Warning – Ratchet x Talwyn. Skip over this one if you don't like that pairing. (Don't worry; it is likely that I will write about your favorite pairing, because I personally don't have a favorite myself, and I write about whatever pairing that I'm in the mood to write about.)

He remembered the first time that he met her – her eyes sparkling like diamonds, a playful expression on her face as he teased him about his inability to grasp just what he was. He remembered the time he had rescued her from Zordoom Prison – her grin spreading from ear to ear, her light words traveling to his ears. He remembered the time he honestly thought his best friend was gone – how she widened her eyes in sympathy, comforting him as he brokenly murmured, "Clank's… gone."

And he remembered the hurt, almost destroyed expression manifesting on her face as he told her to stay away, that the road to find said friend would have unexpected turns, and he didn't want to lose her.

As always, he didn't know what to do after that. As he steered Aphelion, who seemed distressed at his silence—like always—Ratchet couldn't stop thinking about her. He couldn't stop imagining her eyes full of tears as Cronk and Zephyr comforted her, and couldn't stop hurting at the surprising amount of doubt at the question of whether or not she would forgive him. It constantly tore at him to know that he was the source of whatever pain that she was undoubtedly feeling right at the moment. He didn't even bother to give her a call after the one in which he told her, in short, to "back off."

His hand hovered over the comm. screen. As always, however, his emotions welled up within his chest, making him choke as many scenarios of how the Apogee would react to his sudden call ran rampant in his head. As always, he drew his hand back, and brushed it off as a "maybe later."

He turned the channel on the radio, the slight screeching sound that followed, as always, hurting his ears. Like he always did, he listened to the song and was dimly aware of the announcer speaking the song's name.

He remembered his surprise when, not like always, Talwyn's name was announced as she apparently called into the radio station to play a song dedicated to him. He remembered the smile that graced his face, his heart glowing, as he called his old girlfriend again.

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