Ikuto POV

I stood, knocking on the door which now had a picture of honey eyed, pinkette, Amu Hinamori, taped to it. I remember her from the recruiting ceremony. She's kinda hard to forget with her bubble gum pink hair.

The door opened and standing in what looked to be silk, blue pajamas was pinky. Most girls would've fainted, or at least gasped at seeing me at the door. I'm not wealthy, I don't have a lot of money or power. It was just enough money to support me and my mother. But one thing I do have going for me, is looks. Girls stared, they drooled, and some were just down right creepy stalkers. I expected the pinky to at least gawk a bit, but instead she looked completely uninterested. She looked as if my presence was almost annoying to her.

"…Is there something I can help you with?" Her voice flowed from her mouth.

"Well, a few other recruits and I are gonna watch scenes from some of the games. Since tomorrow we'll be meeting the past winners," I began, "just wanted to see if you'd like to join us."

Her expression doesn't change; she still looks bored as hell. She shrugs then closes the door in my face. I furrow my eye brows almost confused at the gesture. No one's ever closed a door in my face before. Especially not a girl. In my district, girls have actually asked me to marry them. I blow them off and ignore them constantly, but still. This girl didn't even fawn over me.

The door opens again and Amu walks out, slightly pushing me out of the way. The door clicks closed and she sighs, "Okay, where to?"

She silently follows me to the theater where the other recruits are with their guardian characters. The blonde haired boy, Tadase Hotori, looks up at her and she turns away from him.

"Okay, so I'll start the DVDs," I announce walking over to the player, I put in the most recent games.

"Akemi won these," The girl with golden brown pigtails murmured.

She wasn't the only one who remembered that. Akemi had one of the greatest strategies any of us had ever witnessed on the games. There aren't really too many rules to what you can use to your advantage once you're in the arena. So, Akemi used her dream of being a computer tech to stage her own death. She built a make shift projector to show her image at the perfect time to make everyone think she was dead. And right when the only guy standing thought he won, she appeared. This caused the guy to think he had gone crazy. He fell into the river and drowned; despite the fact Akemi had tried to help him.

"She'll pick someone cunning and smart to mentor, "Pinky says calmly.

She's completely right. When each of the winners picks a recruit to mentor they always pick someone who they think has the potential to win the games. Only issue for us recruits with that is, we better hope who ever chooses us is reliable because once you're in the arena they're your only lifeline. They line up our sponsors, they advise us, and they dictate how and when we receive gifts. They're practically the different between if we live or die.

We watch a few more games, studying strategies and discussing who we'd want as a mentor. After a while though, a few of the recruits head back to their rooms. A half hour later, only pinkette, blondie, and I are still focused on the screen.

Looking over at blondie, I realized he seems more focused on Amu then on the screen. After watching the ending of another game, Pinky picks up her bag. I can see four sets of eyes peaking out from the top of it. She walks away, muttering a quiet "night" before sliding the door closed.

I decided to use this time to my advantage, "What's up with you and -pinky?"

"We're acquaintances."

"For an acquaintance, you stare at her a lot."

Blondie's cheeks light up like fireworks," I should really be getting to bed now. I shouldn't stay up to late since tomorrow is such a big day."

I shrug as he turns to leave. A few minutes after blondie has left the last person I want to see or talk to walks in.

I sigh," hello little sister..."

Rima POV

Just ignore him. He hasn't talked to me in years, so I highly doubt he'll talk to me now.

"Rima?" Kusu Kusu's muffled voice came from inside my pocket.

"Oops," I pull her egg from my pocket and she rolls out, "Sorry bout that."

"No no it's fine," She yawned. I flopped onto the bed, taking in its warmth.

There's a knock at the door and I groan getting up, "Who is it?" There's no answer but I open the door anyway.

As soon as I open it, I regret it but I find a quick solution to the situation, "Goodbye purple head."

I slam the door in his face and go back to the bed.

" Don't you think that was a bit harsh, Rima?" Kusu Kusu attempted to make me feel guilty.

"No, i don't. He left me when I needed someone most. Why should I even look at him?"

"Well, the Capitol has hurt him too. You're each other's outlets."

I rolled my eyes at her turning away from the door, "Outlets burn out and he has."

"Rima! I have to speak to you!"

"Go screw yourself purple head!" Tears were beginning to form in my eyes as I remember why I had befriended Nag- I mean purple head in the first place. The capitol just took my brother, he hadn't done anything wrong. They just came to our house and left with him. I didn't even know why they were there until they left. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

"Rima, please let me in…"

I wiped my eyes, "I'm going to bed. If you wanna talk to me so bad sleep out there on the floor and I'll see what I think in the morning."

He doesn't answer so I assume he's gone back to his room. Although there are probably dozens of night gowns and pajamas in the drawer, but I strip down and get into bed in my underwear. I drift to sleep dreaming of what it's be like to win the games.

I wake up yawning and get up, putting on a tank top and some shorts I find in the drawers. I walk over and open the door, about to walk out, when I notice a purple headed blob on the floor. "...no way."

I back into the room and shut the door quietly, "There's no way he really slept on the floor just to talk me…"

Kukai POV

Waking up bright and early is something I will never do on a regular basis. But if I smell food, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is, I'm waking up for my share.

Getting dressed quickly, I rush to the dining room and for as far as I can see there are mountains of food. I stare at a pile of light brown flat things drenched in a dark liquid. The card in front of it read, "Pancakes." I shrug, picking up a plate and loading it with various foods on the table.

After I take my seat, I shovel fork fulls of food into my mouth. So many things I've never eaten before and suddenly it's all in front of me.

After breakfast, I head back to my room. On my way, I run into little-miss-capitol-girl. Rolling my eyes at her I keep walking and I can hear her scoff. She knows I'm far below her on the food chain but I'm not gonna let everyone else know that she knows that.

After I take a shower and get dressed again, I feel the train begin to slow down. The voice comes back over the loud speaker, "We are now arriving in the capitol. All recruits please report to the front cart with your belongings."

Picking up Daichi's egg, I head to the front cart. When I arrive, I see the other recruits already there awaiting the train's stop.

"…Look, I know when we see each other next we'll be enemies, but I've got a tip for you guys. After our mentors pick us, we'll each be taken to our stylist. You won't like what they're doing, but don't complain."

No one says anything, But I'm mentally hoping that my stylist isn't a fan of artistic nudity.

The train finally stops. The door slides open and everyone's expression seems to change. A girl with pink hair, whose name has escaped my mind, looks bored. As does the blue haired boy standing behind her. I look over to Alyssa and's she got a smile that could trick anyone into trusting her. Same smile she gave Kikai when they first met right before she had tried to kill him. They talk about the story much too often and I've practically got it memorized.

As soon as the final door opens, the pictures begin. As we each step out of the train we're almost blinded by all the flashes. As Alyssa gets off the train, she smiles, waving at everyone. Alyssa's been at our enough times for me to know that she's trying to become a people's favorite. I know my brother will be pissed, but I have to distance myself from her.

Before I know it, I'm at the door, stepping off the train. I stare in awe at the building and people that look as if they had a toddler color everything.

Yaya POV

The capitol looks just like one of my brother's coloring books…A big vat of rainbow barf. We walk into a large building which looks so much fancier than the train. This is shocking because the train was just like a pretty piece of candy. Yet again we're lead to a room where 33 people are standing on a stage. I quickly recognize them all. All past winners of the games. It's time for them to choose who they will mentor and be the life line in the games for.

"Welcome recruits," Akemi Mori greets us.

We all stay silent but she continues speaking, "Now as last year's winner, I will choose who I will mentor first."

Akemi gets down from the stage and walks over to us.

"Hm…him. I'll be his mentor." Akemi is standing in front of a boy with messy golden brown locks, "What's your name?" She asks

"Kukai Souma."