"Come on guys, it's time for Truth or Dare!" Kendall announced excitedly, jumping over the back of the couch and landing on the cushions next to Carlos.

"Okay, who's gonna go first?" James asked curiously, eying each one of his friends.

"Well... Not it!" Carlos yelled playfully.

"Not it!" Kendall said victoriously.

"Not it!" James shouted seconds after the blond.

"Oh not it!" Logan yelled last, his face looking displeased a few seconds later.

"Ha. Okay Logie, truth or dare?" James asked mockingly, secretly happy he didn't have to go first.

"Uh," Logan pondered his decision, thinking about the best way to try and not get embarrassed. The only factor he forgot was James' crazy mind. "I guess truth."

James smirked, questions popping into his head. He wondered what he would go with this time, something funny like what happened at the pool yesterday that no one else saw or something really embarrassing like... then he thought of it. And he smiled wide.

Logan gulped nervously, leaning closer to James as if he was trying to hear his thoughts.

"Who were you thinking about when you were touching yourself last night?" James finally asked, without stuttering, pausing or missing a beat.

Logan on the other hand...


"You heard me. Or do you want me to repeat it?" James looked smugly at his friend, who was a nervous wreck. The other two boys watched the conversation, seeing what would happen next.

"No, no. That's fine. Uhm... It was.. It was hmphsdadlasjf" Logan mumbled the last word.

"Hmm?" James pressed on.

"It was Kendall, okay? I was thinking about K-Kendall." Logan stuttered out quickly, a blush filling out his cheeks as he looked at the ground.

James made a satisfied face, Carlos held back a giggle, and Kendall was blushing just as much as Logan was.

"Ok." Carlos interjected, everyone now looking at him. "Uh, James. Truth or dare?"

"Dare." he answered confidently, if not a little cocky.

Carlos thought of all the things that made James tick... his hair being touched, not getting his chair at the pool, spilling his chocolate milk... he had the best idea.

"Give up your lucky comb to Logan. Let him do whatever he wants with it for two whole minutes." he replied triumphantly.

The tallest boy gasped and pulled out his lucky comb, holding it close.

"Come on James, give it here." Logan said menacingly, holding out his hand to the other boy.

James was definitely reluctant to give up his very loved comb, but in the end too proud to decline the dare. He handed Logan the comb and his face lit up with ideas.

"Revenge." was all Logan said before sprinting off into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

James glared at Carlos "I don't know what he's gonna do but, I'm gonna get you back for this."

Carlos smiled mockingly, but was secretly worried about James' threat. The three boys waited in silence on the couch for about two minutes until they hear Logan cry out loudly.

"What the hell?" Kendall asked, extremely curious as he heard Logan's low laugh from still inside the bathroom.

James groaned, putting his head in his hands. Moments later Logan walked out of the bathroom smiling like crazy. He handed the comb back to its owner and sat down back in his place.

"What did you do to it?" Carlos asked, seeing nothing wrong with the little hair styling tool.

Logan smiled "James will figure it out soon enough."

"What is that?" Kendall asked, leaning in to get a better look at the comb.

"What? Where? It's... Oh my fucking god! You came on my lucky comb! I'll kill you!" James screamed. Logan smiled again and James lunged at him. They fought, wrestling and pinning each other, which was kind of hot.

"Guys! Uh, Logan. Why don't you pick someone to go next." Kendall yelled, stopping the fight.

Logan sat up and looked at Carlos.

"Truth or dare, dude." he asked plainly.

"Um. Dare, I guess." Carlos answered without thinking too much.

The shortest boy watched as Logan turned back to James, whispering something in his ear. James stood up and grabbed Carlos, pulling him up and off the couch. Leading them into their shared bedroom, James let go of the other teen and walked to the other side of the room.

"So... What was the dare? I'm confused." The smaller boy asked curiously.

James turned back to Carlos, smiling more than he should be. The shorter boy shivered as James strode over to him, making him back up against the wall. The taller boy looked down at his friend, who's eyes were wide.

"The dare was," James began, looking his friend up and down "for you to suck my dick."

Carlos gasped "What? I'm not doing that!" He moved James out of his way, trying to get to the door.

"Well what about your 'King of Dares' title? You know, the one where you never give up a dare. You're just gonna throw it away now?" The taller teen said smugly, making the other stop in his tracks.

James smirked.

Carlos turned, looking at the other boy. "Dude," he started "Can we make a deal or something?"

"Like what?" James asked, his mind filling with dirty thoughts.

"Like, not doing the dare, and pretending we did." Carlos reasoned.

James raised an eyebrow.

"You know the two outside are gonna watch. You'll really have to pretend, you'll have to make it convincing." he replied, watching for the other boy's reaction.

"Okay. I can do that." Carlos said excitedly, happy he didn't have to do much.

"Alright then." James concluded just before grabbing his band mate and pulling him over onto his bed.

The shorter boy squealed at his friend's actions, finding himself landing softly on the edge of his bed. James and Carlos heard two sets of hushed footsteps run over to the bedroom door, and stopping right outside it. James smirked, standing in front of Carlos.

"Get on your knees." he said almost sternly to the boy sitting on the bed.

Carlos' eyes widened but he did as James told him, sliding off the bed and onto the floor. He looked to the right of James, seeing that the door had been cracked open. His friends were horny, sick bastards. Carlos turned his attention back to the matter in front of his face as James was un-buttoning his jeans.

"Now," the taller boy said, making Carlos tear his eyes away from his friend's crotch to look at his face "Be a good little boy, and do what you're supposed to."

Carlos' mouth dropped open in shock, his own pants becoming more uncomfortably tight.

"Exactly." James said, running his finger tips softly over Carlos' bottom lip.

The smaller boy watched as James brought his hand back to his pants, pulling the zipper down.

"Pull them down." James ordered.

Carlos again did what he was told. He reached his hands up, pulling at the fabric of James' jeans, only getting them down a little bit. James chuckled.

"You know you're not very good at this." The taller boy looked down at his friend.

Carlos took his hand and rubbed his friend's underwear clothed crotch, making James groan and both of them become hard again.

"Fucking Christ, Carlos." James gasped out, pleasure rushing through him at Carlos' touch.

The other boy smirked and savored the small whimpers coming from his friend's mouth. He experimentally moved his fingers again, a satisfied expression appearing on his faces when he heard another moan from James.

"Now what was that about not being good at this?" the shorter teen asked mockingly.

"This is torture." James whispered through gritted teeth when Carlos stopped moving his hand.

"What? You don't like it when I tease you?" the smaller boy said, moving to lean up a bit and place a kiss on the outside of his friend's underwear.

"ohmygod. Fuck." James muttered in elation.

Carlos licked his lips, tasting faintly like the pre-cum that stained the front of James' underwear. He looked up at his friend, who's face was a mix of lust and embarrassment. Carlos looked back at the bulge in front of him. Before James or the other two boys outside knew it, Carlos had pulled the taller boy's underwear down. James gasped loudly, closely followed by a sigh of relief to be free of the constricting fabric. Carlos tried to be calm while look at the throbbing erection in his face. He didn't know it was that big.

"Carlos." James begged, his eyes closed and body tense.

He'd tortured James enough. The smaller teen leaned forward and put his hand around his friend's dick, just barely getting his figures all the way around. Jame's breathing was heavy and he took a sharp inhale of air when Carlos' plump lips parted, letting his tongue slide along the head. Carlos sucked, earning hearty growls from James. The smaller teen moaned, making the inside of his mouth vibrate as he took in more of James.

The taller teen had one hand on his friend's shoulder, the other in his hair. He was doing everything in his power at trying not to thrust forward, but when Carlos slid his hand across his hip bone, digging into the skin gently, he just couldn't help it. James thrust forward, hitting his friend's gag reflex and earning a bitter sweet noise from Carlos. Fuck, it felt good. The smaller teen took hold of James' hips, steadying everything as he began he bob his head. Soon more moans and swears leaked from James' mouth, now gripping slightly at his friend's hair. Carlos' grip on James' hips loosened, letting him rock his hips into the other teens mouth. James started gasping and his rocking became un-even to Carlos' movements.

"Carlos. I-I'm gonna ah.." James warned. Carlos sped up, sucking harder as James came, swallowing everything he had while James road out his orgasm.

James suddenly pulled out of Carlos' mouth, getting down on his own knees as well. The sandy haired teen grabbed his friend, pulling him in for a breath-taking kiss, tasting himself on Carlos' lips.

When they broke apart, they both stood, James fixing himself before they forcefully pulled open the door. Both Kendall and Logan fell forward onto the floor, Logan's lips swollen from kissing and Kendall's jeans un-done. The two stood, blushes invading their cheeks.

"Um, we're gonna go to bed." Kendall was the only one to speak. Grabbing Logan's arm, he pulled them into their bedroom and closed the door behind them. The two boys left in the room looked at each other and giggled.

James and Carlos sat on the plush orange couch, watching tv and eating pop-corn. Suddenly Carlos was tackled, now laying on the couch while the pop-corn went everywhere. James crawled on top of him, smiling more than he should.

"Hey remember that time when you gave me a blow job?" he asked the tan skinned teen under him.

"Yeah, it was a few hours ago." the smaller boy replied, stating the obvious.

James chuckled.

"Well remember how you teased and tortured me before you did it?" James asked again.

Carlos laughed "Yeah I do. I remember you begging."

"Well," James replied, leaning in close to the other boy "I just figured out how to get you back for my dare."