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Author's Note

Hey people! I'm not really sure if I have the time to update to this like I do my other stories because I have summer work, tennis practice, and my other two stories that I'm currently working on, but I had this idea and I just had to write it down! But like I said, don't expect quick updates like my other stories. Tell me what you think, too. If I get a lot of reviews, maybe I'll try to update quicker. Thanks!

Full Summary

I came home from school today feeling different…better. She had changed my life, made me feel better. So what if people considered her a loser? So what if to the popular kids she was invisible? There was something about her, something so extraordinary, yet I can't put my finger on it. My mom asked me how school was, so I told her that Glee club was getting better and better because of Rachel Berry. Then she told me that was impossible. Rachel Berry had died over thirty years ago.

Important Stuff For This Story

Even though this doesn't happen in the show, for this story-

-Quinn never got pregnant, hence she's still Cheerios captain, only nicer

-Puck and Quinn are together

-Everyone is still in Glee Club, yet the popular kids are still popular

-Finn is a football star, but he feels alone sometimes

-Finn's mom works at a funeral home (sad but important)

-No one's ever noticed Rachel before

-Quinn and Rachel are becoming friends

Friendships and Couples

Couples- Finchel, Quick, possibly Artina, possibly Wemma (more may come in later)

Friendships- Quinn/Rachel, Puck/Finn, Quinn/Finn, Mercedes/Kurt (more may come in later)

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