I heard there is a new restaurant opening up and I wondered if the prettiest girl wanted to go with me"

Hinata was blushing up a storm as she heard Naruto asked her out. Unfortunately she started to smoke and whistle from the heat. This caught everybody's attention especially Iruka's. He turned around and asked in very angry tone, "Naruto why is Hinata blushing that much? She has broken her own record of redness."

Naruto said, "O, I simply told her some facts" Iruka didn't like how vague his answer was and he was partially curious about it. So he asked Naruto, "What fact could you possibly have told her?"

Naruto smirked a little bit. He was going to surprise all of the there. He said, "I was telling her how hair looks like the midnight sky on a clear moon shining winter's night. That her eyes were that of royalty. Her blush was that of a heart that beats out love. Her fingers poking together is like a pendulum of what she could do to any man. And how her voice of angel from above. Those are the facts. She is like a huge mathematics question. She has so many constants but all she needs is an answer. The answer cannot be a guess and check no it needs to be the right answer to complete her. The answer is the key to her heart."

The girls were in shock by his answer. The one who was shocked the most was Hinata. She kept blushing harder and harder with each and every word until she passed out on her desk. The ladies wanted to be read inside out like that. Sakura couldn't believe it. Naruto was a smooth talked Hinata. He made her pass out in lust. He put out on the table so many compliments for Hinata that it made her feel something. It was anger, rage and dare she say it jealousy.

The boys just put their heads down in shame. The saw women as toys the could discard. But Naruto effectively put them in their place with the secret bro-code message 'Treat ladies like ladies'. How could they neglect that. Kiba was arrogant and was boiling inside as he saw Naruto hitting on his girl. Well actually it is not his girl but in warped up mind. He saw red.

Naruto out of nowhere pulled out a pillow. He put it under his Hinata-chan's head. He then whispered in her ear, "Sweet dreams Hinata-chan" He then pulled a blanket out and covered her. He then gave her a small little kiss on her temple. That did it. The women were officially had hearts in her eyes. They wanted to be treated like a princess and here it is Naruto Uzumaki, the hot Uzumaki, was treating the shy Hinata Hyuga as a princess.

Iruka blinked a few times. He said, " Umm ok I guess it is time for recess. I will see everyone in an half hour. Class Dismissed"

As Naruto was about to get out of his desk a shadow appeared in front of his desk. As the light shown he saw pink hair. Sakura Haruno was looking down at Naruto. Just as she thought it should be in her deranged mind. She opened her mouth and said, "Naruto-baka what were thinking hitting on Hinata? " Naruto pulled his sunglasses down a smidge. His eyes looked up at her. He blinked one, twice and a third time.

He said, "Haruno-san, I would suggest that you get out of my face or dire consequences will occur. Now run along and hump the sidewalk the Uchiha over there." Once again Naruto shocked everybody again. Sakura in her delusional mind could not fathom what he just said. So she said, "Naruto-baka, I am your better except what you are . Now go and pamper me like you did Hinata over there. If you pamper me better that Hinata I might let you be my rebound guy. Ok?". She tried to be seductive at the end. Naruto they knew was gone especially at this event. He laughed. He laughed so hard he was on the ground. He was rolling laughing so hard after that he he had a few tears in his eyes.

He then in a flash he became deathly serious, "Haruno-teme, I hope to Kami that you are not on my team because you will be dead. You think I am the deadlast or the Dobe but I bet all you have is book smarts. You do not have common sense that common gave you or maybe it was fucked out of you. Sakura you know what since you are the smartest one here I want you to answer a few questions. If you are able to answer all of them, I will pamper you and help you get the Uchiha. If you answer wrong you will be punished. Deal?"

Sakura being the arrogant banshee she is. She accepted it once she hears the Uchiha's name. Naruto then had a quick smirk then hid it. Naruto asked her the first question, "Haruno, what are all Sasuke's attacks?"

Sakura scoffed at this, "Naruto-baka, that's an easy one. Everyone knows that Sasuke knows the Great Fireball Jutsu, henge, kwarimiri, bushin, and Phoenix Fire Jutsu. Next question Baka." She thought she had him until she saw Sasuke's eyes widen. Naruto started to laugh a little bit, " It seems Sasuke-chan knows where this is going but since I have bet taking place I have to ask my next question, Ne? My next question is what jutsus does Shino Aburame know?"

She started to sweat a little bit. She knew he was a freak but that's it. She started to stutter and mumble. Naruto goading her along said, "What was that, I didn't quite catch that? The question is what jutsus other than the academy three does Shino know?"

She screamed like the banshee she is, "What does Shino have to do with anything Deadlast?" once again she thought she had diverted herself away from the question. Naruto once again shocked them again by saying, "Haruno, answer the question damn it. No what never mind since you want to buy yourself time or avoid it at all. The answer is that she doesn't know. But I am a nice guy so I'll give you another chance. Is that ok Haruno?"

Sakura nodded hoping not to get punished. Sakura with a new determination said, "bring it on Baka! Cha!" Naruto laughed at her antics and said, "I love your antics. You are a ditz. But anyway before I tell you how I feel about you, the question is what abilities does Shikamaru know other than the academy three?"

Sakura was red as everyone looked at her with expectancy to answer the question. She had a few tears escape her face. She sobbed as she answered, "I don't know. Why are you keep asking me these questions?" Naruto rolled his eyes at Sakura's attempt to be the victim. He sighed as he said, "I'll give you one more chance to answer another question. The million dollar question is what jutsus does umm Naruto Uzumaki know?"

She perked up at this. She thought that she finally had an answer to a question. That question was really easy she thought. Poor, poor girl. She laughed at this question and answered, "Naruto doesn't know jutsus, he probably had to suck dick to pass. He couldn't do anything right ha ha ha." everyone laughed at this. Naruto had a smirk on his face. He simply said one word, "wrong"

Sakura eyes were wide when a fire dragon covered Naruto's fist. He with amazing speed punched her in the stomach throwing her across the room hitting the wall. She hit the wall so hard she left a dent into the wall as she was on fire. Naruto pulled out a hose and sprayed her with it taking out the face.

Everyone was wide eyed and afraid of the new Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke was extremely jealous. Kiba was pissed off as he got ready to do fang over fang. Naruto felt the wind picking up. He said, "Kiba don't be stupid. Do not try this you are only going to get yourself hurt." Kiba of course didn't listen. He screamed his technique, "Fang Over Fang!" He was coming at an extremely fast rate. Just about where Naruto was standing Naruto disappeared. Kiba was extremely confused. That was until he fell a heel connect to his face putting Kiba down to the bottom level. He scared the poor fourth years.

Naruto sighed, "anybody else wants to fight ?" Everyone was silent especially Sasuke Uchiha. "That is what I thought. Now let me be. I would like to talk to Hinata-chan in private so that means Wind Style: Great Breakthrough" Everyone was thrown out of the classroom. The only ones left was Naruto and Hinata.

Thirty Minutes later everyone came back just beaten up and bruised up. Naruto and Hinata are the only ones that look alright. Iruka came back and thought that a tornado came in the classroom.

He went through what it means to be a ninja. Naruto just ignored it and kept thinking who was going to be his sensei. Hinata thought about being on the same team as Naruto. Well almost every girl wanted to be with either Naruto or Sasuke. The boys wanted to whip Naruto's ass but they knew they couldn't.

Meanwhile The Jonin Senseis were looking through the viewing globe. They just saw Naruto whip Sakura's ass and gave a lesson of deception. He also just kicked Kiba down into the ground. The were all shocked by this. Sarutobi was dreading this since the event. But he did have a smile.

All the Jonin tried to explain to the Hokage that it would help their team dynamic and etc. It was Kakashi Hatake's turn. He lifted his head up from the book and said that it would be beneficial to Sasuke and Naruto if he had both.

The Hokage said you are the best choice. All the Jonin were disappointed and left getting ready for their test. Sarutobi smirked, 'Ah, Naruto you always make things interesting. Hehe Sonia such a naughty girl' as he wiped the blood off his nose quickly before anyone could see it.

Iruka started to name the names of the teams, "Everyone, I'm proud to say you all passed. (I'm not going all into it so I'm skipping it to team 7) Team 7 is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki and your Sensei is Kakashi Hatake. Hinata groaned at this she wanted her Naruto-kun. Team 8 is Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame and your sensei is Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in commission. Team Ten is Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara and your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi.

Iruka was about to leave when Naruto went into the hallway. Iruka looked at him shock. He said to Naruto, "Naruto what are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be waiting for your sensei. Naruto smirked as he said, "Its good to be back, Is it not ANBU Specialist Dolphin"

A/N: done First Chapter of the Seal of the Kitsune. This story was inspired by Kenchi18's story "The Sealed Kunai" I always thought about if he was trained and was an ANBU captain. His team consisted of Naruto his co-captain Itachi, Vice captain was Kakashi Hatake, the medical specialist was Shizune, the radar specialist was Iruka, their kenjustu specialist was Yuugao, their poison and interrogation specialist was Anko, and their shelter and weapon specialist was Tenzo. Meet Team Kitsune.