Bonjour! I realize that's it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I last did anything with this story, what? 1 1/2 years?

But I have good news! I finally thought of a direction for this story! But as with all splendid twist in fate, there's a down side. I have to delete this story. :'(

I am going to start another story, still about their marriage, but also about Alyss's baby growing inside her. Yup, that's right; Alyss is going to be pregnant! I'm not going to include the conception, other than an innuendo at the beginning, just 'cause in retro-spec, I only like to write about the things I can write about first hand, and I'm a virgin, so I've never experienced a lemon. I'm not going to screw up a possibly good story with a shitty lemon.

I hope to have the new story up by the end of the week, and it's going to branch off this story. The first chapter is going to be the chapters from this one combined, and changed a little for the new story. In about a month, I will delete this story, but the other story will already be up by then.

I'm most sorry if you are unhappy about this turn of events, but in my view, a continuation of the story, but slightly moreā€¦ sexual is better than nothing at all.

Of course in the new story, I will allow names to be submitted and voted upon, so you start thinking now.

~Midnight Candle