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~Edward's POV~

I carry Bella's overnight bag and her balloons and presents as she holds Logan and we are wheeled out of the hospital. The nurse helps Bella up and I tell her to stay put while I go and get the car around. She just smiles and kisses me softly before cuddling Logan closer to her. She is the most amazing mom already and she's only just started. There's obviously a special connection between the two but I have my own special connection with him and I know it'll only get more intense as he grows up. I start the car and drive back up to the entrance and put all of the bags in the trunk and help Bella put Logan in the car seat. She wants to sit back there with him while I drive.

"Thank you for helping me baby." She tells me and leans up on her tip toes and places another soft kiss on my lips. I smile down at my beautiful girlfriend and kiss her forehead.

"No problem love now let's get home." I help her into the car because she's still really sore and I get into the drivers seat and start the twenty minute drive home. Bella had her had rubbing his little tummy and his small hand touched her finger and Bella just couldn't wipe her beautiful smile off of her face.

"You excited to finally take him home?" I ask her.

"Yeah definitely it feels so surreal not carrying him inside of me anymore, I miss that special connection but seeing him and being able to hold him and for everyone to love and adore it's just that much better." She explains.

"Yeah seeing him is just crazy. I never thought I'd be so happy to be a dad, especially this young but it's just so...amazing to know I'm a dad. To see my son and see how much he resembles us...I love it." I reply.

"I'm glad your taking fatherhood so well, it suits you. Seeing you holding him for the first time and seeing you cry Edward, I felt speechless." Bella whispers.

"Holding him made me feel speechless. All I could do was smile and stare at the little creature we created in my arms." Bella smiles and I take a glance of Logan from the rear view mirror and he was glancing around looking at his new surroundings. When we arrive home my parents are waiting with a banner saying welcome home and my mom was making us some food.

"I need to go feed Logan." Bella tells me. I nod and help her into the living room and she sits down slowly and my dad carefully hands him to her and she carefully cradles him. Bella grabs his baby blanket and covers her chest as she begins to feed him. I sit with my arm on top of the couch behind her and my dad sits across from us.

"He is just beautiful son and I couldn't be more proud of the two of you." My dad states.

"Thanks Carlisle." Bella says softly and sleepily, she's been up since two because she had to feed him and she didn't want to sleep after that.

~1:39 A.M.~

Bella and I stand over the crib looking down at our son. He is so beautiful and looks so peaceful just laying there asleep with his little mouth open in an "O" and his tiny body twisted slightly. His mobile twirled around him slowly playing the Winnie the Pooh theme song, the melody filling our ears. I wrap my arms around Bella from behind and rest my chin on her shoulder.

"He is so amazing." She whispers.

"We created him. You and me together. He's a part of us." I say softly in her ear. She nods and places her hands on mine.

"I love you Edward." I smile and kiss the side of her neck before bringing her in tighter to me.

"I love you too Bella."