"Amu, wake up. It's recruiting day."

My eyes opened slightly to see my mother hovering over my bed. She wore a worried look, as if the world could end at any minute. Today is Recruiting day, for thirty-three twelve to eighteen year olds the world would end.

I live in the country of Tokyo. You'll probably tell me that's a city, not a country. Well you'd be right, if you had said it a hundred years. But that was before the war, before Japan became Tokyo, before everyone found out about guardian characters, before the games, before…everything.

Today's the day everyone, except those who live in the capitol, dread, but are forced to treat like a holiday. Today is the day the capitol chooses who will participate in the death match known as the Guardian Games. It all started the day the hearts egg outbreak started. Even though I wasn't even born yet, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Nobody knows how or why it happened, but hundreds of twelve to eighteen year olds were realizing their dreams thus laying guardian eggs. While they were realizing their dreams, everyone else was realizing that the capitol had too much power. The people of the fourteen districts were so outraged, they went against the capitol. Thirteen of the districts were defeated and the fourteenth was obliterated. In result of the rebellion, the Guardian games were born.

The capitol blamed the rebellion on the hearts egg outbreak. That's why the Guardian games are for thirteen-twelve to eighteen year olds who bear guardian characters. Each year on a day known as Recruiting Day ,the whole population of the country, Tokyo , witnesses thirty-two innocent twelve to eighteen year old guardian bearers be chosen to participate in a fight for their lives.

I've realized that all the capitol is saying is, "We have so much power, that we can make your children kill each other and their dreams."

I trudged to my closet and grabbed my old school uniform. I slipped on my uniform and my guardian cape. All character bearers have to wear the capes to identify themselves at Recruiting Day, girl character bearers are to wear a red cape and boy character bearers are to wear a blue one, but there are very few who wear a purple black capes. Girls who's Guardian characters have been marked with an 'X', but they can still character transform with them have purple capes and boys with guardian characters of which character transform although they have been marked with an 'X' wear black capes.

As I walked to my dresser my guardian characters floated over to me.

"Amu-Chan, there is no need to worry. There are thousands of other names," Ran said

"Yes, I know. But I'm seventeen now, that means my name should only be in the bowl five times, but times five by four and add the amount of times my name has been added for supplies kits"

How many times your name is entered in the bowl is based on age, amount of guardian characters, and supply kits.

Supply kits are needed for the poorest districts. I live in district Seiyo, which was once a town called Seiyo. What was once a beautiful town is now a poor house. Because of this we need supplies like medicine, food, clothes One supply kits supplies one person with basic necessities, like food, clothes, etcetera. The only way for the capitol to give us these necessities is for us to put our name in the bowl four more times in exchange for one supply kit. I entered for four supply kits, one for each of the members in my family, resulting in my name going in the bowl sixteen more times.

By the age of seventeen your name is entered five times. Then times that by four, the number of guardian characters I have. Before I even enter for supply kits my name is in the bowl twenty times. Not add the sixteen to twenty. My name is in the bowl thirty-six times this year.

"Amu- chan it'll be okay. Remember Alyssa, the American girl who moved seven years ago? She has five guardian characters," Dia attempted to calm me down.

"Yeah, and there's other kids like her, but look at age and if they need supply kits.

"Breakfast," my mother called.

I walked in to the kitchen and sat at the wobbly table. I ate breakfast in silence worrying that I will be chosen for the games.

After breakfast, I walked into my room and sat on the bed.

"Amu, it's eight, o, clock. We have to head to the square."

I rose from my bed as my guardian characters, Ran, Mike, Su, and Dia sat in their eggs. I placed the eggs in my bag and headed to the front door. I waited at the door as my mother dressed my little sister Ami. My dad ran around the house taking pictures of everything I owned.

"Dad, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Taking pictures of all your memories for you to take with you to the Capital."

" We don't even know if I'm going to be in the games and if I am I can't bring a pound of pictures with me," I complained.

Then my mom walked down stairs with Ami.

As we walked to the square I took in my surroundings. Everywhere we turned there were people crying. Recruiting day hasn't even officially started and they're crying. I suddenly felt bad for the families of the thirty-three kids that were about to be chosen. At the start of the games they have to worry and wonder if their kid will survive. Then at the end thirty-two families will be grieving over the loss of their child.

When we arrived as the square, I stared at the kids lining up in six neat lines. Which line is based on how many guardian characters you have. I walked over to the four guardian character line and waited for the lines to fill in. After everyone filed in their lines, Recruiting day began.