Not mine. The only thing I one is the band name.

I swayed my hips as I felt his eyes travel the curves of my body. I giggled with my friend teasing and testing him more than anything.

"OMG! He is so staring at you!" She whispered. I giggled more, we were more than drunk we were fucking trashed.

"Rosalie I need him to just come over! But how?" I asked.

"Tease him some more he likes that." She explained and slapped my butt before leaving for the kitchen. I see his green eyes follow me more until I see him pass moving bodies and make his rounds over to me, his red plastic cup in hand.

"Hello sexy who are you and why haven't we danced yet?" He asked smirking. I giggled.

"I'm Bella and you?" I questioned smirking even though I already knew. He's famous who wouldn't know who he is.

"Name's Edward Cullen baby, you really don't know me?" Edward questioned. I shrugged with a smirk and he pulled me into him and asked me to dance. I of course accepted. We made our way over to the dance floor where we began to bump and grind. Edward's strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me so my perfect ass grinded into his already turned on crotch. I hooked an arm around his neck and his warm lips trailed up and down my neck as I dipped my ass into him and he grinded back against me.

"We should take our party to a more private location." Edward suggested. I nodded and grabbed his hand leading him upstairs. I found a vacant bedroom and he closed and locked the door before setting his cup down and pushing me up against the door.

"I've been looking at you all night long and I now I finally have you." He whispered, our lips brushing together.

"You can have me." I giggled as he moaned before pressing our lips together. I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers into his hair as our lips moved passionately together and Edward began grinding his hips with mine as his silky, warm, wet tongue rubbed my lips until I opened up for him. We both moaned as our tongues made contact and after playing tonsil hockey for a couple of minutes I pushed Edward away and he just growled before kissing my neck and taking my shirt off. I slipped his hoodie off and his v-neck before I pushed Edward down on the bed.

"Ooh controlling very sexy baby." Edward moans before un-buttoning my skinny jeans as I kiss his neck. He slips them down and I take his off for him and I whisper "Condom." Edward grabs his wallet and tears the wrapper off with his teeth before slipping it on his hardened member and I bit my lip at the site. I pull his boxers down and he flips me over and kisses my chest and un-hooks my bra and kisses down my chest and down my flat stomach and used his teeth to pull my thong down.

"Edward hurry." I whined. He chuckled before tossing my thong to the side and kissing back up my body. Our lips met again before Edward took my hands in his lacing or fingers together.

"Let's go." We whispered together as he pushed in. We both moaned at the contact and Edward threw his head back and I pushed my hips up into his. Edward continued to push in and out slowly and then quickly gained speed at the satisfied groans that escaped my mouth and his.

"Oh God Edward…" I moaned.

"You feel so fucking good Bella…so fucking good…" He moaned back and moved quicker. Our skin was getting sweaty and our hips collided as we met each thrust. My toes began to curl and my stomach burned.

"Oh fuck Edward I'm so…so close…" I whispered.

"Mmm yeah baby me too oh God help me please Bells…" Edward groaned and I met his thrusts. I held out as long as I could before I screamed his name feeling that amazing sensation run up and down my spine and heat explode within my veins. Edward moaned my name too and rode our orgasms before he collapsed on me. We were panting heavily and I felt my eyes drift shut. I ran my fingers through his hair lazily as Edward kissed my chest and stomach softly as he wrapped his arms around my middle and used my boobs as a pillow.

"Night Bells." He whispered before we both fell asleep. The next morning I woke up in that same position but I freaked the fuck out. Edward Cullen, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of One Night In Paris is on top of me…naked. Something is up. I see our clothes scattered everywhere I groaned. Edward and I had sex great. I forgot Rosalie had introduced us last night. I And I also told her how much I liked Edward. And before you think I'm using him not true. I had no idea what One Night In Paris looked like when I started listening to their music and I did as soon as I bought their first album. I didn't see the pictures because I just took the CD out and that was it and I fell in love with Edward's voice. He had such a beautiful voice. And then after listening to them for months I finally saw who they were and I thought Edward was gorgeous.

And then I met him last night and slept with him. Wow. I slipped out of Edward's grip before grabbing my clothes from last night and I see Edward's sleeping form. He was so sweet looking. Eyes closed, hair messy and falling his face, his mouth slightly open little snores coming out. I smiled before going over to him and cupping his cheek. I pressed my lips to his gently before pulling away and kissing his forehead. I texted Rosalie telling her I left and then went home…trying to forget about Edward. Little did I know…he wasn't going away any time soon.