"Fucking Christ, Carlos." they heard James gasp.

Kendall and Logan looked more closely through the crack in the door. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, Carlos on his knees and about to suck off James. Moans and whimpers were pouring from James' mouth, and being teenage boys, they couldn't help but get aroused.

"Now what was that about not being good at this?" Carlos asked James mockingly.

Logan bit his lip. Innocent Carlos was cocky? He couldn't believe it.

"This is torture." James whispered through gritted teeth.

"What? You don't like it when I tease you?" Carlos said, pushing himself up into his band mate's crotch and placing a kiss on the outside of his underwear.

Kendall looked down, seeing his erection strain against his jeans. If he was alone, he'd take care of it, but Logan was right next to him. The blond glanced over at his friend, his eyes examining the growing tent in his sweatpants.

"W-What are you looking at?" Logan said suddenly, looking at him.

Kendall's eyes widened, being taken off-guard by the sudden outburst. "I-I.. I was just..."

"You're hard." the brunette mumbled, biting his lip.

The taller teen nodded, letting out a deep breath. "I can't help it."

"Well... maybe I can help you. W-We could help each other." he said quietly, not meeting his friend's eyes.

Kendall nodded slowly even though the other couldn't see, reaching his hand over and cupping Logan's cheek. The smaller boy looked up at his friend nervously, unsure of what he should say or do. The blond leaned forward quickly, pressing his lips to Logan's. The smart boy squeaked in response, his eyes fluttering closed. They both moved their lips slowly, nervous about what the other would think if they got too eager. Logan felt waves to pleasure go through his body, all of it heading to his dick. Making a small noise, he started palming himself through his sweatpants, his hips thrusting naturally into his hand. Kendall nibbled on his friend's bottom lip, smiling as Logan opened his mouth without hesitation. The taller dove his tongue into the other's warm mouth, feeling along every moist inch as quickly as he could. The smart boy moaned, their tongues sliding together. The blond scooted closer, feeling along his band mate's arm and down to his hand, pushing it away from his crotch. Logan made a small noise of protest which died out into a whimper as he felt Kendall's strong hand grip his clothed erection.

"Like that, Logie?" the taller teen mumbled into his mouth, moving his fingers along Logan's throbbing length.

The smart boy's hips thrust forward into the hand, making soft noises of approval as Kendall's mouth sucked and bit at his open lips. Logan reached over, tugging at the button of his friend's jeans, trying to get them open.

"I guess so." he smirked, sitting up slightly so the smaller teen could undo his jeans.

Logan made a small moaning noise, unbuttoning and unzipping his friend's jeans. He shoved his hand inside, past his boxers and wrapped his hand around Kendall's cock, stroking him hard and fast. The blond growled, his head nuzzling into his friend's shoulder as his hips jerked forward without permission.

"F-Fuck." he stuttered out, breathing hard. He rubbed Logan faster, pleasure coursing through his body.

"Mm, Kendall." the brunette's hips jolted into Kendall's hand again. He moved quickly, taking his hand out of the taller boy's jeans to pull him back in for another kiss. Their lips touched briefly before the door was opened and they both fell forward onto the floor.

They looked up, seeing James and Carlos smiling down at them.

"Um, we're gonna go to bed." Kendall said, breaking the embarrassing silence.

He stood, hauling Logan up by his arm and dragging him quickly into his room. Kendall closed the bedroom door, and the smart boy swears he heard the lock click.

"Get on the bed." the blond told him, flinging his shirt somewhere in the room.

Logan complied, sitting on the bed and slipping his own shirt off. Kendall stepped out of his jeans, then strode over to his friend, looking down at him. The smart boy examined the subtle muscles of his band mate's abdomen with his eyes, slowing reaching up and touching his fingers to them, watching them flex. The taller boy let out a shallow moan, tangling his fingers in his friend's slightly spiked hair.

"Why are your pants still on?" he asks, eying the sweatpants like they're evil.

"No reason." the smart boy smiled. "Take them off me."

Kendall had no problem with that. He pushed his friend down on the bed and grabbed onto the fabric, pulling it down swiftly. Logan wasn't wearing any underwear. His cock sprang up, extending out proudly from his body. The taller boy's eyes widened slightly.

"Logan, you dirty boy." he smirked, looking at his face.

"I don't feel dirty... not yet." Logan wiggled his hips a bit, and Kendall swallowed hard. "What, Kenny? You didn't think I could be like this?"

"Fuck no." the blond said, his eyes wandering along the pale boy's body.

He smiled. "I didn't think so." The smaller boy reached over, gently pulling down his friend's boxers, watching pre-cum roll down the tip of his dick.

Logan wrapped his hand around his band mate's dripping length, pumping his hand slowly from base to tip. The taller groaned, his grip on his hair tightening.

"Tease." he muttered, pulling his hair gently to make him look up.

The smart boy smirked, grabbing his friend's hips and pulling him onto the bed. Kendall crawled on top of him, grinding their hips together, feeling their dicks rub against each other. They both moaned simultaneously, their hips thrusting together again.


"Bedside table drawer."

Kendall reached over, searching quick and finding the bottle of lube. Popping open the cap, he squirted some of it onto his fingers then threw the bottle aside. Logan spread his legs, exposing himself fully. The blond stared at his friend's hole as his slick fingers pressed lightly to it. The smaller boy gasped lightly, making him look up.

"I-It's cold." he said with a small smile.

Kendall nodded, his finger tracing his entrance before gently slipping inside. Logan tensed slightly, but willed himself to relax as his friend's finger moved slowly in and out of him. Once the smaller boy was used to the one finger, Kendall added another, waiting to move them while he relaxed his muscles. Carefully, he scissored his fingers, glancing up at Logan for his reactions.

The brunette gave him a smile and moaned encouragingly. "Keep going. It feels good." he told him quietly.

The taller boy smiled, moving his fingers slowly. He tried wiggling his fingers experimentally, earning another moan from Logan. He smiled, curling his fingers the next time he pushed them in. The smart boy bucked his hips up, gasping lightly. He did it again, curling his fingers against the bundle of nerves inside his new lover and watched as his hips raised off the bed, moaning louder. Kendall was about to keep going when Logan's hand stopped him.

"Take me. Now." he breathed out, licking his lips.

"Logan, I don't know if you're re-" the blond started to protest when he was cut off.

"I'm ready, Kendall. P-Please." Logan begged, sitting himself up on his elbows.

The taller nodded, taking out his fingers and positioning himself. He set his hands on the pale boy's hips, the head of his cock pressing to his hole.

"Are you sure?" the blond asked, giving him one last chance to back out.

"I'm sure. I want this." Logan told him, wrapping his legs around his waist.

Kendall took a deep breath, gently inching himself in. Logan bit his lip and laid back, trying to get used to the large intrusion. The taller boy stopped when he was fully inside, then looked up at him.

"I-I'm all the way in, Logie. Just tell me when to move." he told him quietly, stroking his hair in an attempt to soothe him.

Logan took a few deep breaths, moving his hips slightly to try to get comfortable. Once he deemed himself ready, he looked up at his friend.


Carefully, Kendall pulled back so only the tip was inside, then thrust forward again.

"Logan, you're so fucking tight." he mumbled, letting out a shaky breath.

Logan made a small noise, tightening his legs around him. The taller boy leaned over him, placing kisses to his neck and shoulder while keeping his pace. The brunette moaned quietly, putting his hands in his friend's hair. Kendall picked up the pace, going a little faster and searching for that sweet spot he'd hit with his fingers. He angled his hips right and thrust back in, making Logan buck his hips.

"R-Right there. Do i-it again." the smart boy whispered into Kendall's ear, tugging at his hair.

The blond gripped the pale boy's hips tighter, thrusting forward hard and hitting the bundle of nerves. Logan groaned loudly, thrusting his hips up to meet Kendall's. Soon, their noises escalated, their bodies became slick with sweat and their skin slapped together loudly with every thrust.

"L-Logan, I'm close." the blond groaned, slowing his hips, dangerously close to his orgasm.

The smart boy nodded. "M-Me too. Don't stop."

"Y-You want me t-to...?"


Kendall pounded into the other boy, making him scream. Logan threw his head back as he came, coating his and his friend's stomachs with his seed. The taller boy felt Logan's insides tighten around him, squeezing his cock. He cried out, tumbling over the edge and coming deep inside the other's body. They both collapsed, breathing hard and holding onto each other. When their breathing slowed and Kendall regained his strength, he sat up slightly and pulled out. He rolled off the other boy and onto the bed beside him.

Logan rolled over onto his side, biting his lip as he felt Kendall's cum sliding out of him. The taller boy looked down at him, running a hand through his hair.

"What's wrong?" he asked quietly.

"I can feel it sliding down my thighs." the smaller boy whispered, blushing slightly.

The blond chuckled lightly. "Shower time?"

"Please." he smiled.

They both got up from bed, Logan on shaky legs, and made their way to the bathroom. After turning on the shower, they both got in and sighed as the warm water hit their skin. Kendall washed the smart boy first, soaping him up and being more careful on sensitive areas. Logan smiled, making small noises of approval as the warm washcloth cleaned his tired body. They stood under the water, and the blond put more soap on the washcloth, going to wash himself up.

"No, no." the smart boy smiled, taking the washcloth from his hands, "Let me do it."

Logan washed off his friend's stomach first, then made his way around his body. Gently, the smaller boy washed his member off and Kendall gasped lightly, his hips jerking forward quickly. Logan gulped and looked up at him.

"I-I'm still sensitive." the blond said with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry." he replied quietly, moving his hands.

Kendall smiled, reaching over and running a hand through his raven locks, moving it out of his face. "It's fine."

They both exchanged smiles, then finished washing up. Soon, the water was turned off and they got out of the shower. Covering themselves with towels, they walked back out to the bedroom and got dressed in their pajamas.

Kendall crawled into his own bed, beckoning Logan over. "You can sleep with me tonight."

The smart boy smiled, getting into bed with him. They snuggled together, getting under the covers. The taller teen pulled his friend against his chest, cuddling into him.

"Do you really think about me while you... you know?" he asked him quietly, earning another blush from the brunette.

"Y-Yes." he said, his voice almost a whisper.

"Good." the blond told him, placing a kiss to his hair. "Because I think about you, too."

Logan looked up at him, his face surprised. "Really?"

He nodded, and the smaller teen lifted himself up, pecking his lips. After he returned to his spot against his friend's chest, he closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, Logan." the taller boy mumbled, his eyes closed as well.

Logan made a small noise in response, nuzzling his face into his chest. Before too long, their breathing slowed as they fell asleep.

All was quiet, except for muffled moans coming from the living room.