My name is Andrew Laeddis and I am a psychopath. Or so the cruel guatds call me, I have been trapped on this island for too long,way too long, its time for me to flee this God forsaken place. She was right... Rachel was really right; they would never let me go. Drugs have been injected and put in everything I injest. They have turned me into a retard,a psychopathic, stupid retard . I have gotten these strange hallucinations. All I think about in this small hell-hole is those stupid lies. , that devil man has kept on this island. . . And Chuck, that liar, has turned against me, made lies about me, I didn't kill my wife, my children are dead, and my real name is Edward Daniels. They make such stupid lies, to test those drugs. on me. Oh… and that tower...they hold brain surgeries there. Sometimes I really do wonder should you die as a good man or live as a bad. Its hard to decide but for now, my psychopathic mind is set on leaving this island, leaving Shutter Island.