Chapter One

For once in my life, I decided that I couldn't keep the secret from Edward any longer. Victoria was coming, was almost here, complete with her army of newborn vampires. I'd been relying upon spell-less and wand-less magic just to ensure that he wouldn't find out. Personally, I thought that I was quite competent in doing something that most other witches and wizards couldn't. I'd saved it to the last moment, but now, the truth had to come out.

He'd left me in a tent by the side of the mountain. I say that he left me in that I had sent him off to get me another coat. I think. Maybe it was something else. Anyways, it was just an excuse. I didn't really need it – I would be working up a sweat soon enough.

"Seth!" I whispered harshly. He turned his wolfy head towards me, a question in his eyes. "Would you take me to the clearing?" His eyes widened, and he shook his head fiercely. I sighed, pulling the wand that I'd brought - for this purpose and others - out of my back pocket. "Take me there or I'll force you to take me." Wow. Could that ever be misinterpreted. Then it occurred to me that I could just apparate there. "Oh, for the love of…! Never mind, Seth, I'll take myself." I waved my wand and heard a pop.

Then I was flung into the heat of the battle.

Seth PoV

I was laying, thinking about my misfortune, when Bella spoke to me. "Seth!" she whispered. I looked at her, silently asking. She asked the question that I never would have expected. " Would you take me to the clearing?" I shook my head frantically.

Is she crazy? Does she have a death wish? said Jacob, in my head.

Bella pulled some kind of handled stick out of her back pocket. "Take me there or I'll force you to take me," she said. I was shocked for a second, but recovered as I realized that she wasn't saying something extraordinarily perverted. She seemed to yell at herself internally. "Oh, for the love of…! Never mind, Seth, I'll take myself."


I heard a pop, and then she was gone.

A/N: Oh my god! A cliffhanger! I hate reading these, but I LOVE writing them. Don't kill me! I know this was a relatively short chapter, but I promise I'll do better next time!

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