Previously on the Sealed Kitsune

Iruka was about to leave when Naruto went into the hallway. Iruka looked at him shock. He said to Naruto, "Naruto what are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be waiting for your sensei? Naruto smirked as he said, "It is good to be back, is it not ANBU Specialist Dolphin?"

Chapter 2: Kitsune Meets the Hebi

Iruka Umino went wide eyed for a moment. He has not used that name in a long time especially after "Operation Fox Hunt". His right hand twitched at the remembrance of that day. His eyes narrowed at Naruto. Naruto's eyes stood firm as his face became blank. Iruka flicked three kunai out of his sleeve. Naruto promptly flicked his own three kunai. The difference between the kunais Naruto threw and Iruka threw was that Naruto's kunais had wind chakra. When the kunais hit each other, Naruto's kunais proved that wind chakra is extremely powerful tool. The wind chakra infused kunais went through Iruka's kunai like a hot knife on butter.

They kept coming towards Iruka. Iruka then used a technique that he and one other were able to use. He put his hand in the hand sign of the rat. He then pulsed out chakra. He created three rings of chakra. When the outer ring touched the wind chakra infused kunais, the kunais dropped to the floor as if dead. Naruto went wide eyed as Iruka smirked.

Although Iruka was smirking on the outside but on the inside he was in a lot of pain. Ever since "Fox Hunt" he has not been at top shape for that matter he is at the power of a chunnin. He thought to himself, 'thank god that attacked worked or else this could be bad, really bad. Man I wish I had my team right now!' Naruto on the other hand smiled as he said, "Ah Dolphin, it seems you have finally completed that jutsu. It has been a long time since you saw me complete it."

Iruka's eyes widened then narrowed, "Who are you? I know you are not Naruto. For that matter where is Naruto? If you have come for any of my student I will stop you. You tell me why you are here or I will kill you where you stand!"

Naruto blinked once. He blinked twice as if in disbelief. Then finally a third time in confirmation. He laughed at Iruka. He had tears in his eyes from Iruka's declaration. He smiled at Iruka.

"Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin, it seems you have gotten better in age. Now as for whom I am, I am Naruto Uzumaki. I want nothing from these brats especially the Uchiha or the Haruno (Iruka grimaced and winced at the name Uchiha). Now as to why am I here, I want to simply talk to you. Now hold for a minute."

Naruto looked around making sure no one was around. He did a few hand signs and whispered "shinkan no jutsu (silencing no jutsu)" Then a chakra laced ring went through the halls. The halls became red. He looked at Iruka and pulled something out of his bag. He put that something on his face. He put chakra on it. Iruka's eyes widened.

Naruto's voice changed as he said, "ah dolphin now you recognize me. Of course you would not recognize before because you never seen my face as you were a lower level ANBU member. I knew all the members of the group like Anko-chan, Tenzo, Kakashi, Shizune-chan, and Yuugao-chan and of course Weasel. Now as you know someone snitched on us. The only way anyone could find out about our decision is by knowing our own ANBU signs. This is what worries me, who knew about it? Who ordered the mission to kill us off? If you really think about it we had a Judas on our squad. So I want to know is were you the one who told? But I see from your pain and grimacing facial features that you were not the one who told.

Any who, I am going to find out who snitched as my blade will be acquainted with that person's neck." Naruto said as his right arm was grasping onto his blade. Iruka's eyes became steel as that night would forever haunt his mind. He looked at Naruto and said, "Find out who it is for I can get a piece of him."

Naruto nodded and went back to the classroom. Naruto effectively took off his mask and deactivated the silencing jutsu. Iruka looked at where the former Kitsune ANBU member was just standing. He shook his head as he had a small smile on his face. He thought to himself, 'Naruto is actually the feared Kitsune. Now it made since as to why Kitsune said he would check on Naruto at the end of the day. If what he said is true then that traitor have a big problem on his or hers hands. I can't wait.'

In the Classroom

Naruto walked into Iruka's classroom. They wondered who the kid in Naruto's desk was. The kid in the desk poofed in a puff of grey smoke. Naruto walked into his seat. He put his feet up and fell asleep. Sasuke who had seen what Naruto did to Sakura considered Naruto as a clear threat for he could kill Him. He pulled a kunai out of his pocket and walked closer and closer to Naruto without anyone really noticing. As he was an inch away from Naruto he lifted up his kunai. As his hand shot coming down at Naruto's neck, a hand shot up and caught his hand. Naruto's eyes opened up with a bored looked. He said with an extremely bored expression, "Uchiha, I would suggest that you go sit down somewhere before you get yourself killed." He flicked his wrist and threw the Uchiha in to the wall missing the wide eyes of all the possible genins in the classroom.

A half an hour later all the genins were gone except for three. The three were Naruto, Sakura and of course the King of Emol (yes it is combination of emo and evil). Naruto is just sleeping waiting for their supposed sensei. Naruto just kept sleeping while Sakura and King of Emol were scheming to get Naruto killed. Naruto of course knew this but he really did not think anything of it. Although it is really bad to underestimate a ninja no matter if it was a genin or ANBU, Naruto knew that this test Sakura and Sasuke were going to show all of their skills in one go. Naruto just simply was ready for these two to try and screw him, although he would not mind to screw that sexy Hyuga. A little blood went down his nose. He wiped his nose.

Kakashi appeared a few hours later. He saw something scary. He saw Sakura looking at Sasuke with such desire. He saw Sasuke looking out the wind brooding and being an emo. He saw the only person who was normal was Naruto. Naruto was sleeping. He sweat dropped as he saw his three students. Naruto opened up one eye. He said, "well hello, Kakashi what do you think of us.

Once again Kakashi sweat dropped. He said, "I think that all three of you have some problems. Meet me on top of the roof." Kakashi disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Naruto sighed and disappeared in a swirl of fire. Sakura was shocked at Naruto's shunshin. Sasuke on the other hand was seething as he clenched his hands until blood was seeping out of his palms.

On the roof

As soon as Kakashi's shunshin to the roof, a flaming shushin came right after him. Naruto looked Kakashi with steel eyes. Kakashi raised an eyebrow seeing Naruto's Shunshin. He said, "Naruto where did you learn that Shunshin?"

Naruto simply shrugged and said, "Kakashi, we all know that you are not supposed to tell all your secrets." Kakashi looked at his student with disdain. He wanted to know more about his student, just in case he had to take him out. As he was about to give some sort of retort his other two students came up on the roof. They were panting as they wanted to impress their new sensei. Sakura wanted to show her sensei her so called speed for some hope that he would teach her some new jutsu to kill Naruto and make Sasuke fall in love with her. Sasuke Uchiha on the other hand did for he could learn jutsu, kill the team and kill him.

They all sat down on three chairs that magical appeared. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke sat trying to show that Naruto does not belong. Naruto really didn't care. Kakashi said, "Ok guys I am Kakashi Hatake. I want to know your likes, dislikes, hates, hobbies, and dreams."

Sakura did not really understanding what to do. She asked, "Kakashi-sensei, can you show us how to do it?" she shuffled her feet to give an indication that she truly did not know what he was talking about.

Kakashi sighed. He hated when he had to repeat things. Kakashi said, "Ok I will start. I like things. I dislike many things. I hate some things. I have some hobbies. My dream I guess is I don't really. Ok Sakura you are next."

Sakura had a huge smile on her face. She said, "My name is Sakura Haruno. I like (she turned her face towards Sasuke and she squeals) I dislike Ino-pig! My hobby is to (Looked at Sasuke again and squealed louder) my dream is to (she looked at Sasuke again and squeals even louder questioning a human's lungs as her face was redder than her dress)!

Kakashi asked, "Sakura you never answer who you hate?" She barked as she said, "I hate Naruto Uzumaki!" She turned her head to look at Naruto. Naruto did a creepy smile on his face. He said, "Oh well I guess win all the fan girls." Sakura shuddered as she looked at his eyes. The eyes of the boy of her hatred showed indifference.

Kakashi once again sweat dropped once again. He said, "Ok, ummmm Sasuke introduce yourself please." Sasuke did his infamous "hn" He said, "I am Sasuke Uchiha. I like the idea of killing him. I dislike the thought of him. I hate Him. My hobby is to training to kill him. My dream is that I don't have a dream but an ambition. My ambition is to kill him."

Naruto shrugged at Sasuke's ambition. He thought to himself, 'Sure you can kill Itachi. Yeah and when that happens you will have sex with Sakura. Then again you would probably kill her for that power.' Sakura looked at him like a knight in shining armor. Kakashi was slightly worried at what Sasuke could become.

Kakashi said, "Ok Blondie, your turn." He hoped to get an emotion or something out of Naruto. Unfortunately he did not get one. Naruto said, "I am Naruto Uzumaki. I like well ummmm none of you. I dislike all of you. I hate well traitors. My hobbies are well of none of your concern. Finally my dream I don't have to tell you because One Sakura you would be dry humping Sasuke while I do my dream. Sasuke you would be trying to kill Itachi which you won by the way and they will try to bring your body back. Finally Kakashi if being three hours late I would not need anything from you. So I won't and don't need any of you for my dream so don't ask. Did I miss anything Kakashi? Nah I don't think so. So you want us to come tomorrow at six. You advise us to not eat anything and all that noise. So I'll see you tomorrow. Peace out bitches!" Naruto disappeared in a swirl of flames.

All three of the people thought to themselves, 'What the fuck is up with him'

With Naruto

Naruto reappeared back in front of the Hokage Tower. He went a few steps over to the Interrogation and Torture building. He henged himself into an ANBU member. He walked in the building. Because of his special henge he did not get zapped or shocked by the security seals. He calmly walked towards the leader of the Director of Interrogation and Torture, Ibiki Morino.

Ibiki has a large, imposing figure, which he complements with a rugged head and face covered with old wounds and scars. Ibiki's head is always covered. It is said that Ibiki hides the top of his head to cover a collection of burn marks, punctures from where screws were used, and long slash marks.

He said to the henged Naruto, "ANBU-san, what is it that you need from here. Naruto nodded in acknowledgement. He said, "Morino-sama, I would like to talk to Anko Mitarashi. Mitarashi-sama I believe would like to know some info about a certain 'operation'."

Ibiki nodded and led the henged Naruto to Anko Mitarashi's office. When Naruto went in, Ibiki left closing the door. Naruto looked at the irritated Anko Mitarashi. Anko has light brown, pupil-less eyes. She has violet hair. Her violet hair is done up in a short, somewhat spiky ponytail. She wears a tan overcoat, complete with a fitted mesh body suit that stretches from her neck down to her thighs. She wears a dark orange skirt, as well as a forehead protector, a small pendant, and shin guards.

She said, "Ok gaki drop the henge so I can see who I am going to have to kill today." Naruto smiled as he dropped his henge. Naruto smiled as he dropped his henge. He transformed into his normal self. He had an amused smile on his face. Anko was very surprised by who it was. She said, "Gaki? What are you doing here? You know fresh blood genin should not be in here unless you did something you weren't supposed to? Hmmm" Naruto's eyes hardened at Anko's suggestion.

He sighed. He said, "Hebi-chan, what have I told about not having that beautiful smile of yours on your face. It is such a pretty smile." Naruto put his hand on her cheek rubbed it ever so gently. Anko was shell shocked at this gaki doing this certain gesture. He was doing this gesture for a few seconds making Anko remember the old days in which the ANBU member Kitsune used to do that to her the exact same way. Anko was so into this gesture she could have easily been killed and not notice. Then it hit her. The gears in her head started to spin again. Her eyes snapped opened as she quickly pulled out a kunai slashed Naruto's hand. Instead of a big blood gash, a clang noise was heard. Naruto pulled up his sleeve showing a fox tattoo. The tattoo transformed into a metal plate.

Her eyes went wide as she recognized that tat. Her mouth was as wide as her eyes. She lost all chain of thought. She pulled up her tan jacket to show her snake tattoo. She whispered, "Kitsune-sama?" Naruto nodded.