Wrapped in silk was his ability to cling to life. Grasping hands reached out from the deep recesses of his mind, trying to hold the dearest in an envelope, closely held to his still-beating heart, which would soon stop.

Someone was gazing down on him, holding his head in hand, cheek cupped with metallic grasp. These green eyes, shining in a melancholy manner, focused on him without any fear - without any fear of him, of course. The manner in which he held his head was like holding a delicate flower - the fear of dropping was a deafening fear of loss.

Blood slipped through his fingers, thick and ugly and red.

Blood slipped through his cheek, staining and breathing and alive.

It was stealing his life, and soon it would seep into the earth.

"You cannot die," the green-eyed metallic creature choked. "Please, do not die."

But he's dying for him. He's dying for him and the other creatures he saved. Is that good enough not to plead? He didn't want him to plead. He didn't want him to beg him to cling to life.

Drip, drip.

"You've been a great pal, Clank." His chin felt tingly as a sensation trailed down it, a red sensation, a liquid sensation. He felt his heart was melting. He felt his lung was melting. It was melting for him. It was melting for them, for everyone. It was melting, and he was afraid to stop it, or at least try.

He felt a grasp at his other cheek - the robot was literally cupping his face. He didn't complain, though. He was too far gone.

"This is not like you, Ratchet." The robot's voice edged desperation. "This is not like you."

Perhaps it took losing himself for him to recognize what was truly important to him?

The silky thread, which had been very tempting when he had been fighting for the very thing he was losing now, seemed to fade to him. He couldn't see beyond the clear blue, the calming, calming blue which he sought out, which he wanted to grasp and hold with his hand. Beautiful blue beautiful blue. The comforting caress of black started to shield his eyes.

"Clank... I'm sorry for being such a jerk to you."

"It does not matter to me anymore! I just want you to live. Please-"


He grabbed the blue.

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