Adrian PoV

She seemed nice enough, and at first I couldn't tell why she was a suspected criminal. But as the date drug onward through the night, I started noticing the smaller things.

There was a guarded look to her eyes, as if she were constantly suspecting me of what I was indeed doing. A certain wariness was ever-present in the way she sat, and every time I mentioned how uptight she was – as I figured any normal boyfriend would do – she sent a slight glare in my direction.

Yes, I could indeed see the darkness in her, and the aura of power around her was nearly suffocating in its thickness.

"Well, this has been…very nice, but I have business to take care of. Terribly sorry," she said, getting to her feet. She was dressed simply, in light jeans and a black t-shirt, but it seemed more elegant on her.

I nodded, and then: "I'm horrible with names, could you tell me yours again?"

She chuckled. "Isabella."

So no, I was not mistaken in my target. This was her, the girl I was meant to track and kill.

Bella PoV

The idiot. Who did he think he was, asking my name for the seventh time tonight? But I nevertheless gave it to him once more, smiling facetiously and then taking my leave with a quick goodbye.

I'd agreed to the date out of boredom, and the boy seemed nice enough, except for his habit of forgetting my name every few minutes.

I left the restaurant with barely a glance back at the idiot. Ah, well. At least this had quelled my boredom a bit.

And who ever said that Severus needed to know?

I rolled my eyes as I walked down the street – when I heard a voice from my distant past. "Bella?" asked a voice, somewhat astonished.

I turned to face the speaker, a slight smirk playing at the corners of my lips. "Hello, Edward."

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